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"Once I have all of the cad files to my liking I can print as many as I want. Perhaps change the files to produce a photo bird??"


Does this mean you would sell one of these amazing creations to a guy with seven thumbs who has no hope of ever creating anything  like this on his own?  I would pay handsomely...I've been saving up for something, but was never really sure for what....'til now.



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@Dandiego, impressive work you are doing. To design things in fusion as complex as an aircraft is kind of daunting, isn´t it? I´m also in that road, but one thing that it stopping me is the postprocessing of the FDM prints, a pain in the ass.

Anyway, I saw the other day a youtube video of a guy that used printing resin to soften a FDM printed helmet and the results were great. The idea is that this resin is quite fluid, so it´s easy to have it covering the printing lines without loosing details, and it cures with the sun. I´ve not tried it myself yet, but I thought that it was worth mentioning. 

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3 hours ago, spartacus2000 said:

Hi Dan great work for smoothing pla and abs take a look Here

Thanks for the link. I am using PLA and the acetone method doesn't seen to work. Not sure that anything will work better than primer and elbow grease. 


I will investigate any and all methods,  just not sure there is a magic bullet. Perhaps a better printer. 



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On 10/28/2021 at 7:27 AM, Dandiego said:

Here are the completed MLG bays. After a little cleanup I will glue them in place.




And for those who have asked here is a picture of my printer.




Thanks, Dan



Nice printer. When you decide to go bigger I would suggest you try a  Artillery Sidewinder X 2. Great printer with auto bed leveling and a 300 x 300x 400mm high bed. I'm currently building a 1/72 Apollo LUT and using this printer.

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Progress has slowed. I am engaged in hand to hand combat with the tailcone. This is a complex curved item and it continues to fight me. Here is a picture of the 1:48 part from a Trumpeter kit and my first rendition. Can you say Rough! Resin exhaust cone is in place to see if shapes and sizes are good. Crude as it is, it has given me some insight into what not to do. I am sure version 2 will be better.




Wheel well glued in place.




Overall view of where I am at.





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