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  1. Winnie

    Just Curious about Selling

    I had to raise money to survive 10 or so years ago, and some of those kits I got rid of with FULL aftermarket irks me to this day. I haven't gotten tem back yet, but eventually I think I will. Included a Tamiya F-16CJ, (have another one), Trumpeter F-105D and G, Tamiya F-4E... Eventually I'll repurchase 3 of those...
  2. Winnie

    Aircraft Seat Belts, real ones!

    my biggest peeve is that the belts are always routed wrong on the PE belts, but routing them correctly makes the buckles look piddly. My knowledge comes from strapping them on often. In the Bell helicopters, particularly the mediums, they use the standard belts used on US military aircraft for a long while, but as I now fly Airbus Helicopters, I no longer have access...
  3. Winnie

    Not another Mustang!

    Cheers sir!
  4. Winnie

    Not another Mustang!

    I used the old style Tamiya seat in my Hobbycraft P-51A... good the parts are useful! A question if I may, does the kit come with a Malcolm Hood? I'm curious if I can make a Mustang III... Regards Harald
  5. Now if only you guys that are very smart with these things could just make a scribing template too... Would be an awesome resource for us F-5'ofiles. Mind you I'm more in for an F-5A or B... But I may, just MAY have to get an E as well. And with this superb research....
  6. Winnie

    Make the others jealous

    Funny you say that, I just went up for 2 weeks of remote working too... But I DID get my 72nd Sea King Radar parts from Wafu...
  7. Winnie

    Open the chute, here come the Broncos...

    Ohh. I may just have to get a set...
  8. Winnie

    Kitty Hawk replacement parts...

    My F-86K canopy has a slight crack in it too... Perhaps I'll do the same
  9. Winnie

    Grumman F4F-4 Flap well color

    Good deal. I was going to paint them red so I’m glad I didn’t, Thanks
  10. Just curious if anyone knows the correct colour for inside the flap well and the “inside†of the flap. Working on the trumpeter one now and slowly getting around to this part.
  11. I love it. I know I'm not close to your league, but I can strive... I did see two O-2A's today in Ft. Worth Texas. At the museum there. one is a grey O-2A and the other is a Black one that they flew at night. unfortunately they are painted ficticiously and the fonts appear to be wrong. The black one is one they just cobbled together from 3 or 4 different wrecks I believe. The other is one that several of the guys at the FAC museum had flown in Da Nang amongst others
  12. Winnie

    Make the others jealous

    Got my Oscar Deuce, my 48th Huey, and my 48 FRS.1 Harrier. And some 72nd! Aftermarket... A 35th UH-1C that I got for the rockets only... A Werners Wings Cobra Canopy, and still waiting on a Werners Wings Chinook Canopy (or Cockpit Windows for the resin nose...) I only ordered Saturday but I hope they will arrive in Texas before I go home in 3 weeks.
  13. Winnie

    Make the others jealous

    I'd love to get this and the F-16 ones. awesome fun and different kits
  14. Dang Don... Stay healthy, powerful message for sure. Cheers and get well soon Harald