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3 Zero's , from 1941 tot 1945

Jan Goormans

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So the shelf of doom has lost another 2 Zero's (the Pearl Harbour version was done years ago).
Now I have a Zero going from 1941 (Pearl Harbour), 1943 (Rabaul) and 1945 (Japan).
All the Tamiya 1/32.
Weathering was kept to a minimum.
(In the beginning of the war the Zero model 21 had a good quality paint job and by the end of the war (model 52) these Zero's did not last that long, correct me if this is wrong)

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Nice builds.  I like the spotted A6M2 model 21.  I’ve got an early A6M5 model 52 with collector exhausts going in the “Turning Japanese” group build.  That will also be a Rabaul based aircraft but the camouflage scheme will be the standard Mitsubishi built D1 green over J3 SP olive grey.  

Your A6M5 has a decent scheme as well but unfortunately, that zero is not an A6M5c, if it’s the Tamiya kit, it’s a straight A6M5, model 52.  The M5c has 13mm machine guns outboard of each wing cannon and little bomb racks under each wing.  The cowl is also quite different than the earlier A6M5.


Not a huge issue but thought you should know the differences (some of them anyway, there are several others).  Overall, we’ll done!

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Very nice work Jan!  I think all three aircraft look really good.  The paint schemes are well executed and interesting.  Cool idea to show the evolution of the aircraft so to speak.



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