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F-4EJ Kai - 8th Squadron - "JASDF 50th Anniversary" - Finished


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What a ride - This was a really fun build and I think it looks pretty cool. I had my own "wow-moment" when I took it off the jig and placed it on the desk by itself.

I will take some better images during the weekend and make an RFI post, so below is just a quick taste of the finished Phantom.. Thanks for following along and all the nice feedback along the way ^_^









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  • Zola25 changed the title to F-4EJ Kai - 8th Squadron - "JASDF 50th Anniversary" - Finished
On 3/31/2023 at 1:14 PM, themongoose said:

WOW that is just unbelievable! what a sharp looking bird. The flat coat seems to have made the graphics pop even more. Crazy good :thumbsup:


On 3/31/2023 at 1:23 PM, Stokey Pete said:

I want one! That is such a cool looking model. 

I’ve been looking at the other JASDF Phantom specials. 


22 hours ago, crobinsonh said:

Wow - stunning


5 hours ago, BradG said:

Looks great. I will wait for your follow up pics for the gallery. Just let me know when you post them so I don't miss them.

Thanks guys


I have posted the finished model in the RFI section - You can find it here: 


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8 minutes ago, scvrobeson said:

This came out incredibly well.  Such a striking scheme, and you've done a brilliant job on it! This one will surely attract attention wherever it goes






19 minutes ago, ScottsGT said:

I’m blown away with this one!  I’ve got the Kai conversion and the Panther blue paints in standby to build it one day. But man, that yellow..if I can get brave enough, might have to take a go at this myself. 


Thanks guys - please check out the Hi-Res pictures in the "Ready For Inspection" forum


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34 minutes ago, monthebiff said:

Wow, amazing build and super clean finish! Which brand of flat varnish are you using?


Regards. Andy 

Hi Andy


Thanks for the nice words. I always use MRP-127 Super Clear Flat, sprayed straight from the bottle


There are some much nicer images of the finished model here: Finished Build






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