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  1. Haven't forgotten about this one, it's just I got bogged into extra work and two other group builds for smaller scales... that had much shorter deadlines, but I will go back to my beloved Lynx shortly!
  2. Training in recovery from Runaway trim seems to be the only thing required. Like countless others have said, when the trim wheels are going, the trim is going, disconnect the trim, in stead of fighting it... Why these two crews didn't needs to be explained, but the data from the first accident clearly show the crew fighting the trim to the bitter end. The trim won...
  3. Holy Schnicke that looks nice! A cutter may solve some of your problems for sure, I have one and I am just experimenting with it at the moment, but it seems to be able to do more than just cutting masks. (You had it cold, we had it colder. One morning here in North Eastern Manitoba we had -46 actual degrees C...) Cheers H.
  4. @Robthepom, nope! Not even close to your skills! Wow that PE interior looks amazing. Rivets... Well I Have them, but not for this project, this one was straight fun, no challenges... And patience which I lack severely at the moment. No. I'm going for a clean used bird. It's got the stance now: Wheels/LG struts are not glued in, I just had to see the stance... I need to fit clears, mask and paint the fuselage first. So a little work on that. But alas I am busy tomorrow, and go back to my regular shift on Monday, so likely won't be much done before I come back! Wonder if anyone called this one "Rudolf"... The pictures certainly show a very shiny red nose, even if the fuselage was a bit "worn" Cheers H.
  5. Carl, they were straight out of the kit, the front ones got a bit of "Sheep-Skin" with a stiff brush. I tried to soften the cushion area with laquer thinner, but it didn't work as I wanted so I took thick vallejo paint and a brush.
  6. Got the sliding doors painted. Mostly to test the home made masks... They came out well! Took 2 attempts to cut as the first batch did not cut through, which was annoying as it cost me 9 inches of film... Doors: Body together: Engine deck and cowlings assembled: The Tailboom and pylon are together and sanded, the nosecone is together and sanded, still wondering if I should paint the red portions first, or after... It may be easier to paint the reds first then mask and paint the grey, but that is not how it would have been painted i real life... (yeah I know, not real life...) We shall see, I am still a bit so-so on the quality, it runs from superb quality 90% of the way, and 10% garbage. but the price was OK for a 32nd scale kit, so I guess I can live with that... Cheers H.
  7. OK, had some progress today! Got the nose glued together. A 4 piece affair, and Revell did dissapoint a bit here... Also Tail boom and pylon together but some work to be done before I'll show them off. The fir is excellent in places and very so-so in others, very strange. Oh well, we shall jump this hurdle too. Here is the cabin mocked up, the 6 man bench seat can be either sideways or fore/aft, I decided to mount mine fore aft for a change of scenery, then the guys facing forward can see something.
  8. So, I got back from my extra week of work, got some dental work done, done the run around, honey-do list, and finally got to sit down some... Not much, have a bruised tailbone, which makes sitting in my chair awkward... Anyway, scaled and sized my masks, cut them on Oramask 810, and they look fantastic! now I just need to get a chance to use them! Have also made some masks for my 72nd Hawker Typhoon, which is ready for paint, so I will just have to see how we did! Anyway, progress pics: Floor masked and painted Instrument Panel with Airscale radar screen. Still not accurate, but better than instrument cluster! Hope to get a little more done in the next couple days!
  9. I found my Airscale stuff, and there is a screen and some buttons I can use for the Radar screen, but I had to go to work short notice, so it will have to wait! I'm quite surprised at the level of detail and fit, looking forward to getting back and doing some more!
  10. Thanks! Got a little more done, and threw some MrP 36231 on the cockpit floor and console, and soundproofing for rear cabin, probably a little work to be done on cockpit internals before I can paint those, so that will wait. Unfortunately I got a callback to work, so have to take another 5 or so day break... Fairly large body! Floor Painted Cheers!
  11. OK, So I bit off more than I could chew, sorta. Looked at the panel in the kit, And it is remarkably close to accurate with regards to the pilot and middle, only the observer's side is not correct. So instead of building the entire panel from scratch I removed the details from the Observers side, installed a 'quasi' radar screen, the 3 instruments that go on the side, and a bar to represent the radar conrols, and one to represent the pubs shelf with cover on. I could make the radar screen smaller with the keyboard on the side, but I decided to just leave as is, likely I'm the only one going to care anyway! I removed the details from the dual controls, such as the mounting plate for copilot cyclic, the pedals and pedal adjuster. I will remove the collective from the unit itself lare, attach and get ready for paint for this part. I hope to throw the center console on and start picking out details and perhaps fire up some cabin work! The kit details are certainly very much better than the Revell kits of yore... Kit Box: Decals (some will be substituted by paint): Sealed parts: Cabin floor: Instrument Panel original: IP Modified: Cockpit Mocked Up: Cheers!
  12. OK, so got delayed 1 day at work... Not all good, not all bad... Oh well, decided to do some research, and found that the panel in the kit is for the HAS.3 trainer that the Black Cats use, which has dual controls and instruments, whilst the one I wish to build has a single pilot and a "Looker" or Observer, and can be configured 1 of 3 ways, none of which are employed in the kit version. So, I decided to take the instrument panel to task, and put my wife's Silhouette Cameo cutter to use. I have designed it, I just need to tweak my design to fit the actual instrument panel in the kit, and make the required boxes etc. I drew the image in inkscape, "borrowing" an Eduard Sheet and pictures of the real thing. Hopfully this will work. I plan on using some Airscale and kid decals as well as Archer rivets and various round rod etc for knobs and whatnots. Anyway, this is a simplified drawing so far: I can give you a copy of the .svg file should anyone want it. Hopefully I'll be able to post pictures of model box goodies tomorrow... Cheers Harald
  13. Harold got it. I sent a link to a picture from "ejectionsite" on the other forum. Strangely difficult to find a good picture of the Norair seat on the internet... I know of one in Norway, but the website it was on has changed, and now a dummy is in that seat....
  14. I may regret doing this... But it's been a while so I will attempt to build the Revell of Germany Westland Lynx HAS.3 ICE. I have tried several group build prior, and mostly bog down/interest dwindles, but I figure what the heck. The helicopter is one of 3 configured to serve on HMS Endurance, the antarctic survey vessel. It seems the ship has been retired after an accident, and obviously the Lynx in that guise also, but still a favorite of mine! I was lucky enough to get a short ride in a Lynx Mk. 86 from my ship while I was in the service, so it holds some sweet spot in my heart! The kit is unstarted, unfortunately I won't be able to post pictures until Wednesday, as I am still at work! I have created masks for it as well, for lettering on side, and national insignia and steps and step surrounds. And any glazing. My thoughts is to just build the model OOB, with minimal fixes. I will try to fix the error on the Tail rotor driveshaft cover, but nothing else! Cheers Harald
  15. It's available worldwide. I'm getting a Sotar 2020. It's supposed to be superb. And that's a real good deal for the Sotar anyway
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