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If model possible in 3D printed version what 1/32 aircraft do you like to buy ?? Give the type of aircraft which have not been released in this scale before by any brand?


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On 1/22/2023 at 8:16 PM, CRAZY IVAN5 said:

I can dig the big corsairs, one of my favs. One thing though I don't believe Olathe reserves had AU-1s , they did have F4U-4s though and some of them were in the Grey and white scheme. Now there were 3 or 4 AU-1s that were assigned to the AES-1 in Quantico that were grey and white, these were the last corsairs in U.S. military service. I think they were finally phased out in early 1957 or late 56. Aside from that late model corsairs are a big hit with me bring 'em on!

Yep you're right, I  was thinking faster than I could type...LOL. 

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I'm going to come from deep fine leg, and suggest that the Cessna 150 would be a great place to start your kit making business.


Many people in "our" demographic (old farts with a bit of cash) have spent a bit of time in a 150 getting a licence, or taking an intro flight etc,  so you could tap into the nostalgic market

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The AR-234 (C) WWII German 4-engined jet Bomber

Reasons ;    Easier to produce, as it would be a conversion kit based on a resin kit still available.


I think start with conversion kits and then merge into full kits of various subjects



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