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  1. Winnie

    F-86K RNoAF

    Ok, some self isolation progress. Also been given an extra week home so better use it! You can tell that input the spacer in the wrong spot... It isn't mentioned at all in the instructions. As a matter of fact, many issues aren't mentioned... But we figures it out. Cheers Harald
  2. Winnie

    F-86K RNoAF

    Leading edge flaps are just roll out as needed, they have to be up if the boarding step is open... As for the rest, I don't know. I sort of want the flaps dangling, but I also like a clean jet.. As for cutting the resin block, I tend to destroy my saws so I take it slow, but the dremel did super quick work of both the sawing, and sanding of the nub!
  3. Winnie

    F-86K RNoAF

    Ok. Just a quick word to say... I FREAKING LOVE my DREMEL TOOL!!! Saved about 45 minutes of sawing through solid resin! Best tool ever. Highly recommend with the flex shaft attachment and hanger. And now back to the ordinary programming.
  4. Winnie

    F-86K RNoAF

    OK, proof of life here! Managed to travel home from work, only 1 flight and not to the main terminal at home, only a small airline for local provincial work anyway. Also managed a run into a grocery store that was actually only missing eggs... funny. Anyway, here is the kit, New in box, with a few little bits of Eduard, Archer rivets, and AMS seat for the modified K's that happened after a few accidents during take-off. The paper sheet is my tentative masks for the Cola Red markings, with a Red tail (go figure)... It is for the Tail number 272, RI-F, most images I have are blurry, so this will be as best I can make it, and also, as we have seen, I'm no expert at modelbuilding, but I'll make a good attempt at this. KH isn't easy, but neither was my Revell Lynx so... The kit on my recently cleaned desk! Mask template Sprues We can see that this is a Sbare Jet Aftermarket! Cheers guys!
  5. Ha! Nuts! awesome build! Congrats on a quick finish! now pick another? Cheers Harald
  6. I'm certainn it was something i did. for some reason my fuselage is about 2mm wider than it should be so the Canopy wont fit properly, unless the canopy perhaps is squished... Anyway, I have almost finished the kit, looking forward to putting it on the shelf!
  7. Thanks for your interest! I did get the gear on and some light weathering, but I was waiting for a product to do more. Go home Tuesday, so will likely ork some then. Cheers Harald
  8. Hmm that target tug is certainly attention getting, and attractive... I may have to think on that one for the future!!
  9. Winnie

    F-86K RNoAF

    Lee, Yes. I grew up in Northern Norway, in Bodoe, where these machines were based. I came along after they were retired, but they hold a dear place in my heart.
  10. Winnie

    F-86K RNoAF

    I have an unstarted F-86K kit, by KH, that I'll enter. I'll post sprue pics when I get home in 14 days, but as I'm at work it'll have to do with the box, and what I want to achieve. The aftermarket includes Eduard Internals and externals, AMS MB Mk. 5 Seat, and homemade stencils for the "Cola Red" aerobatics team from 334th RNoAF Squadron. Cola being the Call Sign. Looking forward to this one!
  11. ohhh, time to WIP (get it?) out my F-86K I suppose?
  12. You got it JensHB! Straight from the box. It terrifies me, as the paint is gloss... a nightmare for me!
  13. Got the last of the decals on, but alas 5 days home, of which 3 were spent remodeling (building and buying Ikea furniture) for the wife's she-den. alas, I hope in 3.5 weeks to have some time for my own to play at plastic. need a clear coat and some weathering on the ol' gal now.
  14. So, did a couple of pictures, ready to post as i got to work today... well, **** I got a new phone and took the pictures on my old phone... Managed to get the fuselage together, intakes are on, and glare shields in place... there are MASSIVE gaps between the intakes and the fuselage, but it will wait till I get home again in 3.5 weeks... (remind me to say no to any extra days for a spell...) Cheers Harald
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