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  1. As my Tamyia Mosquito is nearly finished and while waiting for the KH Mirage 2000....
  2. one rivet is missing I don't care, I prefer the old horrible, unbuildable kit from xxx
  3. Same here. I fired the lady (or maybe she fired me... anyway....) when I understood that the only hobby she would accept was taking care of HER.
  4. More picts with the T-6s Lots of adhesive tape on this one...
  5. And for the fun, the Canadian Snowbirds on a lap around the pylons after their display flight It's not only the unlimited (the ex-warbirds) but the other categories (Jets, T-6, Biplane, etc) and the show. You never get board, there is always something going on like the unexpected low pass from a U2. Never thought I would ever see the dark lady in flight.
  6. Some picts of the real thing. Was in 2010.
  7. Same here. The first time I red an article on RAR, I was angry seeing what these machine where turned into (I was still a kid back then). Many years later I went to Reno (I still had my doubts, especially about seeing planes flying in circles during several days) and totally changed my mind. I think I fell in love... What they do with these beauty is simply amazing. and in the end, better see them like this that rotting in a dark barn or turned into a soda can. Now I have several of these beauties on display:
  8. Thanks guys. @ Lothar, I definitely did. This is really a great kit.
  9. Hello I was forced to go back to 1/72 for this beauty as this is the only (decent) kit available on the market. The Mirage 4000 was a prototype developed on Dassault private fundings. It should have replaced the Mirage IV probably would have competed against the F-15 on the market of the twin engine fighters. In the end, French enforce went for the single engine cheaper Mirage 2000 and as a result no foreign country ordered it despite some showing some intereste. It is probable that if it went into service we would not have the rafale now. The unique specimen is now preserver at Le Bourget Air and Space Museum. The kit is quite nice for a short run. Painting masks are provide for the canopy and all clear parts and also for the red markings on the air intakes. There is a PE sheet for details and cockpit parts The decal sheet provide 2 sets of markings: the two tone desert camo and the all white typical of Dassault aviation prototypes.
  10. Hello Here is my last built: Hasegawa P-40N reboxed byEduard. Nice kit. Easy built I used guns from Masters and tried the eduard Look dashboard. Markings are a bit of what if as I screwed up the decal sheet with fat spills from cooking.... stupid... Anyway, with some leftover from previous kits I managed to figure something convincing. (or so I think)
  11. The only one I never finished is a 1/48 Hobby Boss A-6E Intruder. I painted it and stopped there because: - never found satisfying markings to finish it, - poor panel lines where I would not be able to show them properly after painting (and re-scribing is beyond my skills and will) - started other projects. I stalled a long time on finishing my 1/48 AMK fouga magister and Tamyia p-47 because I had other projects in parallel (ZM skyraider...) Recently I almost did not finish my Eduard P-40 (I still have to post some photos here btw...) because I was so excited to receive the Tamyia Mosquito. so as BarryWilliams said above, I have to discipline myself not to start anything as long as the one in progress is not finished. I even now try not to buy a new one in advance (although I hate when my production line stops). So no stash, no parallel projects.
  12. Yeah, it comes from them.
  13. Hello, Postman brought me this.... wtf?? ......... Ha ! That's more like it.
  14. Sorry to judge but I sense a bit of bad faith here. I have both the Tam and Rev Spit sitting next to each other on my cabinet. Rivets are not such an issue seriously. You cannot expect a Tamiya panel line quality for the price of a Revell kit. That's a simple fact. Tamyia kits are expensive due to the amount of engineering, their level of details and the precision in the shape and lines of the kit which mean very expensive moulds. I don't recall poor quality fit on the Revell. You want the engine? Then get the Tamiya kit. you'll have plenty of details on top. Alan clearly said he was looking at both the Revell Spit and P-51. He even said later that he will ultimately get both. So that rules out the Tam kit. And for me that's the sensible choice to make: get both of them !!! The spit and the P-51 are both recent design kits so although I don't know the P-51 I can guess it is in the same vain as the spit: a good bargain if you want a simple kit, not too much details just enough and of good quality. As said above, you can eventually get a aftermarket exhaust pipes and PE seatbelts.
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