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  1. oh... sad to read that. see you soon for your next Greek bye
  2. Hello any update on this one? bye
  3. Very nice work!! A comprehesive guide to upgrade the good old tamiya bcat!
  4. Hi Miro Stunning. best looking Flanker model i ever seen. Cheers
  5. hi Impressive work! Lead can be toxic if particles or contaminated water are swallowed. Pay attention when heating, burning paints with lead. But simple handling seems not that dangerous, if you dont lick your fingers just after
  6. Hi I have the same project. So i will follow with great interest. have fun!
  7. Well done! Great job for a very unique model
  8. hi! that paint is mindblowing great job!
  9. Hi Im currently doing my own experiences with Portrait 2 autoblade. My last settings give a correct result: Blade depth: 1 Speed: 10 Force:5 Oramask 810 Romain Edit: speed: 1 to 10 Force 2 to 5 Seems better
  10. Nice work! The cockpit painting is very sharp
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