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  1. iaf-man

    IAF Mirage 3 ip,posted by 10 kills' ace

    Yes of course IDF/AF Shahak-Nesher-Kfir
  2. Molotov? the same from the bottle?
  3. iaf-man

    Jumblies 'einkel 219s

    I thought shops are strictly business,apparently some of them choose where to ship and where not(( not only this one
  4. Here's a mail I got from Christopher Brown (don't know if he's an owner or a worker) We will eventually release the Derby missile in 1/32 but probably as a resin item. I think 3D print may be too $$$ I have no intentions of releasing a Cheetah conversion in 1/32 but will probably make individual accessories. Examples include Agave/Milan nose, F1 nose and the Pantera nose. I might possibly do the Kfir style undercarriage but no firm plans. 1/32 accessories will be much more expensive than 1/48 as the sales volume is much much smaller. The development cost has to be spread over less orders. All the best Christopher
  5. iaf-man

    IAF Mirage 3 ip,posted by 10 kills' ace

    Whoever is interested in IAF Mirages can join the group and get access to many more photos,that's my logic No big effort,although I don't like this attitude of blocking access myself
  6. iaf-man

    IAF Mirage 3 ip,posted by 10 kills' ace

    It's there,maybe because it's a closed group
  7. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2027927230612540&set=gm.952669948226426&type=3&theater&ifg=1
  8. Thanks!!! sometimes looks like they try to overdo themselves)))))
  9. iaf-man


    Exactly,and shipping across the pond is even higher looks like they make money on this too,which is a shame
  10. iaf-man

    Jordanian Hawker Hunters

    No specific Hunter,but ZOTZ have Mid.East roundels https://www.ebay.com/itm/Zotz-Decals-ROUNDELS-OF-THE-WORLD-THE-MIDDLE-EAST-1-72-1-48-1-32/382451172530?hash=item590bddc4b2:g:-TQAAOSw8e5a6Njv Isaac
  11. What exactly you didn't like?
  12. iaf-man

    Updating Revell's 32nd AH-64A to ODS standards?

    Don't forget the Flightpath pe set https://www.djparkins.com/product.php?productid=17703&cat=254&page=1
  13. iaf-man

    Eduard-Hasegawa 1/32 P-40N

    This is in French but with the current translating systems, I guess this is not anymore a major problem. And even if you must add p&p, this is the cheapest (7.9€) and most useful reference you can get to build your kit. http://www.histoireetcollections.com/fr/bimestriel-wingmasters/4183-wingmasters-n122.html Highly recommended Hth Thierry It's a paper magazine,looks a bit hard to translate if there was a digital version-it's possible any suggestions?