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  1. Hi. How did you get the ribbing effect? It looks great!
  2. I don't entirely agree with Doogs tutorial. First of all there is only one type of black and it's simply toneless, no variation what's so ever. Anything else is simply variations of very dark gray. Pure black does not exist in nature, it is a man made "color", just like true white. For the sake of discussion, we will call them colors. Considering that good practice when painting, it is always recommended to start with the lighter colors first, when trying to achieve a black weathered finish, one should start with a dark gray base and work towards the black in progressive transparent coats of darker gray. Accenting the panel line can then be done using a black wash or lighter gray for contrast. Never do a black base for as a start, otherwise you will make things harder on yourself. The T-38 example is more of an automotive type finish and simple gloss black should do the trick. An F-117A or P-61 should be painted with progressive transparent coats of darker or even black in some areal to obtain the right effect. Remember that a flat black/black gray finish is very prone to weathering showing off its base pigmentation of dark blue/brown/green tones. Look at how painters work to achieve dark tones in their paintings. Personally, I never use use pure black anywhere unless it's a wash, and only under certain circumstances. Just my 2¢ worth here. Francis
  3. No mad skills Bryan, just morbid curiosity. I'm not convinced it would be that difficult and the results may be well worth it. Then again, I may be totally wrong! Thanks Gary, that would be another option.
  4. I use Tamiya rubber black XF-85. It's a very dark gray without the green tint of Nato black.
  5. Hi Folks! I have a question regarding the Tamiya F-4 fuselage. I personally tend to do my own detailing rather than buying after market items. The Tamiya kit , as you know, has a one piece fuselage, making detailing of the cockpit sidewalls, somewhat tricky and difficult to work with. Has anyone tried to split the forward fuselage in two to facilitate detailing and painting or am I just making things difficult on myself. Would it be easier to make new interior sidewalls instead or just work with the kit as is. Just throwing the idea around to get some feedback before committing to anything. All opinions are welcomed. Thanks! Francis
  6. Hi, could one of the forums moderators please contact me. I have an issue to bring up. Please PM me. Thanks! Francis
  7. Which kit? Have you tried here? https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/search?typ1_c=102&cat=&state=&sold=0&sortid=0&searchkey=Hasegawa+Hurricane+Mk.ii
  8. Just read the bad news. So sorry to hear this. André and me go back many years. We first met during the Montreal Modellers Association meetings back in the 80's. We where never close friends but whenever the opportunity rose, we enjoyed talking models and exchanging tips. I saw him last summer and discussed modeling over a coffee. My sincere condolences to his family and friends. He will be missed. So long my Friend. Francis
  9. Why am I not getting a response? I even contacted them through their FB page....
  10. I sent her an email back in May, still waiting for a response....
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