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  1. Almost final sprue set on over 100 images: http://www.kfs-miniatures.com/1-48-b-17g-early-production-testshot-hk-models/
  2. Said poster designs decals for HK, so he knows what he's working on Although in the case of Phantoms he'll probably leave the job to someone else.
  3. Indeed, I specialize in WW2 subjects. My magnum opus: https://ak-interactive.com/product/real-colors-of-wwii-aircraft/
  4. Nothing. I could live barely anywhere where good internet connection and room for my reference collection are available.
  5. Don't worry, this will happen. The decal design phase for the newly tooled kit will start on Sunday night, as tonight I'm finishing decals for another anticipated kit, and the test sprues of the newly tooled one are still on their way from China, so it will take a few days until I have something to test-fit the design. The box shown at Nats is of a new B-25J 'Glass Nose' boxing - the initial one is sold out.
  6. Another option is that the bidder is just adding something more to the already paid package with goods from the same seller. When I buy books from one of British ebay book seller, they put them on a pile and ship one parcel with a dozen or more books each few months. In result, shipping costs me £1-2 per book regardless of its size, instead of £8-17 (depending on weight) if I bought just a single book, so sometimes it is actually reasonable for me to place a theoritically unreasonable bid, as I will save on shipping anyway.
  7. Although David Johnston's book is very good in general and revolutionary in some areas (mainly the information on the Jumo-engined machines, especially the earliest ones) in comparison to older publications, the 'Emils' (and other lately delivered aircraft - the author doesn't recognize the fact that 6-95 to 6-98 were Jumo-engined Bf 109s) did not get a lot of interest from the author and some facts are unfortunately mistaken. In the July issue of Eduard Info you will find my article on the Bf 109 E in Legion Condor, which summarizes the known facts and brings some previously unpublished information (and photo) as well: https://www.eduard.com/out/media/InfoEduard/archive/2019/info-eduard-2019-07en.pdf As some identifications I've made do differ from what have been said in the past, I've included several footnotes (many of them directing to the photos available online, mainly those which were sold on Ebay in the recent years and not published anywhere, nor are their owners known), which allows the reader to confront my statements with the facts, i.e. the photographs. As for the subject of serials itself, you will not find a lot: 6-92 is WNr. 715, 6-99 and 6-101 are most likely also from the 7xx range (the photos are unfortunately unclear and do not allow to decipher the numbers stamped on the tarpaulin covers), 6-106 is said to be WNr. 790, although the history of this aircraft (now preserved in a museum) is complicated (large parts were taken from different aircraft), so I don't treat this as certainty.
  8. Vallejo has no connection with AK-Interactive aside from that the last name of both brands bosses is Vallejo - but they have no family connection, it is just a popular name in Spain. misha71, it is a sample of the AK paint. Can you post a photo of your bottle and a painted sample?
  9. Does not look olive to me....
  10. I'm looking for someone who has these decals in his possesion - I'd like to ask about one detail.
  11. A few sample pages from the JG 5 Special: The book can be ordered by sending an email to: hoves@telenet.be More info on our web site: www.luftwaffe.be
  12. A hint was posted on LSP a few days ago https://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=3326 BTW, Anders' profiles already appeared in Revi magazine (in a series of articles on Jürgen Harder) and some e-articles from Air War Publications: https://airwarpublications.com/earticles/biographies/
  13. Anders has limited time for profile work and during last months he had been working on profiles for a book, that is why nothing new appeared on the blog for a while.
  14. SAM MDF book p.140: "Upper wing roundels were 102in diameter Type B". 84in roundels are for Manchester and Lincoln.
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