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  1. Gary If you need any detail photos from the IAF museum,besides those already at Prime Portal- give me a call
  2. The most forgotten are the S/F Plenty of worldwide use and schemes...totally ignored somehow
  3. There are also Welsh models airliners http://www.welshmodels.co.uk/CLS72.html http://www.welshmodels.co.uk/MT72.html http://www.welshmodels.co.uk/MJA72.html http://www.welshmodels.co.uk/EJP72.html http://www.welshmodels.co.uk/proteus.html
  4. That vac is exactly as you said-plain.no details and no panel lines there were older kits with metal parts,now they're resin,but out of production for a long time
  5. Maybe Jennings will be so nice as to enlarge one of the sets for us?
  6. http://www.anigrand.com/AA2094_KC-10.htm
  7. Magna did one,and Anigrand have one there was a vac one too
  8. and just to tease everyone,they upload a video lately))) https://www.facebook.com/cacciarimodels/videos/717337422000885/
  9. Not anymore rumour has it Resin2detail took over the molds
  10. Here we are discussing variants and conversions Speaking of the veteran 1/48 Monogram kit-how many conversions been done over the years? Koster comes to mind,and that's it probably Prove I'm wrong
  11. French Renaissance have a cockpit,nose correction, tanks,wheels and French shark decals https://www.renaissance-models.com/ter/index.php/avions-toutes-echelles/echelle-1-32?cprotect=1&limit=0&limitstart=0
  12. I think it all depends on the hyd.pump they were then the simplest type,pushing out certain amount of oil, that wasn't enough fol all the system users remember the lg of the period aircraft-they too raised one by one about the utube clips-the difference to me are the eng.revs first one was almost idle,second a bit higher my 2 tech.cents )))))))
  13. iaf-man

    1/32 B-29?

    That TU-91 fuselage is almost as ugly as the Gannet and Breguet Alize.All of them Naval turboprops ))))))) and there's the TU-4 AWACS too(how tall this would be?) https://www.airliners.net/photo/China-Air-Force/Tupolev-Tu-4/1213817/L
  14. iaf-man

    1/32 B-29?

    one of the reason in Japan it won't be displayed-have you seen their apartments?especially in large cities...1-2 tiny rooms
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