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Hawker Hurricane K5083: the prototype

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51 minutes ago, dennismcc said:

Dead clever





I have plans for a metal one too Dennis.  I actually tried cutting some thin metal on the Silhouette....it didn't work!  But I reckon I could make s stencil, mask I guess, and try cutting it out.  Worth a try, it should have more flexibility than plastic.

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Posted (edited)

Starting to get to grips with the panels on K5083.  I compared the PCM fuselage with an excellent side picture of the prototype:



 and superimposed one on t'other:




You can just see the PCM panel lines in white.  Two observations - firstly how accurate the PCM fuselage is, not really enough difference to make me sweat, and secondly that ALL the panels are "wrong" for the early prototype.  I'm reading Edward Shacklady's "Hawker Hurricane" book right now in which he charts the main developments from prototype to service Mk I, so many changes! So much for the starboard side.....and the port?  I had no photograph so used Arthur Bentley's drawing:




Same story, all panels different.  So I made up some "sproo-goo" and have filled in all the PCM panels:




It will be interesting to see what this is like when "set", I obviously need to clean up then re-scribe panels and re-instate some ribbed areas.  Wednesday's work!


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Super interesting build Max, Inthinknyou will be just fine with your sprue glue as long as you let it set for long enough. You may well fing you will need a couple of applications if it shrinks over a week or so.


Regards. Andy 

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Thank you all for your interest and comments, I’ll have a Doom Bar please Iain! :P  After 24 hours drying time I did a bit of paring away of the goo yesterday evening and a light sanding, I think it’s going to be ok. I hope to have a good modelling session today….after 3 solid days on the garden and yesterday on the golf course (in the rain of course!) I think I deserve it. So, more soon pals! :D

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3 hours ago, Shoggz said:

Your fascinating Hawker run continues Max. And I've got my trainers on to run with you!

Thanks Rich, so glad you're as fascinated by Hawker as me, but don't run too fast youngster cos the old man won't be able to keep up with you! :)


All sorts of fun and games today (apart from the early morning power cut which meant my usual three cups of coffee had to be postponed, don't we take flicking a switch for granted?).  Firstly the sproo-goo cleaned up well:




and the surface is now smooth enough to be foiled later.  So looking at the two scaled Bentley drawings started me thinking of options for putting in the new panel lines, and indeed if that is absolutely necessary?  My initial intention was to cut up these drawings and use the individual panels as templates, that led on to why not draw them on the computer using the Silhouette software, cut them from Oramask then use the "masks" as templates....self adhesive so no real risk with slippage etc. So I did this for the starboard side:






Advantages of doing this exercise:  correct position of Dzus (or whatever they are) fasteners and the exhaust stub locations.  This latter aspect will be very useful when it comes to making plastic inserts for the present gaps.  Bit of an anomaly with the Bentley drawing vs the side photograph:




I need to check my reference pictures closely for timings; so many features changed after the early test flights.  For example the test pilot, Flt Lt "George" Bulman grumbled good-naturedly about the lightness of the sliding canopy; whilst accepting the enclosed cockpits had come to stay, he said that it creaked and flexed continually during flight, so Sidney Camm agreed to the inclusion of two stiffeners rather than one.  The drawing above shows the Hurricane just before Acceptance Trials at Martlesham but Bentley's plan and port side drawings of K5083 as first flown also include the panels in question.


The second option is not to do the panels lines at all but to cut the Bare Metal foil directly to shape and apply to the plastic, thereby forming its own panel lines.  I did this reasonably successfully with my first Fury, which was also my first attempt at foiling:






so I might do this again.  Sorry to be a bit of a windbag.....kind of get carried away at times!! :huh:


PS Panel issue solved; there were metal panels in those positions both port and starboard but painted silver rather than polished.  Win - win!

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C'mon Max! I'm itching to see more of this. What's taking you so long? :P




Seriously though, great start so far. I am genuinely eager to see the foiling go on. There's nothing better for giving the effect of metal than real metal. 



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