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  1. barkhorn

    HK Lanc review

    But with their shipping fees, I'll probably get two from Japan for the same money...
  2. barkhorn

    HK Lanc review

    Thanks for the tip, I wasn't aware they've released this tool.
  3. barkhorn

    Real Colors of WWII Aircraft book

    The late war colours from the RC paint range are based on the original recipes for Luftwaffe camouflage colours, for one of the most important paint suppliers in Germany in World War II, that had been discovered by Jens Mühlig. In the case of RLM 83, we know very little about its practical use, but it is very probable that its test version was the basic colour of the Ju 88 A-4 trop that mistakenly landed in Switzerland in October 1943, and perhaps other aircraft of the type that are mentioned to be painted 'royal blue' in some recollections (see Merrick, vol.1, p.91). The case of RLM 81 is a bit more complicated and it is explained in the book.
  4. My latest completion - please check the link below for description and sample pages: https://ak-interactive.com/product/real-colors-of-wwii-aircraft/
  5. barkhorn

    AIMS 1/32 Bf 110 F and G

    May I ask where this new photo reference can be found? One'd appreciate quoting the sources, therefore allowing for making own opinion.
  6. barkhorn

    Revell Arado196 Swedish Civil Scheme

    Very nice Arado, congratulations & thanks for using our decals. Cheers, Maciej
  7. barkhorn

    New decals: I.A.R.81-C

    Great! Since a long time I was looking for a replacement for poor decals from PARC/A-Model kit.
  8. Indeed, CE did decals for 'Marine's Dream', but not in all scales and they're not available now. Judy, if you include the markings for it in one of your sets, I'm in for it Cheers, Maciej
  9. barkhorn

    Shomo's F-6D - named or not?

    Hi Dave, My understanding is that at first the aircraft appeared like on the photos from Jim Crow's collection I included to the instruction sheet, and very soon it received all the decorations, possibly for the first 'official' photoshoot. Indeed, the 'Flying Undertaker' was a different machine. Best, Maciej
  10. barkhorn

    TELFORD! Another year done...

    Hello, I'd like to let you know that Kagero won't be present at the show, but you should be able to find our titles inc. the new releases at Casemate UK booth. Please visit them and check what they have for you! Best regards, Maciej
  11. barkhorn

    BF-110 D/E Decals

    Look for Czech brand called OWL.
  12. barkhorn

    Yet Another Mustang Done

    ...and yet another Enchantress Charming indeed. Great work and thank you for using our decals.
  13. barkhorn

    Special Hobby Morane MS-406

    Congratulations on your nice kit & thank you for using our decals. The particular ones you've used were one of the last printed by the previous decal printer, since nearly two years we print all decals at Cartograf. Best regards, Maciej
  14. barkhorn

    Zoukei-Mura SWS #4 P-51D

    Wow, first ZM's P-51 with our decals. Nicely done, congratulations and thank you for using our stuff!
  15. barkhorn

    FW-190D Books - which ones to buy?

    Yes, that's also very interesting and useful stuff, but rather for more advanced Fw 190 aficionados. I own all these documents and they're helpful while building a model.