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  1. I will also donate a $50 US Sprue Brothers credit. won't be available til 01/15/20 (Or we can arrange to store of your choice if SB is inconvenient) I'd also like to be entered please. Regards Harald
  2. OK, some paint and a clearcoat on a few of the parts, only limited time at the bench so this is unfortunately it... Cheers Harald
  3. I had a very short time off, 4 days, of which 3 were busy with stuff unrelated to enjoying time at the bench... BUT! Got a few stickers on on the one side! Cheers Harald
  4. The image of the aircraft cockpit is a D I believe, the resin looks to be a G or H, for me at $150 it'd better be both floors and all stations, which it sorta does look like... It has 6 seats, so the EWO and tail gunner are both there...
  5. Well, Pete's suggestion of the Eurofighter pilot with a JHMICS helmet from the F-16 set? closer anyway?
  6. Hilariously, or not so, I was confused by the "680", both a C and a D with the same numbers... just different fiscal year... Cheers H.
  7. Not that it means anything, but it states in that little blurb under the drawing of 37-680 that the the RHAW sensors were fitted in the Donkey Dick and Acorn fairings. Likelyhood is that the aircraft that Col. Olds used would have it as the mission lead. Could also be a reason why SCAT 7 was not used?? not ready for the ops? I tried to search for additional information through google, but only came up with the Silver Dawn support which was new to me. There should be available to FOIA information on exact aircraft and configuration through USAF, including to what T.O. Mod each individual aircraft was at during the mission for those willing to dig that deep. All modifications minor and large would be in the T.O. logs and AF Form 781 (Technical Log) for the aircraft and I'm sure nothing is ever thrown out without first being recoreded... Added: What about Werner's Wings 32-01?? Seems well researched? Regards Harald
  8. OK, that's the ticket! thank you! I'll revamp/Rework something, if it works out I'll share! Cheers Harald
  9. Looks like I will have to make my own mask, as the sheet from top Notch of the "E" Pattern doesn't look anything like it, but I shall prevail! RAF Colors I have sourced so that is easy! Hoping that the lovered vents from the Revell kit will fit on the Tamiya lower cowl...
  10. OK wow! Thanks for the initial stuff, I may be able to work with some of this! Cheers Harald
  11. Hi there peeps, and especially you Canadian minded folk! I am looking for good resources for the camouflage pattern for the Mk.IV Mustang. I bought a set of "Top Notch" masks for it, but it turns out that the "E" Pattern is nowhere near the RCAF pattern, or they simply got it wrong? Anyway, I bought a set of Xtra Decal stickers for a late war Mk. IV, and was hoping for a correct pattern to make masks for it, I'd also be appreciative if anyone has info if there is a "City of Winnipeg" Mustang... Can't hardly make a "City of Edmonton, whem one lives practically in Winnipeg... Anyway, any info is appreciated! Regards Harald
  12. OK, last update before work for 2 weeks... (I DID get quite a lot of modeling in, next time off won't be near as prolific, as life and work throws wrenches in those plans. Anyway, my Vinyl masks for invasion stripes worked remarkably well!! I am pleased as can be with these! Looks a bit dirty in the radiator exhaust area, but that is easy to clean up. Also using the gear doors as a mask turned out to work real well too! Next up will be some clean-up, then gloss. but in two weeks or so! Cheers Harald
  13. Well, I got a few little things started, before I had to call it off, a prior commitment, and preparing for 2 weeks of work away took the rest of the day... Cockpit had 2 bulkheads installed to block view forward of the 2 individual pits, as well as some paint. Close to what the various sites call for, but perhaps a smidge too green? I dunno, looks ok to me, and darker than my standard go-to FS36231, I used Tamiya XF-66. Intakes prepped and painted white, and wheel wells painted 36440 which is close to what is asked for as well. So, See youse in 2 weeks! Cheers H.
  14. Pascal, My wife has a Silhouette studio, so I made a sheet of masks for D-Day stripes, and with that I included a circular mask, that I cut out in Oramask 810. The circle turned out ok, but way too big, I used the 2PiR formula. Which turns out I had the wrong measurement but it is what it is. The Vinyl is softer and stretchier than paper, so it is easier to make a proper mask fit. Cheers! Harald.
  15. I let my wife complete the debate on what to complete next in "Large Scale," Tossups were with the Tamiya P-51D, F4u-1A, and the Kinetic Hawk 155. She said I'd done lots of props lately so a blower is next! Kinetic's Hawk 155, with resin seats as I was given them, Master Pitot tube, home made vinyl MDC for the large fine canopy, Airscale decals for the instrument panels, and some Archer rivets for hte rear fuselage. I have scoured EricG's and BloorwestSiR's builds for some assistance, and there are tips there! No schedule, as I go to work in 2 days for another 2 weeks, but hey, a little at a time, feels good to actually complete some models for a change!
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