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  1. Winnie

    How You Feel About Documented Builds

    Sometimes I get a hankering to build something somewhat historically accurate. in my case now, an OV-10 from VAL-4 with "Wall to Wall Zuni" and an airframe that was shot down, and 1 pilot KIA, the second rescued. I have to extrapolate to get the markings accurate for that time period, but I'll go as close as I can. If not correct, who is to argue with me? Edited to say: I will say I (me personally) know of no image of said aircraft, for the time period specified, the aircraft is 155495, and LtCdr Jere Barton was KIA. LtCdr Jimmie Hanks WIA.
  2. Winnie

    LSP Christmas Raffle 2018

    I would like to participate as an entrant in the raffle. Thanks! H.
  3. Winnie

    Roden L-19 Bird Dog

    Stunning! Just Stunning! The figure makes me shiver... I work in Northern Manitoba, and the winter is coming... lol
  4. Winnie

    KH Tiger II F-5F

    And the instructions still show the seat cushion as a back pad... this is poor research and poor work. They have had quite a while to fix it...
  5. It has Adrien Brody in it... That alone is enough for me not to watch it, shittiest actor in the world after Christian Bale. after the travesty of him playing an Italian mobster in Peaky Blinders I'll never again watch anything with him in it. Not even Gilette commercials...
  6. Winnie

    DesTROYer's 1/35 AAAvn CH-47D Chinook

  7. Winnie

    Cessna O-2A `Jade 07' Finished!

    Awesome idea, and superb workmanship as always! (Hope you share the mask file on the cutter FB page... lol)
  8. Oops, I replied with old news! Anyway, 2 Chinook builds going... Giving me some motivation to fire mine up again...
  9. Winnie

    1/32 CF104 Italeri

  10. Winnie

    Make the others jealous

    I got a Hobbycraft Sea Fury with all the Fisher "Trimmin's", unfortunately I am at work for 3 weeks so I can't play with it...
  11. Unfortunately time did not comply, and now I am at work for 3 weeks. But if you are not desperate or in a hurry, perhaps someone will chime in with an answer, and I will look when I get home (I desperately want to start it, but it is intimidating!) I know for sure that if a Hoist is included, I won't require one, but I may not have one either... Cheers Harald
  12. I’m thinking a hoist was included in the MH-47 kit from Werner’s Wings... I'm currently camping with the wife, but may get a chance to look tomorrow when I get home. Werner may have a leftover or 2, and or I may not need mine.
  13. Winnie

    Sea Fury Decals

    Thanks Scooby! i did a poor attempt at the one with the tulip spinner 10 years ago, I “may” try that again. the kit is now snaking it’s way through the mail, but I may be at work for 3 weeks when it arrives. Does Fisher ever sell decals? This kit has all the Fisher extras except the open engine cowl.
  14. Winnie

    Sea Fury Decals

    i was too slow. but thanks!
  15. Winnie

    Sea Fury Decals

    OK Thanks people! A tad deer for my wallet at the moment, but worth the look. we shall see when said kit arrives!