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  1. Hi everyone, In some threads the images are represented by the jpg icon which, if I click on it, doesn't open up to the image. Maybe the link is broken or has been removed? I'm not sure how to access these images. Thanks for any tips.
  2. That would be fantastic. Let me know if it is possible and we can work out what payment method works best. Not sure how direct messages work on this site but I suppose you can send me your details? Thanks for even thinking of trying.
  3. Thanks guys, I really appreciate the feedback. I have already tracked both these sources and unfortunately they either don't offer 1/32 products or, in the case of direct purchase, sell outside of Russia. I assume second-hand sources are the only option at the moment.
  4. Thanks rafju. That's the same response I have received myself. I guess I am hoping someone has stock outside of Russia, but I don't really know where to start looking apart from all the obvious online modelling shops.
  5. Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone has any contacts or ways to source A.M.U.R. Reaver products? In particular I'm trying to find the following: F-5E Tiger II Tune-Up Set for Hasegawa A.M.U.R. Reaver | No. PE3203 | 1:32 Thanks for any clues or tips. Tony
  6. The motorcycle idea came to my mind as well...not sure how different scales would work but here is a pic of a Tamiya product (1/12 Scale Honda RC166 Metal Chain Set Item No: 12633) to show that such chains are available (comprising all the individual linked parts). Quite amazing.
  7. Hope the holidays were good, Iain. Anything to report on the Vampire?
  8. I agree. Although I really love the weathering as is, I do think the exhaust stains within the petals would be a bit more noticeable, or at least not as uniform. Absolutely lovely work! Thanks for sharing.
  9. Yes, I think the sealing would certainly help. What about aluminium foil (kitchen foil)? It is very thin (but I think different thicknesses are available) and can be glued quite easily with sizing glue (which if left to dry properly before sticking in place lies down very flat and has virtually no thickness to it). The foil can pressed into whatever surface contours (panel joints etc) you want, or not, as required. It certainly would be robust. Just needs proper priming I guess, prior to painting. I used foil to simulate layered joints on the internal rubber fuel tank in the P-51D and think it could be applied here as well. My sequence would be: cut strips to width but longer than needed, sand or prime foil, clean up non-primed surface, apply size and let dry, paint colour (hopefully catching foil edges with paint), apply to aircraft, touch up. Maybe way too fiddly, I'm not sure. Of course you would want to see if the foil provides the correct effect in the first place. Just thinking out loud Jay! Thanks again for sharing and responding. Tony
  10. Hey! Do you have some sort of time warp machine that lets you cover lengthy steps including paint drying, all within minutes? If so, you should totally market that! Fantastic work, still loving the subtle weathering. I'm intrigued by your approach to component assembly/painting as well. By that I mean not sticking everything together first and then painting as a whole. I guess only the better kits allow this. I have only recently returned to this hobby, so am blown away by the engineering development over recent years. On another note, it is interesting to me that some aircraft, such as the F-5E which I am currently working on, often have quite noticeable gaps between structural components, wings and fuselage for example. The modeller's temptation is tend to bog it all up and fill everything. Does the F-16 have such gaps as well? Thanks for sharing. Tony
  11. Hi Jay, as always your work is exemplary and quite inspirational and I love following along. Thank you so much for sharing. Perhaps one things to consider is what happens to the tape over time? If I think about old books or boxes I have taped up over the years, or any application for that matter, the masking tape invariably dries out, shrinks, lifts, discolours, does all sorts of terrible things. The adhesive stays stuck to the substrate and dries out (and you cannot get it off without serious chemicals) and the paper falls away. Maybe I'm dramatizing a bit and perhaps the paint you applied will deal with it, but given we all hope this model will be around for decades, I just think the masking/Tamiya tape solution won't stand the test of time.Just something to consider...
  12. To my eye, this picture displays just about the perfect level of weathering at scale. All the details are highlighted but nothing is set in too strong in relief. It looks fantastic.
  13. Hey Pete, pic taken from the tail of a Swiss F-5E, which I am in the process of building. Having returned to scale modelling at the beginning of Covid, I have collected a number of fighters all flown by the Swiss Air Force. It will take a while to build them, but the Vampire is a welcome addition. Heading off to CH in January and hope to tour a few museums!
  14. Thanks for that, the fuselage drawings certainly seem to capture the correct "look."
  15. Hi Alain, I'm curious to know the source for these drawings? They look pretty good...
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