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Your stuff is so amzingly crisp and detailed Jan. I have most of it via the Aviation Megastore and I cannot recommend it highly enough.


I know I have "bugged" you about this before but is there any chance you would have a go at the ECIPS+ pylons for the F-16? I know I would get a handful of those sets from you ;)




Terma to modify Belgian Defence's F-16 pylons - Airforce Technology

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Thank you gents. Niels, this is one of future stuff on my list. But cant tell you when it be done... 


Four new sets released today. (all designed for Tamiya kit)
32032 F-16 Early FOD set (small intake/PW nozzle)
32033 F-16 Late FOD set (big intake/GE nozzle)
48016 F-16 Early FOD set (small intake/PW nozzle)
48017 F-16 LateFOD set (big intake/GE nozzle)
Please welcome to www.kopeckyscalemodels.com
Thank you!
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Hello all after very long time. Last 2 months were full of casting and printing with almost no free-time for something new. But, one new set is before finishing.
It´s a Phantom J/E exhaust nozzles in 1/32 scale for Tamiya kit and tail section.
Plase stay tuned. Thank you all for support, as always.
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