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  1. can you elaborate on Red Fox?what is aplication like?quinta are flexible,what are these? quinta have ej.seats' detail added,red fox doesn't
  2. Have a question about Quinta A-10 and Red Fox one, the first is for an A and second have both A and C are they correct? what time frame are they suit?
  3. Just a note-they do deliver,but contact lately is bad before the covid there was a lady there-Hanna,she was prompt and cooperative I've been told she retired now,looks like nobody stepped into her shoes,a pity they just fulfill your order without any contact at all one of the basics of good business is customer support
  4. Interesting that RBF is in English
  5. Not the best but...I promise to get better next time :-)
  6. well,that's you....all of us,simple mortals don't :-) and somehow Wolfpack just don't reissue that
  7. Looks like repeat of the cards on the intake,no?
  8. great shot,did the Brits got the same treatment eventually?some graffitiy? or any USN marks,repaints?anything?
  9. I guess this isn't ready as a decal yet because of the updates?
  10. tried to search here-didn't find anything :-)
  11. Does anyone lives anywhere nearby? need some help with them-their shipping prices are a killer
  12. Looks like your only choice now https://coldwarstudio.com/MiG-29%20Cockpit%20decals%20in%201/32%20scale%20product/
  13. Interesting that noone mentioned the IL-4+SB bombers we also need some conversions for B-25 and A-20 -Soviet guns and turrets
  14. now that you pushed my nose.......at first,and second glance it's not standing out,thanks
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