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  1. It's a pity ZOTZ didn't upscale his 1/48 White Tiger decal,to my opinion the most impressive paint scheme now he's closed for businness http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Rev1/601-700/Rev623-Zotz48011/00.shtm
  2. Any insight on other his bits?probably the same for the old ME-109?
  3. Wilde-Sau resins(Kevin Martin, I think he's a member here as well) makes wheel wells for this old kit here's his list https://www.facebook.com/groups/452003448710021/permalink/971499486760412
  4. If you buy for $150 or more-shipping is free+you have bonus points
  5. Does anybody know if the kit has the pointed rudder as well?
  6. Quinta apparently started working on the interior
  7. Hi Rog take a look at his site(from the bottom up) and specify which sets do you need.if you enter each item-it writes available or not http://amurreaver.ru/?page_id=536
  8. Your explanation makes sence. the dimentions are very helpful l!!!!!!!
  9. Great build and learning curve!!! the cone in the exhaust is called just that-exhaust cone(helps to smooth the gas flow) about FOD cover-I don't know of any jet without them,lack of photos isn't an indicator(there's always a chance a cat or a bird will enter the intake),the net/mesh cover is for engine run up tests about your solution of the wings-isn't an H profile better in bend resistance than square one? If the wings would've been longer-do you think these profiles will held the load?
  10. Unboxing of the kit,video in Russian with English subtitles made by a large shop stuff
  11. Question is-what value are the resin parts by Buchon for this kit,being new? or they are better for the old Mk.1?
  12. It's Airfix built models or what? the kit isn't out yet
  13. So no show the kit at Telford? Like they did with the Hellcat few years ago?
  14. Would you like me to try for you? Maybe I will order myself as well,airmail is still working between russia and Israel money can be transferred by transfer companies like Western Union equivalents
  15. According to the exhaust feathers-this is for early Phantoms, not British
  16. You can write to John,he's a nice guy(moved recently from South Africa to Georgia(near russia).here's his site and the 1/32 stuff(full resin Mirage F1 is coming,if that interests you) https://scaleworx.com/product-category/1-32-scale-models/ His email: scaleworx@yahoo.com
  17. The only turkey I see are the burner feathers,and they are of the early type,not E
  18. Agreed placing swastika on models doesn't mean we simpathise or are nazis,we just recreate historic facts
  19. Interesting what people say and buy about the Nazi/German WW2 equipment? beginning with endless ME-109,FW-190,armour and so on and on we-modelers are historians of some kind
  20. I guess this cockpit is heavily armored
  21. "will empty"? you surely meant "already empty"
  22. didn't know that,it's not that it's a navalized version,isn't it?probably transporting as well.manual folding?
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