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F-4EJ Kai - 8th Squadron - "JASDF 50th Anniversary" - Finished


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Hi All


I will chip in with this one..


第8飛行隊のF-4EJ : jibits Descreation ~jibitsの気ままな撮影日記~


It will be the Tamiya F-4EJ kit, Wolfpack "Kai" conversion set, Kopecky Exhaust & rear end, DXM Decals, DN Models paint mask - and what else I can put together ^_^


I need to finish my ongoing F-16 build before I can get to this one so I will likely not start until 2023



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On 12/4/2022 at 8:51 AM, Stokey Pete said:

Phantastic choice of scheme there Niels. I look forward to seeing your take on it. 

I have been wanting to do this for a while - I even had DN Models make a custom order for the paint masks. They have since then released them in 1/32

Who knows - If I am fast enough I may even squeeze in the F-15DJ Green Dragon before the deadline :rolleyes:



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So... its time to get this build started.


I have dug out all the stuff I have for this build and started to organize myself. I have been planning to build this aircraft for quite some time and I would have built it even without this group build - but now seems like a perfect time to dig into it..


I will use the Tamiya F-4EJ kit and spice it up using:


  • Wolfpack F-4EJ kai conversion set
  • Aerocraft canopy set
  • Kopecky models, rear end and exhausts
  • Sparkit ejection seat (might be the best aftermarket set I have ever seen.. a bit pricey though..)
  • Eduard Brassin Wheels
  • Cross Delta formation lights
  • DXM Decals 
  • DN Models paint mask
  • ....



I am very busy at work in 2023 so it might be some time between updates, but I hope you will follow along and see how this turns out



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2 hours ago, Alain Gadbois said:

Nice set of goodies you have there, and the paint scheme you chose is truly spectacular!

I’m curious about the clear resin cockpit parts. What improvements do they bring compared to the kit parts?



Hi Alain


The Tamiya F-4 kits are quite problematic in this area as the clear parts have to be attached to the entire framing in plastic. Its a tricky joint to keep clean and also ensure that the clear parts dont end up having "frosted" areas when removing them from the sprue. I have not used the resin set before but at first glance it is a much desired improvement. I will try to include some pictures showing the difference later..



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WOW !! phantastic paint scheme !!!! I like !!!! 

just a word about the "sparkit " seat .... very nice details indeed !! , but you will have to trim the seat base , which is a bit too wide ( too bad for the details here ... they wont be seen :doh:) and a bit too long for the front cockpit .... but you have time to think about it ..... they are fragile , and " hard " to remove the block cast ........I  will  follow your WIP with interest ... 


if you allow ... and for interested  people ;)





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oh wow you have really done a great job there - yes, those seats are just amazing. I was gazing at them this weekend and I could hardly believe what I was seeing..

Thanks for the input. I will take care when the time comes ^_^



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