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13 hours ago, thierry laurent said:

Wow! I have the quite good Isracast set but yours is in another league! :bow:

Agreed - the Isracast set is quite nice but this looks to be so much better. Especially the fit of the front RWR panels. They look amazing



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Quick announcement. 
Guys, I´m completing new sets, but will need few days more. I have delay with instruction sheets and next two days I must be out of my workshop. So releasing day is moving to friday 10th March. I´m very sorry but I´m doing my best. Thank you all for pre-orders and for your patience.
Cheers, Jan
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On 3/28/2023 at 9:35 PM, CruZz said:


hello Thierry!  will try that... one limited special piece. :-D

Thanks ten thousands times! Note I suspect I'm not going to be the only customer interested in a 1/32 version as such parts are among the worst ones of the 1/32 Revell Apache AH-64A. However, all other very weak areas have already been covered by the aftermarket. Another thing that could be useful is the gun tubular 'cage' as only a flat photoetched part is existing!

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