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Hobby 2000 Spitfires (IA, IIA, VA) released (Revell rebox)


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based on the parts layout it seems they have used Revell IIA kit Kev

so not sure about IA and VA versions ;)


here are some better pics and instructions as well




















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Does it let you make a proper Ia and Va then? Looking at the instructions I see the 50 and 51 step and seem to remember that the oil cooler (?) intake had a different shape so that seems genuine with a resin part.

I built Douglas Baders Dog´s Body "DB" in 1/48 a few years ago and put ona  Rotol spinner but I guess both spinners can have been used on Vas?


Maybe I should find a feview.. ;) Seems like a fun kit though, thanks for sharing. I had no clue about it and haven´t picked up the Revell one yet..

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