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  1. Has anyone been able to contact him? I've tried on both emails-nothing tried to order-checkout doesn't work according to what's written-he's open for business
  2. Multi prop no,but multi engine yes-see the YAK-25 Forgot the mentioned LAGG-3 The PO-2 looks like in scope of ICM,maybe others will follow,who knows
  3. I was thinking about WW2 planes(there's a chance we will,eventually see the modern planes made) How about PE-2,TU-2,IL-4,LA-5,YAK-7,YAK-9
  4. All said is true about Mach 2,but at least the man deserves the credit of going to unpaved territory of least expected kits from mainstream or at all Even the most prolific 1/72 airliner maker as Welsh didn't tackle these subjects..yet He was the first with DC-4,maybe Revell got inspired? :-) And the C-123,with Roden following
  5. Belcher is still in business http://www.belcherbits.com/lines/decals/bd6.htm#
  6. That's great,but leaves us,the primitive guys wait for someone who will make it available
  7. I'm in for 2 sets for sure-F.3+6,not sure which set will fit the 2 seater as well
  8. Two 007 together from a visit to Israel,viewing the then super secret defected MIG-21 (posted by owner of Isradecal) https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10158606670918407&set=pcb.10158606673898407
  9. Well,I wrote a mail to this guy-Bard,here's his reply,no more details unfortunately(I've sent him a link to this conversation): "Very interesting. I believe that’s my last name on the intake. Bard, the plane captains, which I was, had our names painted on the intake. Since I was the only plane captain that cross decked, I think they put my name on it. Usually we had our rank in front of our name. I’m not positive because I don’t remember seeing this. Those are names of the pilots and Rios below the cockpit windows. Every plane on the ship had someone’s name below the cockpit window. I d
  10. me too(not that movement) there's also a counterstrike-a Brit Phantom with Grey Ghosts tail..both in one decal sheet-more than enough
  11. Jennings-your evil plan will be better in 1/32 look at my post at the discussion you opened about this plane(F-4B),apparently there was some stripe added(although it's your "loved" FB) they write there that the story appeared in the winter 2009 issue of "The Hook"
  12. That's what I've found on FB VMFA-513 group: 1. This event happened during the 72-73 med cruise. 2. One item that is never mentioned is that prior to this paint job one of the 892 birds went hard down on board the Forrestal and when it returned to the Ark Royal its vertical fin was gull gray and adorned with all the 531 artwork. 3. When the 531 bird finally made it back to the Forrestal the paint shop had to strip the entire tail down to bare metal. Seems the paint chemistry the Brits used was different from ours and our paint thinners would not work. It took them a couple of weeks
  13. Interesting info about the K,if anyone is going at it
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