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Hello Gents!


I´m starting new e-shop in few days. All new items be there. (will link e-shop here soon)

All older stuff be there in week too.

Thank you for your support.


Here are some of news:

32004 F-15 Avionics bay "profi" version without wires + calbes holders. For Tamiya kit.

32005 F-15 Avionics bay "basic" version with "glued" wires. For Tamiya kit.



32006 F-15 Antena and ballast for 1/32 Tamiya kit.



32008 CHAFF/FLARE dispensers for modern jets.







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5 hours ago, scimitarf1 said:

These sets look great. I have an F-15J that I want to convert into an F-15C so these are perfect.


Do you ship to the UK or have a vendor over here?




You can only buy direct, but they do post to the UK. 

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