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Small update.


I have been stymied by my inability to model the nosecone in Fusion 360. Oh well I will eventually figure it out, but in the meantime I decided to proceded with some other chores.


Here you can see the finished intake trucking attached to the forward part of the intake. The intakes have been painted gloss white and the engine face in metal shades. Can't really see much down there but.....






You can see that I have added some intake ramps to the interior of the intake.


And once the intakes were finished I moved onto gluing the 3 main pieces of the fuselage together. I have vigorously sanded the fuselage followed by some putty on the seams and then rattle can primer. 




I fully intend for this to be a prototype. What fits, what doesn't? Once I have all of the bugs sorted out I will print a final version. Still lots to do . I will finish the prototype and paint it but this is just a practice run. I will practice scribing and riveting to see how the PLA responds.



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I have been working to get the aft fuselage to my liking. What you are seeing is version 20. Every time I make changes to the drawing it is saved to a new version number. I have actually only printed out 5 but this one is a keeper.




The curves on the bottom for the engines took a while to figure out.




First work on the cowling and IP. Waaaaaay oversized. How many versions before I get this right?






Anyway..... Thanks for looking.



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Vertical Tail, version 1.


This was more about how to draw the shape and profiles than a finished component. I have incorporated a slot at the bottom of the tail so that I can slide in a plastic/metal tab that will also plug into the fuselage. This is quite rough with many improvements to come.


It would have be faster to make it out of sheet plastic. Total print time 2.2 hours.






Thanks for looking.



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