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Yak 3, the Special Hobby Hi-Tech Kit

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15 hours ago, Shawn M said:

love the finish, that red is striking


Alas it's a little less striking now that it's had matt varnish applied.  But I'm pleased with the way the model is shaping up, so far.  I'm building the undercarriage at the moment, so once that is done, more pictures and a proper update.





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Thank you, LSP_Ray and Maru5137.  Aside from the MiG 3 I did a couple of years ago, and that one was white, this is the first I've built of a Russian camouflaged plane.  I'm enjoying building something different, and it's great to see these planes come onto the market.  Well done, Special Hobby and ICM in particular.


A small amount of progress, but it's taken some time.  And been fiddly.  The wheel well bays got some detailing, and the undercarriage is now on.  The kit provides some rib parts which add to the detail in these bays, and I've also added a bit of Eduard photo etch hydraulic lines.  Next up was to add the main wheel legs and the two actuator/linkage parts.  Getting all three in at the same time proved impossible, so I glued in the legs and the linkages first, then the hydraulic actuators.  Before that, however, I added a length of 0.5mm stock rod to the top of the main legs to provide some extra glue contact with the wheel well roof.  The legs glue onto the back wall of the wheel well bay, not the upper wing.  In test fitting, it appeared to me that a gap would exist between the top of the leg and the top of the well, so the 0.5mm rod took up that gap and provides a little extra strength. 




This little mod isn't visible once it's all in place.  The undercarriage legs and linkage went in first, and need to go in together as the linkage attages to a point on each leg.  Once dry, I added the hydraulic actuator and hooked up a hydraulic line to that actuator.




I waited 24 hours for the legs to dry before adding the main wheels and tail wheel, but I couldn't resist taking a shot of the plane in the "pre wheel" state.




While I was waiting for the legs to dry thoroughly, I added some clear nav lights to the wing tips.  The kit has these moulded on, to be painted, but they also supply clear parts.  So I filed out the wing tip and added the clear bits, then painted them.  Much better :D.


Lastly, I've added the main wheels and the lower undercarriage doors, together with the tail wheel.  The main wheels were another fiddly job as one side goes onto the stub axle on the leg, and the other needs to go into a pin on the lower doors, which also attack to the legs at a particular point.  I'm using the resin wheels so they had to be CA glued, and the plastic bits styrene glued, and the wheels quickly lined up as they're "weighted" to represent the weight of the plane.  So first I put the tail wheel leg only into the plane, then with three hands to hold the model, hold the wheel and hold the lower door, I quickly set each piece in place and lined up the flat parts of the tires.  Fun, fun....




Next up is to add brake lines, touch ups, upper doors and inner well doors, then put the prop back on and a little more weathering and it should be finished.  Then on to the next model :rolleyes: :BANGHEAD2:.  Hopefully that will all be done this week.







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I'm calling this done.  With the exception of one of the brake lines (why is it always the second one that gives you more trouble??), it all went together quickly.  I kept the weathering to a minimum as all the pictures I have show mostly clean and well maintained aircraft.  Here's the underneath, with the undercarriage complete and a few stains added behind the engine cowling, oil cooler outlets and radiator.  Most of the plane is wood, and paint doesn't scratch as it does with metal.




Next are some interior shots.










One thing I almost completely forgot is the guns on top of the engine.  I even tidied up my desk and threw out all the junk from the build, took some photos, then realised what I'd fogotten.  :oops:  So I quickly made two from brass tube, which is what I was going to do anyway as it looks so much better than plastic.










Now that it's all done, I'm very pleased with the results and will consider another one, some day.  Glad I have plenty of decals for that :D  A couple of observations about the kit, however.  Firstly, I wish CMK or someone would do an engine to go inside this.  After all, SH have cast the top cowling as a separate peice, so perhaps that's on the cards.  Secondly, could you please number the parts on the sprue, please, Mr Special Hobby??  It's very frustrating having to constantly flick through the instructions to identify parts.  Here's my solution; still annoying, but less flicking back and forth.




Back to the kit.  The plane I modeled was flown by Lieutenant Savelly Nosov, Hero of the Soviet Union, who in 139 flights, shot down 16 enemy planes and shared in the destruction of 3 more.  He was part of the "Sword" ace fighter group (3rd FAC), and their emblem is painted on the nose.  They often painted the nose of their planes in red, for quick recognition.  This plane operated on the Belorussian front in the spring of 1945, ending the war in Austria.


I'd like to thank everyone for their support and kind words in this build.  It's always encouraging to get feedback on these build. :D








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Here's a few more shots of this plane, this time without my untidy desk as a background :lol:.  Plus, I couldn't put them in the previous post, for some unknown reason.














So that's it for this build and on to the next one, which will also be a Russian front plane for this group build.





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