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  1. I have a doubt: it looks like the fuel tank is on the wrong direction Overwise, really nice built, congrats
  2. Rockets are quite ok. Decals: you have only the yellow text markings. The thin red and green strips are painted. I think SH could have made the effort to provide them in decals. I did a lot of research on the web to have the correct color scheme. The one provided by SH is not fully correct I think.
  3. Hello My last built of 2019. Finished just in time before starting the christmas break. It is my second Corsair from Tam so no surpises (if it is even possible to have surprises with Tam). Just one slight negative for me: the decals: they are always very thick. So cutting out all the clear support film is a must to avoid silvering especially on the big numbers on the fuselage side. Then I made good use of the microset/microsol. I just replaced the wheels by Eduard resin's. Anything else is oob. For the paint, I miraculously managed to find a tin of Humbrol 181 (the famous Glossy sea blue that is out of prod since years..) Used it for the first gloss layer. They I dry brushed the matt version of the sea blue (Hu 77) either strait from the can or mixed with few drops of white. On the radiators area on the top wing I also brushed some yellow zinchromat (81) and some alu 56 here and there. Then panel liners: clear (white-grey) then brownish. Some pigment here and there (mainly exhaust and gun ports)
  4. Hello Trying to catch up with some late 2019 built I did not shared yet with you guys. Here is the magnificent Tamyia mosquito. Pretty much everything as been said about this kit. I think it is close to perfection. I added some Barracuda decals in the cockpit, Master's metallic guns and rockets from Special Hobby with MDC mountings. Edit: it was also the opportunity to test the Tamyia customer support as the nose fairing was missing from the sprue when I opened the box. I contacted Tamyia europ and they were quite efficient in answering my request quickly and ordering the new part in Japan. I wish you all the best for 2020.
  5. Well... I think we will need to patiently wait for aftermarket producers to come to the rescue...
  6. Really Nice ! Did you drill all the little holes on the aluminum panels on the side and below the engine ? I did that on mine, that was a crazy job
  7. As my Tamyia Mosquito is nearly finished and while waiting for the KH Mirage 2000....
  8. one rivet is missing I don't care, I prefer the old horrible, unbuildable kit from xxx
  9. Same here. I fired the lady (or maybe she fired me... anyway....) when I understood that the only hobby she would accept was taking care of HER.
  10. Thanks guys. @ Lothar, I definitely did. This is really a great kit.
  11. Hello I was forced to go back to 1/72 for this beauty as this is the only (decent) kit available on the market. The Mirage 4000 was a prototype developed on Dassault private fundings. It should have replaced the Mirage IV probably would have competed against the F-15 on the market of the twin engine fighters. In the end, French enforce went for the single engine cheaper Mirage 2000 and as a result no foreign country ordered it despite some showing some intereste. It is probable that if it went into service we would not have the rafale now. The unique specimen is now preserver at Le Bourget Air and Space Museum. The kit is quite nice for a short run. Painting masks are provide for the canopy and all clear parts and also for the red markings on the air intakes. There is a PE sheet for details and cockpit parts The decal sheet provide 2 sets of markings: the two tone desert camo and the all white typical of Dassault aviation prototypes.
  12. Hello Here is my last built: Hasegawa P-40N reboxed byEduard. Nice kit. Easy built I used guns from Masters and tried the eduard Look dashboard. Markings are a bit of what if as I screwed up the decal sheet with fat spills from cooking.... stupid... Anyway, with some leftover from previous kits I managed to figure something convincing. (or so I think)
  13. The only one I never finished is a 1/48 Hobby Boss A-6E Intruder. I painted it and stopped there because: - never found satisfying markings to finish it, - poor panel lines where I would not be able to show them properly after painting (and re-scribing is beyond my skills and will) - started other projects. I stalled a long time on finishing my 1/48 AMK fouga magister and Tamyia p-47 because I had other projects in parallel (ZM skyraider...) Recently I almost did not finish my Eduard P-40 (I still have to post some photos here btw...) because I was so excited to receive the Tamyia Mosquito. so as BarryWilliams said above, I have to discipline myself not to start anything as long as the one in progress is not finished. I even now try not to buy a new one in advance (although I hate when my production line stops). So no stash, no parallel projects.
  14. Hello, Postman brought me this.... wtf?? ......... Ha ! That's more like it.
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