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  1. thanks for posting! as others have said - love the weathering and pre-shading, wear, and heavy exhaust - i really like the "burnt" metal feel on the upper cowling. it's nice to see this variation - as the commonwealth spits from '43 - '45 had fairly standardized liveries - like the Polish and Canadian units. In looking at the photos no one could ever say the build is over-weathered!! the light touch on the exposed aluminium panels - it seems like this was done with an aluminum undercoat and then some light sanding..?
  2. the pre-shading is crazy! a work of art on its own - but you know... it does make it look like there are individual panels with slight bending and depth - in particular i notice this on the sides of the fuselage. Everyone needs to "borrow" this technique at least once!
  3. the Quinta bits look great - i've used them on several kits now and the thing i like about them or perhaps any 3-d print is that there's a thickness to "grab" onto which makes installation so much easier (i use Future or canopy glue). PE can be so frustrating. Anyway ... also the Aires stuff is always top notch but sometimes a pain to fit. I love like HGW harnesses and so on but you know sometimes i'd just rather paint a nice, crisp resin casting. The Hot Bath thing i've never heard of before. Anyway the Thud is probably one of the prettiest but most maligned jets in history. it just looks like it should be awesome ... but apparently not so much.
  4. thanks for posting ... one of my favourites, the 520. Along with French livery of course. I appreciate your detailed build analysis. The Azur kit scares me a bit though- one sits in my local hobby store calling to me nonetheless. In any event i LOVE your approach to the cockpit - i also do fantasy gaming figure painting and the issue of contrast is often pumped up to 11 .. but for historical builds it can still be a way to emphasize relationships of elements and depth and still appear realistic.
  5. just came across this- great to see such a beautiful but lesser known livery. there are lots of F4U builds out there (and mine is coming) but so nice to see these rarer allies' schemes and post war builds. Love the sky-blue. it's what i like about say Argentinian or Greek liveries too. Perfect balance of weathering too.
  6. outstanding !!! love the mottling, and weathering on the tail pipe. the seat is out of this world (i wish Italeri's reissue of their 1/12 scale seat was even close to this). i find it hard to believe modellers can produce such perfect builds as this - boggles the mind. I know this kit has some detractors but it looks perfect to me. i sat in the cockpit of a Canadian 104 a month ago or so. it's crazy that a plane that could fly as fast as this was still so "analog" on the interior - toggles ands switches which look like ones you can buy at the local hardware store.
  7. super - duper. Just finishing an RCAF Mustang (Tamiya P-51D) .. it's so refreshing to see an un-weathered P-51 build. No chance to hide anything with a bit of dirt and dust. Great work! and a bit of history too.
  8. Nice to see interest in the Vampire kit. I hope to build it soon. Note: the 442 plane now does not have the red nose as per the kit decals, as the plane did in the late 40's- 50's. Unless someone makes a mask i might do it in its more current standard black anti-glare pattern as the nose would would be hard to do without a proper template. i was reading about the use of "high speed silver" - a type of gloss aluminum paint application applied to commonwealth aircraft at this time. it seems such a paint might have been used on vampires etc. as it was for meteors and such. The vampire looks like such an odd job but it seems to have been well respected and up to the task at the time. I think Eric Brown, perhaps the world's greatest pilot ever, considered it one of his favourite plans to fly (along with the ME163 Comet)! The picture of him landing one on a carrier- the first time for a jet to do so i think... is classic history.
  9. you know looking at my photos - yeah you're right. here's a close up of the wing root ... there clearly is paint finish on the body and wing (at least in its current state). the flanges and maybe the canopy frame look to be exposed aluminum?
  10. sorry "in board of the booms" is the wrong photo - forgot to upload it. Anyhow, here's the nose:
  11. ok as promised - despite mind numbing traffic - went and visited 7012 442 squadron, one of the decal offerings in the kit. Re: flaps and underside here are a couple photos from today: I think this is the flap area in question? i have the kit and everything mostly looks spot on (and well cast) but this area on the wing looks different. here we see the flap going right out to the edge of the wheel well. The rest of the kit seems to be spot on. here is the wing tip re: lights: rear bit - well presented in the kit: wheel well : trailing edge: inboard of the booms: top of fuel tanks - the kit has the caps: the panel lines and riveting in the model seem to be very accurate and well rendered. We'll see how it all fits. a couple notes: the kit has you apply a single decal for the dash on a panel with raised details. Can't see this working. I'd cut up the deal or use some Airscale dials to do this. Also- very minor- the kit has you tuck the top of the harness behind the seat. In 7012, although the harness in the cockpit now is just an ad hoc thing, it goes up through a hole in the back of the plate (the kit doesn't have a hole in this plate but easily added. . and one final final note: the body is composite and therefore painted aluminum / silver (one can still see the original taping) - so a dull aluminum. the rest would be aluminum metal - polished or faded. i think this is the last military jet with some wood structure - seeing it close up it really does feel first gen ... and it's small!
  12. Sorry i see the flaps have already discussed. Any-who - i'm thinking of taking the day off work on Friday and going out and taking some pictures of the 012 442 squadron Vampire MK III featured in the kit - the plane is not far from me. I'll see what i can get photos of and post them.
  13. Oh man! That's the "Pink-Fire" i've always dreamed of building - so nice. And on a pink "Prisoners" disk! (I have Prisoner CD's - but no vinyl - and have seen them as the "James Taylor Quartet" many years ago several times)! I was listening to them in the car taking the kids to school a few days ago! Anyhow - a question - I presume the side port is the camera? one great thing about the Spits is because of the cockpit hatch - it's the one case where one can actually SEE the interior of the cockpit!
  14. Best nose art i've seen - a fantastic image - great work. Love the mottling and masking and panel lines. The P-40 is such a great plane which is often not given its due respect. Nice to see. One question - the holes in the wheels? Just curious.
  15. out of this world - a work of high art ...and so timely...
  16. i've seen that Infinity is working on an air-brake AM offering for this kit, I think?
  17. seriously ... it's just sitting there...
  18. i ordered the Infinity Mk.3 kit... i guess i need to build it ...as i live about a 20 minute drive from the 442 squadron 012 prototype ... i can always take a tape measure out and go settle any dimensional questions!
  19. Absolutely true! Especially if there isn't that much incriminating evidence in existence . The fact that maybe a build done in the 1970s has a different colour than one might chose today because of more recent chip or spec discoveries is all a part of the continuum and doesn't diminish the older build. It's about intent and the challenge. It's fun to try and get things accurate with the information you can get at any point in time and with research. it's part of the satisfaction one feels. Today i did a tour with my daughters in the Badlands National Park in Alberta (very cool) and the one thing you have to deal with as a palaeontologist is that what you figured was your interpretation of what a set of fossils you discovered was may be refuted by the next generation of up and coming researchers. But that doesn't diminish what you've done because it all feeds into a greater understanding of what interests you.
  20. that's a great photo - haven't seen it before! i always wonder about these kind of schemes - which seem to be ersatz- did they think it would make a difference operationally or was it just a kind of artistic outburst at the end of it all... or a combo. Were these "field" adaptations intended to address something... or were they just expediencies or in an opposite way - a sense of pride .. In some cases we know that changing fortunes changed liveries - over water was bluer, over land browner or greener or whiter in winter - but whatever they make builds fun...
  21. yeah ... the F6F... what's with that? It ain't that pretty but it was a dream machine at the time... and well known enough for Tamiya to risk an offering ... that would be awesome. Also.. no nice Thunderbolts around at the moment in 1/32. There is an Eduard one in my local hobby store but it's a limited addition $$$$ one...
  22. I've re-started a Revell G-6 build (new kit) after getting in WAY over my head in AM stuff - as I'm a newb. i've planned to do "Black 29" as it appeared in Pilsen in 1945 in a great photo which shows it with a number of access panels and fuel ports open. This time I "cooled my jets" and got the AIMS access panel etched offering which is awesome - why? I had originally got the Eduard panels but despite being very fine, They had to be faired into the skin of the model. The AIMS ones give you tjust he flanges and caps and you just have to cut out the right hole and plunk them in. WAY easier. Here's what I've done so far: The "bullet holes" above the radio hatch are not intentional - they look cool, but that's my Dremel skipping across the fuselage. They will be filled in. Here is Black 29:
  23. great story and thread! I have a hobby boss B-24D build (stalled) where i felt compelled to add the stringers too- which was nearly as bad as wanting to add rivets. Pulled back from the brink. The kit is a mixed blessing. But what else is there?
  24. thanks - it seems masks for the newer A6M5c Hasegawa are readily available .... Not to blunder into the "camouflage orange" debate of which i know little- it seems to me looking at all the info out there on what is currently know of Japanese paint standards of the period is that the 'orange' should be a yellow-orange, similar to RAL 1037 or Kariki 117/C2 depending on weathering. Anyway, it's all part of the fun...
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