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So some progress on the canopies. My idea of using clear plastic from soda bottles seems to be working.  


Here is the front canopy fresh off of the printer and with all supports removed and the clear plastic super glued on. Good news, the CA does not cloud the clear plastic, and so far seems to be a good choice to bond the two items together.




Excess plastic removed with a sharp  knife.




Rear canopy with the window masked off and some primer. Yes there is a gap between the parts but nothing a little putty can't fix.






Oh, and the first print of the main gear leg. Very crude.







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Lots of work on the main gear legs. Need to be strong to hold the weight of the model. So I have designed a gear leg that will accommodate a bent nail as a central support. High tech huh!






And the assembled gear with wheel and hub,




I have had to make a few concessions to accuracy in order to get a strong unit. More details and retraction struts to follow.





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Here are the main gear doors. The grey portion is 3d printed and the white is 15 thou sheet plastic.




Also....after working on this everyday for 7 months only today did I realize that the wheel bays were too small. Here you can see the expanded wheel bay. Used my Dremal to cut out a larger opening.




Later, Dan

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Posted (edited)

Alright, after 8 months designing and printing parts its time to build a model!


So after lots of sanding and priming I have moved on to scribing panel lines.








And rear fuselage.




After all panel lines are scribed I will sand everything one last time before applying the rivets.



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Hello Dan,

Some very good innovative ideas that you used !!


Your 3 Dimensional  printed parts look very professional  and your Vigilante is coming along splendidly! It looks superb already.


High Tech indeed.


Keep up the EXCELLENT  work. 


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