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  1. The Polish firm Exito Decals (in fact, a decal branch of an established hobby shop) have so far been known from quality 1/72 and 1/48 sets, now they enter the 1/32 decal market with large scale versions of some previous releases. This includes the set entitled “Sexy Spitfires”, which contains markings for three aircraft: - Spitfire LF Mk.Vb (EN921), coded YO-A of No. 401 Sqn RCAF, flown by F/O Jack Sheppard, Redhill / Staplehurst / Biggin Hill, UK, July-October 1943. - Spitfire LF Mk.VIII (MT841), coded U of No. 2 Sqn RIAF, Kohat, British India, spring 1946. - Spitfire LF Mk.IXe
  2. I must admit that I obtained ‘Swedish Bomber Colours 1924-1958’ from Mushroom/Stratus to complete the collection of books from their White Series rather that due to any special interest on the subject or the aircraft covered. However, it was a nice surprise to discover that Swedish bombers carried a fairly nice selection of insignia and nose art, which even included some pin up girls! The painting schemes were also different and interesting. On a total of 296 pages, ten aircraft types are described: FIAT BR and BR 1, Junkers Ju 86 K, Hawker Hart, Northrop 8A-1, Seversky/Republic 2PA Model 204
  3. Even this guess is not fully close
  4. A fairly comprehensive inbox review, if you want to enjoy more sprue pics: https://www.kfs-miniatures.com/1-32-dewoitine-d-500-dora-wings/
  5. This book was published by Stratus/MMP in the autumn of 2019, but I only recently got my copy. The title ‘Caudron Renault CR.714 Cyclone. The Ultimate Story’ may sound ambitious, but the expectations it raises are certainly fulfilled. Chapter 1 consists of 70 pages devoted to the origins and development of Caudron’s sport, trainer and fighter aircraft, with several photos and 1/72 scale drawings documenting various designs of Marcel Riffard and his staff. The Caudron factory airfield at Guyancourt, where the CR.714s were assembled, is also described. However, the most interesting part of this
  6. MK 214 A drawings are in vol.2, p.275
  7. This book was on the top of my wanted list since its announcement, and I must admit that it didn't disappoint me. Au contraire, Mr. Geust did a tremendous job, putting together a well-organized and very comprehensive resource on the air forces involved in the Winter War - most (i.e. more than 280 pages) of this 352 pages long book is devoted to the 'Red Wings', but a chapter dedicated to their Finnish opponents is also included. From the Soviet side, both the VVS (Red Army Air Force) and VVS VMF (Naval Air Forces) units are covered in great detail: from the air forces through the brigades and
  8. The latest addition to the MMP/Stratus 'Yellow Series' is devoted to the Polish PZL P.11c fighter. On 152 pages, renowned historians Bartłomiej Belcarz and Tomasz J. Kopański describe its development, pre-war and wartime service in Poland, technical features and camouflage and markings - especially the latter chapter was of my interest and I must admit that I'm not disappointed, as it includes a lot of useful information supplemented with photos and an extensive colour profile section with 24 aircraft shown, some of them in 3 views (plus underwing scrap views). P.11's service with other nation
  9. The article linked above has been updated with the addition of BitsKrieg replacement engine review: https://www.kfs-miniatures.com/1-32-pzl-p-11c-dodatki-bitskrieg/
  10. Info circulating amongst the industry people says that Nieuport was such a commercial success that CSM is going to focus on vehicles...
  11. More Bitskrieg upgrades reviewed (prop spinner, oil cooler, control stick, cocking levers & tailskid): https://www.kfs-miniatures.com/1-32-pzl-p-11c-dodatki-bitskrieg/
  12. That's a difficult case at the moment - they put their webshop and ebay shop on hold as due to the corona restrictions they are unable to ship to most foreign countries for a reasonable price (and using registered parcels).
  13. @Rick Griewski unless you really want the additional marking option, it is better to get the standard edition kit and buy the dedicated upgrades separately, especially as the limited edition kit has only the MG barrels, whilst the separate Master set gives more. The Bitskrieg figure, although very similar, is of better quality than the one supplied with the kit. Here's some more on the available aftermarket products: - Master Models - detail set (MG barrels, gunsight and Venturi tube): https://www.kfs-miniatures.com/1-32-pzl-p-11c-detail-set-master/ - Yahu Models - instrument panel: http
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