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  1. Not my area of aircraft modeling, but still I think I will buy one. The packaging is very tempting!
  2. Thank you for this detailed explanation and your time to put it here, that is really good information and reference!
  3. What a beauty you have built! I have one of this kit and this is a good inspiration to help me start building it. Thank for sharing this.
  4. Very nice build. Just to show good kits never die, no matter the age
  5. Masterfully built model of a Fulcrum! That is a superb build indeed. The fuel tank is all built and displayed very well too.
  6. Thank you for the detailed information on the kit Cheetah11, much appreciated. I will now definitely go for one and build. I'm following yours with great interest. You absolutely need more than a week to enjoy St.Petersburg, so I hope you'll find the opportunity again Cheers, Ivan
  7. Progressing quite well, good work so far.
  8. Oh what a pity!! So nice the camouflage and paintin seemed!! Really sorry for that, I hope a better one comes now. Still, a very good looking Fulcrum you have here!
  9. That is becoming a cool model, nice work. I am thinking to buy one of these but cannot be sure given it's a Kitty Hawk. Still inclined to be tempted, after all it's the only one in that scale. Yours looks good and I've seen other good looking finished models, so how would you rate it?
  10. It's not everyday you see a D-558-1, let alone in 32nd scale. Wonderful work indeed. The X-1 looks equally good! Thanks for sharing them both with us.
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