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  1. I'm looking for someone who has these decals in his possesion - I'd like to ask about one detail.
  2. A few sample pages from the JG 5 Special: The book can be ordered by sending an email to: hoves@telenet.be More info on our web site: www.luftwaffe.be
  3. A hint was posted on LSP a few days ago https://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=3326 BTW, Anders' profiles already appeared in Revi magazine (in a series of articles on Jürgen Harder) and some e-articles from Air War Publications: https://airwarpublications.com/earticles/biographies/
  4. Anders has limited time for profile work and during last months he had been working on profiles for a book, that is why nothing new appeared on the blog for a while.
  5. SAM MDF book p.140: "Upper wing roundels were 102in diameter Type B". 84in roundels are for Manchester and Lincoln.
  6. Dear friends and fellow enthusiasts, It is with very great pleasure that we are writing to inform you of the imminent publication - within 2-3 weeks - of the fourth volume in the Lufwaffe Gallery 'special' series. This new volume is devoted to JG 5 'FIGHTERS OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN'. Nothing predestined young German fighter pilots to fly and fight among the grandiose landscapes of Norway, Finland or Lapland with their hostile climates. Many of them would find their last resting places in the storm-tossed icy waters of the Arctic Sea or the snow-covered plains of the tundra. Who even now knows that the defeat of the Wehrmacht was precipitated by the failure to conquer Europe’s northern-most small territory? This latest Luftwaffe Gallery ‘special issue’ highlights the story of this fighter Geschwader and its numerous aces through rare and newly translated first person accounts, many previously unpublished photos and specially commissioned artworks. If you have any interest in acquiring this volume, drop us a message and let us know and we'll get in touch as soon as the books arrive from the printer - no need to send any payment yet. Email to: hoves@telenet.be More infos and sample pages on our web site: www.luftwaffe.be Like our previous volumes dedicated to JG 77 ('Fighting on every front'), JG 54 ('The Green Hearts') and JG 26 ('The Abbeville Boys') - which sold out in a matter of months and has now been revised and reissued - our latest book features 96 landscape A-4 pages and is illustrated with 32 superb artworks and some 240 photos, many previously unpublished. The text includes detailed photo captions and many specially translated first person accounts from Geschwader veterans. Published at the same time is volume 5 of the day-by-day chronicle of JG 2: "Dans le Ciel de France - Histoire de la JG 2 "Richthofen". This latest volume covers in detail the history of the "Richthofen" from 1 January 1944 until its definitive withdrawal from French territory in late August. This period was marked by heavy, bitter and deadly combat as the Allies softened up the defenders ahead of the landings in Normandy. Heavily outnumbered, the tenacity of the Luftwaffe pilots was no longer sufficient to defend the skies of occupied France. Losses on both sides were considerable - none more so than in JG 2. In the space of just a few months the Geschwader lost two Kommodoren and two Kommandeure, who together had posted combined victory claims around the 400 mark. The chapter covering JG 2's defensive battles on the D-Day landing front reveals that the "Richthofen" were particularly active there from 6 June 1944. 200 pages, 184 photos, most of them previously unpublished
  7. You've already mentioned one possible reason - curved or other complicated surfaces. But what about those often examples when the shape of kit parts or surface detail do not conform well to the photos of the real thing? I've worked on dozens of decals in my life and with this experience, I would NEVER sent anything to the printer prior to ensuring that everything is ok. A matter of approach and care, I guess, which some people in this business lack.
  8. The roundels are adjusted to the kit with the size and position carefully matched to the photos of the real thing. What the aftermarket producer used as his reference (especially considering that, for example, the AR-G codes they offer, do not withstand comparison with photos of the real thing) and how actually he prepared the decals for a then non-existent kit, it's a question to them.
  9. But with their shipping fees, I'll probably get two from Japan for the same money...
  10. Thanks for the tip, I wasn't aware they've released this tool.
  11. The late war colours from the RC paint range are based on the original recipes for Luftwaffe camouflage colours, for one of the most important paint suppliers in Germany in World War II, that had been discovered by Jens Mühlig. In the case of RLM 83, we know very little about its practical use, but it is very probable that its test version was the basic colour of the Ju 88 A-4 trop that mistakenly landed in Switzerland in October 1943, and perhaps other aircraft of the type that are mentioned to be painted 'royal blue' in some recollections (see Merrick, vol.1, p.91). The case of RLM 81 is a bit more complicated and it is explained in the book.
  12. My latest completion - please check the link below for description and sample pages: https://ak-interactive.com/product/real-colors-of-wwii-aircraft/
  13. May I ask where this new photo reference can be found? One'd appreciate quoting the sources, therefore allowing for making own opinion.
  14. Very nice Arado, congratulations & thanks for using our decals. Cheers, Maciej
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