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Lukgraph DH 89 Rapide

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At Last!!!! :frantic:




Łukasz Sznajder

De Havilland DH.89 Dragon Rapide probably doesn't need an introduction, everyone knows it. We have always liked its shape. Therefore, we decided to release it in 1:32 scale. It is really big by the standards of models produced in resin (dimensions in 1:32 scale is 456 x 332 mm). 
The model will be available in our online store: www.lukgraph.pl
We don't know the price yet but it will be as friendly as possible.
The aircraft in the pre-war, war and post-war period was very popular. Many of them fly today to enjoy tourists and aviation enthusiasts.
Paintings of civil aircraft are particularly beautiful.
We decided to issue it in 2 boxes:
Box 1: 2 British painting (camouflage and silver)
Box 2: US Army and Israeli Air Force
Details and profiles coming soon.
At the present time, the modeler has no problem making masks or decals for 1 piece (your favorite). We can always help in technical preparation of the project (especially for civilian versions).
The set will include:
- resin castings
- 3D printed Gipsy Six x 2 engine with exhaust pipes
- 3D-printed passenger seats (8 + 1 reserve)
- 3D printed inside the pilot's cabin
- photo-etched sheets
- decal
- instruction
The model should appear at the turn of April and May this year. The most important elements (wings, fuselage, gondolas) are ready. A gondola consisting of two halves with a motor will be a big advantage of the model (open - you will have to make it yourself - but this is not a problem for an experienced modeller).
We hope that the DH.89 Rapide selection is ok and you'll like it.

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Oh my word....model dreams do come true!!  


First a Tiger Moth now a Rapide…..its the year of De Havilland with the Vampire on the books for Infinity Models


Super exciting and a year to have no money for food, LOL



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This is mine:


Trainee wireless operators at Yatesbury.  They carried an old biscuit tin in the plane as a “sick bin”. If they missed they paid the ground crew half a crown to clean out the plane! 

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Yes, yes, yes, this is the biggest news in.. like forever!!! 

I've been so exited since Lukasz hinted it on FB a couple of weeks ago, dreading it would be the Comet...

Now this is on my top three list of planes I wanted to do in my lifetime, this is huge!


Ready to go...




OY-DIN ex G-ADAE 6272 at a newly opened little local airport in 1938, very close to were I live...



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