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  1. Sorry, there are M 0.6 screws and not M6 screws of corse !! .. Thomas
  2. ..the same on the R.H. side. The brass bracket is fixed with M6 screws
  3. L.H. undercarriage jack temporary installed on the inner side of front spar web with a M6 screw. Just to see how it looks...
  4. front spar web and with connecting girders temporary plugged together.
  5. Thanks guys for the kind words. My goal is to have the landing gear retractable. That means a lot of turning and milling parts of which I don't have all the detailed drawings. Luckily I took a lot of pictures at Hawker Restorations! Finally I have enough time (after my retirement)!! to use my lathe the milling and drilling machine. In this heat it is comfortable in my basement workshop.
  6. ..that's it for the moment. Next I intend to do is the pivotet part of the side stay connected to the L.G. leg. until next time Thomas
  7. Here the parts how they have to be installed: L.G. jack / triangular lever / strut for side stay with his special fork end.
  8. milling the special fork end for the side stay
  9. ..there is still a lot of work waiting for me...
  10. Landing gear jacks: 1 assebled and 1 disassebled
  11. ..and so on the "real thing" Here the fork bolt for the triangular lever
  12. This is how I make the round ends of the fork heads. I got this tip from model railway builders
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