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  1. I had trouble with the part too, ended up sanding a lot...
  2. I built one out of the box, looks like a Sea Fury to me, but I now have a second one, complete with all the Fisher upgrades, and some nice gentleman sent me the Fisher decals, so I'm set!
  3. So with regards to vallejo air paints... I too have amassed quite a few of these paints, and initially had the same problem, now I spray them at 15 to 18 psi with thinning to about 50%. The key is the thinner. I have used Mig's thinner, it is quite expensive but worth it. HOWEVER, i just learned yesterday how to make the same mix with Vallejo's own mixes. These items are available from Amazon for not too much coin. The trick is to mix a 17ml bottle (eyedropper bottle like Vallejo uses, can be purchased where you get paints I suppose) with 50% thinner, 50% flow improver, then add 10 drops of Vallejo's goopy retarder, then shake the devils out of the bottle. then add thinner to airbrush, then paint to about 50/50 and mix. this lubes the needle and allows the perfect mixing. I had been using a different mix, but got a large bottle of flow-improver from Amazon, and thinner (both Vallejo brand), and will be using this mix going forward. it makes the paint almost perfect. Also, make sure to prime if you are going to be handling any area with paint. Cheers Harald
  4. As for numbers, if you can get the font and do up the graphics, I'm sure someone here can cut you a set of masks... If nobody else can or will, I can cut them, I just don't know what size or what fonts to use myself. Cheers Harald
  5. Military aircraft on line in combat operations will get washed when needed, which is usually when more maintenance is needed. Windows gets cleaned in between every mission. That is why these A-10's are so dirty. I'm sure the line personnel do somewhat of a clean, but the likelihood is that the optempo is so heavy that they just don't have time to clean the machines down every day.
  6. I'm surprised to see on my Scalemates log that I have 30 large scale kits from 35th to 24th scales, with 74 pieces of aftermarket for said kits, this includes 2 kits and aftermarket on the way at this time. My total stash is 268 Items, about half of which are kits in various scales... If you like, look at the link here: https://www.scalemates.com/profiles/mate.php?id=44845&p=stash&q=*&fkSTASHMATE[]=44845&fkSTASHSTATUS[]=44845-Stash&fkSTASHSTATUS[]=44845-Started&page=stash (hope that works) Cheers Harald
  7. I want the 32nd cockpit section, it's just amazing, would be cool to have a cutaway fuselage for the nose for it.
  8. Anyone seen or gotten the HPH B-52 Cockpit?? it's intriguing me... I wants... I downloaded the instruction for the B-52 in 48th... But it's well beyond my skill and scope (and room)
  9. My dad was a flight engineer and rescueman on the Sea Kings where I grew up (Northern Norway), he build models and we'd build together. I worked at an aviation museum for a short spell at the end of my schooling, and started building again then. I moved to the USA and got my pilots license and started teaching flying helicopters, and now 22 years later I'm building what strikes my fancy, but its limited to (mostly) USAF, USN, RCAF, RAF, RNoAF and such, I find I lose interest in one, and jump to the next so there is plenty on the Shelf Of Doom... The last biplanes I built was a 72nd Stringbag and a camel, and that was in my early teens... Mostly now it is WW2 to modern that strikes the fancy.
  10. Winnie

    F-86K RNoAF

    Thanks Jens. The bulkheads need some trimming to fit, but should be ok. Some blending will be required I'm sure! Cheers H.
  11. Winnie

    F-86K RNoAF

    Thanks, register is an issue, and I've tried to fix it somewhat. Here is today's progress: A tad better I feel, about as well as I'm going to get it. There is still the other side to do. The metal finish I love, hope the front half is going to be as good... Cheers Harald
  12. Winnie

    F-86K RNoAF

    A little more progress, trying my homemade masks, and having some issues but trying to remain patient and work through it. There are also some interesting fit issues with this kit, and it will require some massive patience to assemble it... Cheers H.
  13. Winnie

    F-86K RNoAF

    Ok, some self isolation progress. Also been given an extra week home so better use it! You can tell that input the spacer in the wrong spot... It isn't mentioned at all in the instructions. As a matter of fact, many issues aren't mentioned... But we figures it out. Cheers Harald
  14. Winnie

    F-86K RNoAF

    Leading edge flaps are just roll out as needed, they have to be up if the boarding step is open... As for the rest, I don't know. I sort of want the flaps dangling, but I also like a clean jet.. As for cutting the resin block, I tend to destroy my saws so I take it slow, but the dremel did super quick work of both the sawing, and sanding of the nub!
  15. Winnie

    F-86K RNoAF

    Ok. Just a quick word to say... I FREAKING LOVE my DREMEL TOOL!!! Saved about 45 minutes of sawing through solid resin! Best tool ever. Highly recommend with the flex shaft attachment and hanger. And now back to the ordinary programming.
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