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  1. Winnie

    New Huey

    They certainly need to fix the bench seat stanchions for sure... Look wrong on the CAD.
  2. Could it be to avoid stressing 1 part of the vinyl for any length of time? after all the backing paper is designed to let go, so continued dragging over it can loosen it from the background? Just a thought.
  3. Just the selection of helmet types and visors! HGU-2A/P, HGU-22, HGU-26, Crouzet, very nice! Unfortunately a tad pricey for an aircraft I only have limited interest in, but crap that looks nice!
  4. All I can say is that Harold have come through for me every time. Unfortunately I don't have enough spare cash to spen much with him, but what I have gotten so far is beyond excellent!
  5. Could this be my real brag? I have 1900 hours on the 269C and 269C1 types, as a pilot and pilot instructor (Civilian). Great littlle helicopters and most decidedly under-represented. just like the Mi-2 and Mi-8, of which i'd love to fly both...
  6. @daveculp, I can't say anything other than that I am jealous... I really want to fly one once... unfortunately I don't have fixed wing experience only rotary...
  7. If you had some measurements of the actual designs, there may be ways to help. Several people on here can make painting masks, and if you search, one of your Danish brothers made one, a while back, and he might have designs lying around? (edit:) Here is a link to his build, page 3 has the designs https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/63279-sea-lynx-royal-danish-navy-revell/&tab=comments#comment-812208 Cheers Harald (Norgie in Canada)
  8. Haven't forgotten about this one, it's just I got bogged into extra work and two other group builds for smaller scales... that had much shorter deadlines, but I will go back to my beloved Lynx shortly!
  9. Training in recovery from Runaway trim seems to be the only thing required. Like countless others have said, when the trim wheels are going, the trim is going, disconnect the trim, in stead of fighting it... Why these two crews didn't needs to be explained, but the data from the first accident clearly show the crew fighting the trim to the bitter end. The trim won...
  10. Holy Schnicke that looks nice! A cutter may solve some of your problems for sure, I have one and I am just experimenting with it at the moment, but it seems to be able to do more than just cutting masks. (You had it cold, we had it colder. One morning here in North Eastern Manitoba we had -46 actual degrees C...) Cheers H.
  11. @Robthepom, nope! Not even close to your skills! Wow that PE interior looks amazing. Rivets... Well I Have them, but not for this project, this one was straight fun, no challenges... And patience which I lack severely at the moment. No. I'm going for a clean used bird. It's got the stance now: Wheels/LG struts are not glued in, I just had to see the stance... I need to fit clears, mask and paint the fuselage first. So a little work on that. But alas I am busy tomorrow, and go back to my regular shift on Monday, so likely won't be much done before I come back! Wonder if anyone called this one "Rudolf"... The pictures certainly show a very shiny red nose, even if the fuselage was a bit "worn" Cheers H.
  12. Carl, they were straight out of the kit, the front ones got a bit of "Sheep-Skin" with a stiff brush. I tried to soften the cushion area with laquer thinner, but it didn't work as I wanted so I took thick vallejo paint and a brush.
  13. Got the sliding doors painted. Mostly to test the home made masks... They came out well! Took 2 attempts to cut as the first batch did not cut through, which was annoying as it cost me 9 inches of film... Doors: Body together: Engine deck and cowlings assembled: The Tailboom and pylon are together and sanded, the nosecone is together and sanded, still wondering if I should paint the red portions first, or after... It may be easier to paint the reds first then mask and paint the grey, but that is not how it would have been painted i real life... (yeah I know, not real life...) We shall see, I am still a bit so-so on the quality, it runs from superb quality 90% of the way, and 10% garbage. but the price was OK for a 32nd scale kit, so I guess I can live with that... Cheers H.
  14. OK, had some progress today! Got the nose glued together. A 4 piece affair, and Revell did dissapoint a bit here... Also Tail boom and pylon together but some work to be done before I'll show them off. The fir is excellent in places and very so-so in others, very strange. Oh well, we shall jump this hurdle too. Here is the cabin mocked up, the 6 man bench seat can be either sideways or fore/aft, I decided to mount mine fore aft for a change of scenery, then the guys facing forward can see something.
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