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'Flying Circus' - Jasta 11 (Diorama base)

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Time to pick up were I left the 'dreidekkers' - Still got a diorama to do...


The photo's I'm using as inspiration for the diorama:




The 'walkway' in the front, that would be a nice feature to add.




I also want to add a lot of crew and ground personnel. This is a nice shot showing the preparations for a 'sortie'.








German staff car has been in the making, on and off, for some time now...




This is were I left it, almost a year ago...




The last week or so, I've had time to refresh and practice the spoke wheel technique to make some wheels for the car...




The Fokker 'dreidekker' triple are ready.




The half 'dreidekker' is ready as well...


Hope I will be able to get somewhere with this in the foreseeable future..





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Some serious badassery is afoot! I want to more about how to do the spoked wheels. What technique did you use?

I made them for my wooden DVII skeleton, but I'd like to know how you did yours.




PS: that's pronounced "bu-DASS-u-ree", with a flat U (like but).

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Building spoked wheels:

As some of you might know, it all began in 2016 with the Crossley tender build, actually I think it was one of the first builds I posted on LSP?



As the Crossley build started out, only as little more than an experiment, not thinking it was doable, I didn't document the procedure...
Now, for the Jasta diorama build, I wanted to retry it with the scratch building of the German Staff Car.

To make things a bit simpler, I've been using the wheels from Roden's Rolls Royce Armoured Car.


Making a silicone mold of the three parts for the wheels and casting resin copy's.


This is the jig I developed back then, it's still the one I'm using. It's a fairly simple tool adding 24 wires x 2 to get
the look of a real wire wheel.


First I place a 'rim' in the middle of the jig with a axle made from 1.6mm styrene rod. Discs can be made in different sizes.
I've been experimenting with various types of monofilament, but right now I'm using 0.12 mm or 0.15 mm.
The 'wires' are glued to the rim with CA.

A second disc is glued in place for the second part. The second rim is glued on top of the other with CA to 'sandwich' the wires
between the rim parts and the second 'round of wires are mounted using the second row of 'pins' on the jig.


After that I've made a disc to 'land the wires on the rim to get the right angular shape of the spokes.


When the CA has dried the 'spokes/wires' are cut, leaving the finished wire wheel rim with spokes, ready for mounting.


Closeup of the finished rim.


The rim is mounted from the back into the wheel.


The finished five wheels for the Staff Car.

I know it looks quite complicated, but once you get the hang of it, it is really fast to produce this kind of simple spoked wheels.


I haven't tried it on aircraft wheels yet, but if you can keep down the thickness of the rim part, this might be doable too.


Cheers: Kent

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That is actually very similar to the jog I made for my DVII wheels! The only real difference that I didn't sandwich the rim, as it was made from bent and laminated poplar strips. I just drilled the holes through the rim using the jig as a guide, then fished the thread "spokes" through the holes and around the pegs and the paper hub, then glued them in place and trimmed them off just like you did. Because mine were thread, I also stiffened them with a drop of CA. I never thought of doing it for anything at 1/32, but now you've got me wanting to try it!! So very impressed, as usual!!



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Hello Kent. 

Thanks for sharing the technique for spokes. I've seen that somewhere, some time ago. This is a good reminder and so it is bookmarked.

Will follow your build with interest. Very nice subjects with lots of options.


Kind regards,


Robert Jan

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