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AIMS Spitfire PR1G using Revell Mk II kit

Pastor John

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AIMS 1/32 Spitfire PR 1G
Although in pain I want to try and do a little modelling each day if I can. Inspired by Andrew Eaton's PR IV and with fond memories of my 1/72 PR 1G from 25 years ago (see photo attached of model only as a reference point) I have set out to make my AIMS 1/32 conversion. I have a host of goodies from Barracuda Studios and other items are on their way to me from Hannants. I have also ordered some 0.2mm solder balls to see if I can locate them along the datum line longeron and a few other noticeable places. I have burred off and filled the absolutely terrible engine cowl clearance blisters and will make my own, and I have started reshaping the wheel blister as well as filling in all the sink holes. So here we go - something British for our Queen's Jubilee! Long live the Queen!
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Hi John,

I am very pleased my build has provided you with some inspiration to start another build despite your current difficulties. I look forward very much to seeing the final build here on the forum and hopefully next year in the flesh!

Happy modelling



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A little time here and there - fixing the terrible upper cowl, removing and then building back up cockpit details as well as adding the missing top corners - and finally the utter madness of looking into the possibility of using 0.3mm solder balls where the Spitfire frame has the raised rivets. This will be done when the model is almost ready for the painting stage as too many will be lost from handling before that as you can already see. I have also started to thin out the cockpit lower wall sections as they stand too proud for real life otherwise. Never made a 1/48 spitfire before - never mind a 1/32 one so would like to get the details right if I can
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Not finished a Spitfire in a very long time, I did start the Revell kit but it never made it to the finishing line there are bits of it in a box somewhere. I hope the pain subsides for you, good to see you back at the bench creating some art. Going to watch this with interest.

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AIMS 1/32 Spitfire PR 1G conversion update
Hi everyone - done a little more and next up is the plumbing. Note that as a result of Revell's top corners being missing so that their thick canopy can sit in the closed position - they went on to design the pilots bulkhead 1.5mm too far back - i.e - aft of their cut-outs. To fix this I removed 1.5mm from the backs of the lower cockpit side wall parts and increased the hole in the floor 1.5mm further forward. The only other thing to do is then scratch build a new upper rear brace the correct length. I enjoyed the Barracuda parts but so much more needs added. The PR 1G I am making was a Mk I airframe but when it received a Merlin 45 perhaps some of the cockpit parts were upgraded? So I have a mixture really. I scratch built today an early style Regulator as you can still see these on early Mk V's. I am not a Spitfire expert but have enjoyed so far trying to make the Revell kit as good as possible, thanks
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