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Kitty Hawk 1/32 Mirage 2000B/C/D & N

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My 2000C somehow got lost in the mail, very strange because the tracking shows it to have been delivered.


Does anybody know what’s up with production of the kit, seems like it is hardly available right now?




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8 hours ago, jenshb said:

Pardon my ignorance, but what is wrong with the fuel tanks and 2000-5 nose in the kit?

Not sure about the tanks, but there are a couple of errors in the kit nose.  First, the -5 nose should be pointed as it doesn’t have the nose pitot tube like the standard C nose.  Also, the radome break point isn’t correct for the single seater 2000 (any version).  When the radome comes off, the section of the nose in front of the windscreen also comes off with it, so when removed you also have access to the electronics behind the radar dish.  KH made the radome like most where the break is at the bulkhead the antenna is on, so when removed, you just see the antenna.

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10 hours ago, jenshb said:

Pardon my ignorance, but what is wrong with the fuel tanks and 2000-5 nose in the kit?


The 1700 L tanks aren't included with either kits, thought it's not used on the D/N, but if you wanted to do any other two-seater so equipped. 

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7 hours ago, discus said:


We also need the correct IP for the -5, the D and the N


6 hours ago, Dave Williams said:

This.  I’d say we need new IPs more than new intakes.



I guess it all comes down to what is important to the individual modeler. 

Since there really aren't any intakes at all, it makes it my top priority.

I've got the two very nice D/N pilots and plan on having the canopies likely closed. 

For me personally, being no SME on the2K, I wouldn't know the difference in IPs to save my soul.

Likely I'll be entering it at some point in an IPMS event, and usually the judges dont know the difference either. However having judged IPMS aircraft catagories prior, we almost always took the torches down the intakes when it came time to split between two equally nice models. 

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Thank you for the replies gents.  No 1700l tanks in the kit - aftermarket to the rescue.  The missing 2000-5 IP - isn't Renessaince working on a complete cockpit that will include the -5 IP, so that should be a matter of time.  Missing intake trunks - agree, that would be nice.  It appears from other builders that the shock cones are helping to make that omission less visible than anticipated.  Now the nose cone.  Yes, the -5 has a very pointy nose cone, so a piece of brass rod superglued and filed to a sharp tip should fix that.  Are there any other shape issues with the nose cone?  From what has been said above, it seems that the wring breakpoint for the nose cone will only matter if you plan to display the radar or leafe it removeable.  Gluing it in place should make the problem a non-issue?

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