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39 minutes ago, LSP_Kevin said:

Nice progress, Dan. You're killing this one!




Thanks, Kev. Yes I am making steady progress on the easy stuff.


Let's see who is killing whom when I need to model the tailcone.


And we haven't  mentioned  the "C" word yet. Shhhhhhhh!



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5 hours ago, dodgem37 said:

Good show.


''An Lsp'er has been kind enough to offer his services and to 3d scan the tail.'

Do you have a brand name for that scanner?


Thank you.




Mark, I don't have any info on the type of scanner. I reached out to him because I knew that he had recently purchased a scanner. He graciously agreed to help. 


That is where we stand. Actual details to be worked out in the near future.



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I spent about 2 hours working on drawing the nose cone in Fusion 360. I made progress, I tried using the "Project" command for the first time. I had a video open and re-ran the same section 10 times, and I still couldn't get it to work properly.  My lack of knowledge is the problem. Will try it again in a day or so.


But.............I just couldn't not work on the nose. I had printed out another section of the nose and wanted to check shapes. I am following all of my references but until I get the nose on it is difficult to tell if everything is coming together shape wise.


So after spending 2 hours horsing around with the cad program with no joy I decided to get out the "Stone knives and Bearskins" and make one by hand. Only took 45 minutes. Anyway this is just a rough shape to see how everything looks dry fit together.


Oh yeah lots o Bondo!










And I see an unwanted shape issue between the nose cone and the cockpit area. There is a dip in the shape instead on a smooth transition. Exactly why I did this, find shape issues as soon as possible. 


Thanks, Dan

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Well, I think you are getting there.  Almost all the production kits depict a rectangular cross section from the front pit to the radar bulkhead, but it’s not.  It tapers in several directions as it tapers to the radome.  Yours looks like it’s getting pretty darn close.

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Obg, yes it is the subtle curves that will make or break the appearance of this model. I am slowly getting there. I still think that the nose is too " chunky". The nose profile is what I would call a squared oval. I have confidence that I will get it right.  Strangely the more references I have the more difficult it becomes. Which source is the best when they don't always agree. Final judge of accuracy is me, does it look right to me.


Currently building a prototype model. I am sure that this is the first of many. Hopefully each getting a little better. 


Still to be realized,  cockpits, seats, landing gear, canopies, tailcone. Not really worried about the flying surfaces. They look quite straight forward. 



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