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Here is my recently completed Hasegawa Bf109K-4.  I started it in April, took a long break during the summer and finally finished it eight months later. I added a bit of aftermarket stuff to this build including:

1. Eagle Editions 109K-4 Resin Cockpit Set
2. Henri Daehne 109G/K Resin Prop Set
3. RB Productions 109K-4 Wheel Well Detail Set
4. RB Productions 109G/K Erla Canopy
5. Barracuda Studios 109G/K Resin Wheels
6. AIMS Late War 109s Decal Sheet
7. Eagle Cals 109K-4 #32-74 Decal Sheet
8. Airscale Luftwaffe Instrument and Placard Decal Sheets

9. MDC resin ammo chutes

10. Eduard masks

11. Resin/metal landing gear replacements


For the exterior colors, I used a combination of Mr Hobby Aqueous and AK Real Colors paints.






The build thread can be found at:


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2 hours ago, D.B. Andrus said:

A true masterpiece of modeling.





Thanks Damian!  The MDC ejector ports that you donated helped tremendously!



1 hour ago, LSP_Kevin said:

Such a beautiful build, John! May I publish it on the website?




Thanks Kevin!  By all means, please do!



14 minutes ago, Antonio Argudo said:

she is a Killer!!! fantastic build, thanks for the sharing John!

can't wait for your next bird!



Thanks Antonio for all of the great reference photos!  Did you see that I corrected the flap angle indicator?



11 minutes ago, Out2gtcha said:

Killer build! The late war colors really pop


Thanks Brian!  I really wanted to do a scheme with the Brown RLM81 and the funky RLM76 and this one fit the bill.

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Just an awesome build right down to the antenna connections on the fuselage spine and rudder and the attention to details on the wooden rudder camouflage patterns. Thanks for sharing this epic build with us John.  Love all the efforts put into this K 109.   Including you slaying the bass catches on the “off on vacation episodes”  over the summer fishing.  Lol.  


Well done!



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