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  1. Impressive !!! The size of the finished model will require some room !
  2. For some reasons beyond my understanding, I can't send you a MP.... it tells me you cannot receive messages.
  3. They are produced by Eric Jolly. I contacted him via a FB Group built dedicated to the Mirage 2000. => https://www.facebook.com/groups/271540610498251 I can send you his email adress in MP if you want.
  4. Next on the bench: -5F. PE seat belts and masks from Eduard Decals from FFSMC Some 3D printed goodies (outer wing pylons for the Mica IR, wheels, seat, intrument panel and lateral panels (with the proper throttle), rear view mirros and the police light (for the left air intake) And since it will be my third mirage, I have plenty of MICA A2A missiles. But first I have to move the bench (and the rest of the flat) across country...
  5. I'd say built them or sell them to someone who will build them. In the end, as most said, they deserve to be built, out of respect for Paul's dedication to our hobby. In any case they should not stay in a stash that one day may be lost for whatever reason (natural disaster, untimely death without knowing what people will do with your stash as they have no idea of its value, etc)
  6. So if I must choose one (): Concorde
  7. If it is an from the start of the jet age: definitely the Hunter (single seater) If it is a modern one: Rafale (in particular the Marine version: Single seater with a more agressive look on ground due to its pitch angle compared to the C) If it is an airliner: the king: Concorde, no discussion. Honorable mention for the A350.
  8. It's actually really easy. Even easier than a regular brush painting with enamels where brush marks are more visible IMO. As any metal finish, if you are not careful, you will scratch it (typically with your finger nails). But once dry, there is no problem (It dries quickly but I leave it for 12 to 24 hours between two layers). First thing I did once last layer of paint was dry enough was to apply a layer of gloss top coat to protect it, even if I use enamel panel liners that should not damage it. Just to be sure. What I am not sure of, and I didn't dare try
  9. Decals are fine IMO. The film is invisble and adjusted to the markings. Well it's not so complicated: The technic is actually similar to a dry brushing of the surface. It is a bit unatural but it works well. There is a video on YT showing how to do it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcMpsGj1Nbg
  10. Hello Here is my latest built: P-47D "Bubbletop" from trumpeter in French AF colors, Lafayette squadron. Nice kit overall except the complext turbocharger system that is totally useless as fully hidden in the fuselage (except that it support the cockpit tub). I used some goodies: - HGW fabric seatbelts - Master guns and pitot tube - Berna decals - Yahu models PE instrument panel - Eduard Brassin Rocket launchers (not sure they were actually used by the french jugs but since I had them anyway...) As usual this is brush painte
  11. Dassault knows how to design awesome looking planes whatever the number of seats. Marcel D. used to say a nice plane fly well.
  12. People in lock down have plenty of time to built stuff ... More seriouly, probably some supply chaine issues. When they were first released, it took months to get them available in europ.
  13. Thanks guys Regarding hand painting..... for me it is airburshing that seems impossible (one day, when I move to a new homing allowing for a modeling shop, I'll try.... maybe.... ) I restarted modeling in 2008, I can say I have some training now... I learnt a lot looking at the models of the late Paul Coudeyrette - the master of hand painting (at least on french modelers forums) His impressive builds can be seen on ARC or hyperscale, and maybe here (if not, just google his name). He was always keen to explain his technic. I can tell you that I am far from his
  14. Well done. And nice touch adding the broom stick
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