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  1. If I remember well, that huge fuel tank (2200l) was initally designed for the Iraki Mirage F1 but never delivered due to we all know what... As a result, French AF kept them for use below the F1 CT version mainly. They were nicknamed the "Iraki tank". They were sold to ATACs along with the plane.
  2. You can also contact Eric J. by email, he has tons of 3D printed stuff for the Mirage 2000. => moncoteying(at)outlook.fr
  3. There is honestly not much to see in the intake. The mouse cone will hide pretty much everything.
  4. For Mica and Magic I use a very light grey, something like Humbrol 196.
  5. For the french twin : no targeting pod on the 2000N, only the D can carry it. The third pod provided by KH is the Damocles. It could be fitted on the D but KH does not provide the correct pylon and it seems its lengh is wrong... Mirage 2000D can carry also one GBU-24 or two GBU-22. For the 2000N, you can go up to 4xGBU12 (use Eduard, they are really nice): 2 on centerline and one on each side of the front fuselage pylons. I'd recommend avoiding L'arsenal. I was rather disapointed with their recent quality. You can contact moncoteying(at)outl
  6. On a french forum, I found these FS refs mentioned as"worth a try". FS33531 (MRP226) FS30219 (MRP-103) or FS30117 (MRP-387) French Mirage 2000 are painted with Celomer refs wish does not always match with Federal Standards. For the underside, its MRP-356. This one you can be sure since it's called CELOMER 1625 which is the light grey used on the M2000.
  7. You probably got one of the early produced kit. In the recent productions, they added the additional sheet for the weapons markings.
  8. A picture is better than a thousand words
  9. That's really interesting to see how people feel about recent Tamyia LSPs. I built every Tam LSP kit since the Spitfire (and I also got the F-16). I was so amazed by the Merling engin that I left it open. Now I regret because it break the nice shape of the spit and I might on day by a new one do build it with engine cowls on. When I built the mossie, I wanted to have one engine visible and one close. In the end there was so many parts to assemble and paint that I got fed up and closed both engines. It's a bit like with the ZM super wing series kits (I built
  10. No offense taken Had a good laught. Thanks That's indeed Olivier Pinsolle's conversion. Someone was selling it (for a crazy price) on a french forum.
  11. Hey guys, Do you know what are these parts ?
  12. I fully agree. You pretty much need nothing for this kit. I think I used somes bits of PE for the structural reinforcements on the top surfaces and the seat and that's it. And the money not spent on expensive AM will finance the next kit. But of course, in the end that's your choice.
  13. As usual, weather is not cooperating here. Full cloud cover and rain. Well, I'll have another chance in 400 years or so...
  14. I think I'll watch again the Right Stuff tonight... Must be the 72nd time I see it
  15. I'm sure he is already dogfighting with Bob (Hoover) somewhere up there. I had the opportunity to attend his conference when he visited Airbus in Toulouse some years ago (I think he was 85 at that time). What a character. I'll always remember at the end of his speach when he was presented with a seat to rest during the Q&A session... his answer was "I'm not that old" Eduard 1/48 built a long time ago.
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