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  1. Very nice Christian !!!! Another top build !! And like Ben said, hopefully we see you in Putte in December ;-)
  2. Trumpeter 1/48 F-100 finished in French markings, adapted the colours to a pictures found in a book. Made out of the box, weathering first with Flory washes and then with oil paints, works fine for me. Jan
  3. hi all, this is the old Tamiya Skyraider, still a very nice and easy build. Finished with Hataka orange paints (Vietnam set) and weathering with the Flory Models wash "dark dirt". Jan https://i.imgur.com/W8pyJgM.jpg https://i.imgur.com/OgPG6DF.jpg https://i.imgur.com/N19dyTg.jpg
  4. Between some 1/48 jets a larger scale Fiat G.50 is done. A Special Hobby kit demands some effort but it's always worth it. Masking for the markings was made by a friend. This time painted with Mig Ammo and Lifecolor acrylics. Jan
  5. he Al no real problems if you dryfit everything, the only small problem I had was the underside of the air intakes you need to fill a gap on both sides (I did ) and add some weight in the nose Jan
  6. hi guys, From the Hobby Boss 1/48 kit, simple and with some fit issues but nothing problematic. Weathering was a discovery journey to get as close as possible to a picture from that Mirage based in Djibouti. As seen on the picture this specific Mirage got a new nose giving a nice contrast to the rest of the weathered airframe. The weathering techniques used come from JM Villalba (you really need his DVDs) and Mario Eens. So hope you like it. Jan. The real Mirage. And the model after my weathering efforts.
  7. this is the nice Hasegawa RF-4EJ is 1/48. Out of the box except the ejection seats. I did not used the special markings provided in the kit. Painted with Tamiya and Gunze, weathering with oil paints and Tamiya X-20 thinner. The weathering was light to show a well maintained Phantom. Jan
  8. Finally finished the nice Hasegawa FW 190 A8. These are simple but very nice kits to build. This one is straight from the box, only addition are seat belts. Painted as usual with Tamiya and Gunze. Weathering with oil paints and Tamiya weathering sets using different techniques. Jan
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