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  1. Gott im himmel, mein herr, that is beautiful ! Revell kit you say? I am more partial to the D-9, but your rendition of the ugly duckling cousin is most impressive.,,a real worrisome sight for a ball turret gunner.
  2. Although I am not a fan of 1/35th scale AC, save a few whirlybirds, I do wish Border Models much success on their Fw 190. Photos that I have seen reveal a highly detailed weapons bay and an incredibly detailed radial engine, crucial features that are important to many LSPrs such as myself. I know that ZM is also working on an A-8, and if it is anything similar to their Me 109G release, then it will be a huge leap forward in many aspects. While I am partial to their possible release of a D-9, as an earlier post stated, no need to be overly critical of manufacturers that break new ground. In the end, we all benefit as consumers...just my 2 penny bit.
  3. Although I have the Tamiya Mk IX and it is a work of art -however flawed as build reviews have confirmed that the intake is missing some trunking pieces that Airfix has accurately depicted in their 1/24 scale rendition- I will probably pass on this one and hold out for an accurate 1/32 Mk VB from Kotare. Very best of luck to Airfix in the development of this iconic fighter, as I'm sure it will be a centerpiece of pride to any large builder's collection
  4. I was hoping for a 1/48 or dare I say, a 1/32 F-4G Wild Weasel from Tamiya, but hey, that's just me. After their stellar Mosquito FB VI, I thought they would work on a F6F Hellcat as well, but Mr T issued an F-35....oh, well. Modern jet jocks, will no doubt indulge themselves...:)
  5. I would love to see a Grumman Cougar or Panther as well as an F-86 Sabre in either 1/48 or 1/32 scales. To my eye, all 3 are sleek and very purposeful looking with that lovely look of elegant menace. Definitely crowd pleasers for those interested in Korean War era jets. Thanks chaps. WM 1964
  6. Nice work thus far on your Mk IX. Given your obvious dedication to effectively tackling noted challenges, I think it will come out beautifully.
  7. Maybe a long awaited 1/32 scale P-38 Lightning? or an F6f Hellcat? Both appear to be in high demand by LSPers....
  8. I agree about the seatbelts not being included-this was something of letdown. same thing with the 2-piece wheels and the MG 131 barrels. But the rest of it looks real solid. I really dig the fact that you chose to do something other than Hartmann's scheme. I will also build my kit as a G-6 with the Galland canopy-I think it looks just right as a late war dogfighter. You are off to a grand start. Like many others, I will follow your progress closely
  9. I really wish Kotare much success on their sales of the Spitfire Mk I! It appears to be a superb kit and I can only hope that they produce an accurate Mk VB in the future! Many of us (I'm sure) have pined for a mid-war Spitfire to replace the venerable Hasegawa kit that while generally accurate, is clearly in need of serious work in order to bring it up to a standard near what the industry is beginning to churn out ( Revell, Tamiya, etc). For those of you chaps who get the Kotare boxing, I am looking forward to seeing your builds on LSP.
  10. For accuracy, I would recommend Tamiya. I have both the Revell late P-51D and it is a good kit for the $, but for those who want a high level of detail, Tamiya is hard to fault-again, IMHO.
  11. Hey Pugo, Thanks for your keen observation and review of a kit that you admittedly Do not have in your possession to measure. Personally, relying on extraneous sources in order to determine a kit's accuracy when you don't have the real deal in your hands is a nonstarter for me. Hey, but that's just me-you obviously differ, but I purchased the ZM Me 109 G-14 kit, and I have examined it very closely in comparison to the Revell Me 109 G-6 that I also have in my collection. I have also compared it to Brett Green's scale drawings in his book on the Revell Me 109 G. The ZM iteration is much more accurate that the Revell copy. Is this speculation from a guy who just thinks it looks right? yes, it is. But at least I have the real McCoy to examine, and Radu's contributions to the development of the ZM kit speaks volumes in re its accuracy. Just my 2 cents...others are free to contemplate the relative accuracy of drawings to the contrary. WM1964
  12. How about the Mosquito Museum-I think it is located in Salisbury Park If you are interested in DeHavilland's Wooden Wonder-why not "Have a Go, Joe"?
  13. I preordered from Volks USA back in January. Got it for about $118 delivered. I'm not too keen on the decals though-only one option is available. Beyond that, it appears to be a superb rendition of Herr professor's Me 109. The figure that accompanied it looks decent too.
  14. Got Mine on Monday. Well packaged and internals look very well detailed. Easily the best Me 109 I have seen thus far.
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