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  1. Unfortunately Eduard/Dragon screwed the pooch on this one, and gave you a single engine Huey panel and console, not that anyone would really know or notice, unless they flew the "steamchicken" for a living... Love it! Great work!
  2. Looks like "off the shelf" tanks, available for the picking.
  3. Unfortunately only for the chin bubble and maybe the centre pane, the others are different...
  4. When I get a little progress going I'll post some, I've only just started cleaning up resin... It's a LOT of resin.
  5. Superb! I may have a G coming, and can't wait!
  6. So in our quests for accurate models, have anyone ever seen a B-22 style parachute backpack in model form? I know one exists on a Master Models pilot figure, but it's a fighter pilot, and I need 6 or 10 for my B-52 Cockpit... The HpH cockpit is quite well detailed, but their interpretation of the seat harness' are nowhere near what exists in the real aircraft. the seats have lap belts, and the parachute pack attach to the seat and its harness becomes the shoulder straps. if you take the parachute out of the seat, it's a bit of a rigmarole to put them back in. Anyway, anybody have any tips? Perhaps @norbert could make some? Cheers Harald
  7. Unfortunately I don't drink wine, it gives me a headache! But maybe I'll have to buy some for my sister in law!
  8. I took your advise and found those buckles for MY A-6A build, but may most decidedly use these now! Now I just need to find some good foil!
  9. Here is my latest completed model: The Lancaster cockpit section from HK Models. This is quite large, and I can't begin to imagine how large the whole thing is! I'm not as accomplished as most of you here, but I did a for me, good job. tried some weathering techniques inside, with some worn off metal by chipping the floors and desks etc. hard to see from outside. I used the Eduard Cockpit set as the kit comes with nothing. Surprised really, but I guess we can't get everything we want! Canadian subject because Canada! Anyway, I started this this summer, and completed it today! For some reason the chipping on the display cart doesn't show up in the images, and the Canopy is not fixed in place, I chose to leave it removable so I can peak inside... Cheers Harald
  10. Added to say his decals are printed by Cartograf if that matters to youse all. I originally bought some of the stuff to spruce up my B-52 Cockpit in 32nd, There are most decidedly details to be found in his stuff! Superb stuff.
  11. Just got some new Anyz materials. I'm sure most of you are aware of Anyz, and he recently came out with a new line of materials, Photoetched buckles! I got some additional stuff, but I thought it worth mentioning in any case! Some more decals, and seat belt buckles in 48th and 32nd. These are great additions to the model enhancement catalogue! Cheers! H.
  12. A win in the raffle. I shall perhaps do my first axis aircraft in decades! (Makes me feel old saying that...)
  13. Well if we're going to be pedantic, there was 2 panels that were composite, perhaps not in what we today consider composite, but still. the 2 panels, 1 behind the cockpit for one of the antennas, and the panel below the seat. they were fibre glass and epoxy so technically composite, or made of two or more parts. The image with the birds in formation show natural metal horizontal stabs.
  14. There is a company that just released a UH-2C and HH-2D, Propblurr or some such. I'll see if I can find it and post here. I'd like that in 32nd... Edited to say: CLEARPROP is releasing said kits... https://www.scalemates.com/kits/clear-prop-cp720xx-hh-2d-seasprite--1376068
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