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1/32 Tamiya P-51D - The Millie G

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Now that is one gorgeous looking 51D, just like the real thing, and to me it brings back memories of one of my favorite old revell 72nd scale P51D Millie G kits i started this hobby with 60 years ago, glad i changed to 32nd scale interests right after that.

Especially the first pictures are really life like, you could have fooled me!!


thanks for sharing,



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1 hour ago, Hoss FL said:

Thanks Jay for the very interesting information. I didn't know that the 55th FG switched over exclusively to the paper tanks.


And then - what do you know.  I find a pic of a 55th FG P-51 "Worry Bird" flown by a Captain Coons.  If you google it, you will find a metal tank on that aircraft!  I think though, if you want the best shot at the most realistic replica you can make, I would go with the 108 gal paper tank.  Have fun with the pressure lines.  :rolleyes:

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