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PA-18-150 finished


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Thanks, it is a quite quick build.

I was working on the floats which are a quite nicely designed assembly but my spreader bars were bent, I straightened them with hot water and pressure but over time they re-assumed the bend, not as badly but I wasn't confident they would stay straight once finished so, I took a chance and made my own spreader bars from spring steel (surplus windshield wiper spring stiffeners) I also added my own registration (spurious) and added the kit decals (some of the kit decals) 

The spreader bars being replaced with spring steel:





adding some graphics just for aesthetics




decals on and floats glued on;


wire visible here will be for rigging


sharp eyed folks may notice I've deleted the amphib gear. I plan to (hopefully), some day, build a watery looking base for it to "float" on 

Thanks for looking


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