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  1. Dave Claus of late Cutting Edge still seems to have the huge F-4K/M decal for sale,$100 ,as well as the F-4J black tail 1988 NATO Tiger Meet (the big sheet doesn't show there,only if you put some decal in the cart) https://fineartofdecals.com/goodies/132-treasures/
  2. Tony he had many health problems in the family waited for an order more than a year,finally he came through,he also depends on other casters Isaac
  3. Agreed on a great job!!! as for the tooth-depends which dog was chosen for it are those Polish drawings considered accurate?I remember Isra had drawings as well in their book,worst case-I can go next week to the museum and measure(well-try to,if noone shouts too loud)
  4. my words :-) there's also a Seaking in planning
  5. mee too...not THAT one,this one ))))))))))
  6. They also make Jaguar wheels,together with Kits World decals we almost have a complete kit
  7. His mail is different than that on site?
  8. second that-the coolest scheme
  9. Desperate people,desperate measures https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Wedding
  10. Interesting stuff !!!! one historical mistake-the ones that besieged Jerusalem were the Jordanians,Egyptians were moving along the coast line Foreword to the book by Yitzhak Rabin. "Ben Dunkelman was... there when the Queen's Own Rifles of Canada hit the beaches on D day... and when in 1948 the infant state of Israel was threatened with extinction he... slipped through the lines of his former British allies, and joined the tattered Israeli forces as a volunteer. ...with his experience and training Ben Dunkelman... played a decisive part in the war, helping to break the siege of Jerusalem and... commanded the 7th Brigade that won the war in the north. ...Hollywood could hardly have invented a more swashbuckling, romantic tale.. At least one more Canadian,and a famous one-George Beurling also joined the IAF,but was killed in an accident Buried in Haifa cemetery
  11. that's interesting keep us posted about the answer,I don't see it listed on the site recently Alec had problems,got my order after waiting more than a year there's still little hope
  12. that's interesting-they write that the first kit of Skystreak is sold out-didn't see here noone talking about getting one,or I'm missing something?
  13. well,it looks massive because of the rear fuselage shape and big fin maybe the double main wheels contribute as well
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