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  1. Not build - buy. What you later do with it is pretty irrelevant for the seller
  2. Sorry, no idea, guess we will know when the kit hits the market. Now if we speak about ugly boxarts, this one must be included. Interestingly, this isn't from 1960s - it's a kit that just entered the market...
  3. I thought this was quite funny: Sometimes the Chinese kit box arts address the recent events - note the background...
  4. Hi Michael, Yes, the usual modus operandi when a customer has a claim is to contact the seller who should then contact the distributor/manufacturer. In this case Hannants should be the right source - I spoke with Hobby 2000 and they can send the missing part to Hannants who would then forward it to you. If this sounds ok for you, please send me a PM. Regarding the assembly guide, those in H2K kits are usually based on the drawings supplied by the manufacturer and that is the case with the Emil kits.
  5. Are you speaking about Dragon's or Hobby 2000 edition? If the latter, where did you buy your example (it is the seller who should be the primary subject for any claims) and who did you try to contact regarding the missing part?
  6. Polish company BitsKrieg released a bunch of accessories for the Hobby 2000/DML kit - here's an inbox review: https://www.kfs-miniatures.com/1-32-dodatki-do-bf-109e-dragon-hobby2000-bitskrieg/ I suggested them to give a thought to the issue of DS parts for main landing gear bay...
  7. Hobby 2000 is a Polish distributor of model kits and related products from several different brands, in this regard they are the biggest game in town here. Being a distributor of Hasegawa, in 2018 they decided to give a try to the idea of reboxing some Japanese kits. This turned out to work fairly well for them and since then they slowly build up their range of kits in different scales, with plastic sprues delivered by various brands being supplemented with Cartograf-printed decals, paint masks and sometimes also resin parts. Until now, they've released 6 aircraft kits in 1/32 scale (3 Spifire Mk.I/II/VA boxings with Revell plastic and 3 Bf 109 E boxings with DML plastic); 18 aircraft kits in 1/48 scale using Hasegawa, DML and Bronco plastic; 57 aircraft kits in 1/72 scale using Hasegawa, Fujimi, Revell, DML and Academy plastic, 4 tanks in 1/72 scale using DML plastic and 2 AFVs in 1/35 scale using Takom plastic. They also have a range of good quality masking tapes - see a test here: https://www.kfs-miniatures.com/tasmy-maskujace-hobby-2000/
  8. I'm not sure about that 'soon': when Trumpeter purchased Tristar moulds, it took them a couple of years to put the first kits into production.
  9. It will likely be not only the matter of decals but also the correct radio set for an ETO-operated machine which might not be included in the box; this stuff is pretty visible in the P-38 if anyone cares, of course.
  10. The full list is now on Tamiya blog: https://tamiyablog.com/2022/02/tamiya-featured-releases-early-2022-that-would-have-presented-at-the-nuremberg-toy-fair-2022/ Static models: Military Models 32601 1/48 British Main Battle Tank Challenger 2 (Desertised) 32603 1/48 German Heavy Tank Tiger I Early Prod. (Eastern Front) 35375 1/35 Russian Heavy Tank KV-2 35379 1/35 U.S Infantry Scout Set Aircraft 61123 1/48 Lockheed® P-38® J Lightning® Car Models 12033 1/12 Renault RE-20 Turbo (W/PE Parts) Limited Production 12051 1/12 Nissan Fairlady 240ZG Street-Custom RE-ISSUE 21172 1/24 McLaren Senna Finished Model (Orange) 21173 1/24 McLaren Senna Finished Model (Gray) 24015 1/24 Nissan Fairlady 280Z with T-Bar Roof RE-ISSUE 24361 1/24 Toyota GR 86 24362 1/24 Subaru BRZ (ZD8)
  11. Patience will be rewarded
  12. Well, all the features of original kit are inherited with the benefit of inventory... The only difference from the original Dragon boxings is the inclusion of both types of the canopy. AFAIR the original kits had either the early OR the late one.
  13. Companies do what they do to earn money and their management calculate how to obtain the best effort/income ratio. I would also prefer to focus on doing research on the subjects of my main interests, but doing this for life I have to deal with those subjects that will allow me to pay the bills and finally obtain that freakin' X5. Though also knowing how hard is to find reasonable staff to design model kits these days, what you mention may be yet another reason behind the current situation: that those people at Hasegawa who were capable of designing aircraft kits died or retired without educating any successors.
  14. As of now, H2K has no official US partner. However, you might consider ordering the kits directly from Poland. https://www.super-hobby.com/catalog/Germany-267314.html?search_attr_1=1%3A32 AFAIK, Super Hobby shop offers fast Fedex shipping to US in fairly reasonable price.
  15. Well, it's been more than a year since I wrote this post: And this required more patience than I then expected, but here they are: The kits feature DML/CyberHobby plastic (including both types of canopy) and Cartograf-printed decals, each for 3 marking options, plus stencils for one machine. Hobby 2000 will start shipping them to shops tomorrow.
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