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HobbyBoss 1/32 B-24 Liberator 'D' Wongo Wongo

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It's me again with yet another 1/32Liberator build from HobbyBoss this time it's the 'D'.
Built almost straight from the box, I did add belts, .50 cals from Master Models, National ingsignia Stencils from DN-Models and standard Stencils from Profimodeller.

Painted with Gunze Acrylics and Lacquer paints and weathered with Ammo of Mig washes etc.

For all the Facebook users who are bored of seeing me spamming this, sorry  :D


























Thanks for looking, the build is on my FB page https://www.facebook.com/g1models/ 



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6 hours ago, B-17 said:

Beautiful build! Great choice of paints for the desert tan.


I'm working on one right now and I gotta ask... How much nose weight did it actually need?


Thanks everyone for your kind words.

Well if I'd been making a formation plane I could of painted off the nose glazing and it probably would of been ok with what was recommended in the instructions which is 300g, but as I wanted to be able to see through the cockpit area and not see huge chunks of lead etc I had to put it under the Navs area which is a lot further to centre of gravity. In the end I put almost 600g of weight in, this was mostly under the Navs area (under the Mid Upper) with the last 150g actually inside the Navs area painted interior green so you won't see it.


Yeah Iain I converted my garage workshop in to my Hobby room, the area I setup is removable and comprises of a fold out table and a roll down backdrop.

That window at the end is where the old roll up door was.




The finished products go here


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