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  1. Meat-servo is what some of our engineers refers to us as, others say the sloppy link in the cockpit.
  2. Mail and local hobby shop haul! Direct from the fact'ry From my hobby shop (Hobbysense in Winnipeg)
  3. Nigelsmodellingsbench (at) gmail.com has a center core and rocker covers, I have those parts for mine!
  4. Finally received my HK Models Lancaster front end! No images required, as they've been on here nefore.
  5. Sad to hear. great musician!
  6. Dang... Wish we had that! the 76 which I just started flogging around get D I R T Y, perhaps not as bad as the Bell 214ST, but superb work!
  7. Shouldn't that think be solid black from exhaust stains?? Ya know soot? Outstanding work though!
  8. I'll tell this one, but I refuse to admit it happened... We landed at Cape Dyer, (Google it, it is on the corner of Baffin island and at about 3000 feet in a quite inhospitable spot for several reasons, Polar Bears being one...) Anyway, I had just been checked out to fly in the command seat and it was a really nasty day. 60 knots easy registering on the airspeed indicator whilst sitting on the ground... We didn't shut down. So we had fought headwinds for 2.5 hours and had another 2 hour hop, and I could feel the bladder getting nigh on full. So when the other guy came b
  9. Got some aftermarket for the CF-104D that Chuck tricked me into getting. Eduard masks, Brassin seats and exhaust, Master pitot tube and ResKit wheels! Going to beat fine upgrade!
  10. The circuit breakers are semi-gloss black and if popped have a white band, but you wouldn't see that unless watching side on. some get grimy and some have a collar to make them easier to pull out. Panel should be black as well, I'm sure you can use washes etc to make them pop!
  11. Ordered!! I have lead foil i think will work! Thanks for the tip!
  12. Lovely! awesome pictures from the old "A" sim! Can I ask where do the buckles come from? I love them, and could think of doing the same myself! Cheers Harald
  13. The door on the intake, it was opened (there are a ton of screws) to inspect the air intake and front of the compressor first stage. You had to quite thin to fit in there all the way! I never did fit... it hinges to the back with the two horizontal bars you see scribed. Good tips, can't wait to start mine!
  14. Lamp-black was quite often used on such items. It's a soot colored paste.
  15. you can actually see behind with the mirrors, not much but some! also a good place to hide the helmet bag when flying... And some very small baggage. The ammo compartment can hide at least 3 VHS players in original boxes, and a cargo tank can hold several turkeys. THey had a cargo tank that was a converted fuel tank on a Norwegian CF... That led to a small disaster in Denmark when the fuel guy topped up ALL the externals by the cap...
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