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  1. discus

    Make the others jealous

    Haaaa the silverwing Stearman... what a great kit it was to build.
  2. Or the other possibility would be to drastically increase the prize of the SWS series to keep a low price on the Basis one. Which mean less SWS series sold. Also the cost of the mold machining is not linked only to the number of part you produce (or the way you arrange them) but the accuracy you put in it. The Revell molds for the Spitfire are certainly less complex/expensive than the Tamyia ones as the skin details and part fitting, although fine on the Revell, are not at Tamyia's level. I'am building the ZM SWS skyraider. I left other a lot of internal parts that would not be visible anyway. Surely they could have save some money by not producing them but in the end, I don't think this would have changed the price of the kit significantly on a 100+ € kit (I don't remember exactly how much I paid it...). On the 109 story, it seems to be a subject that systematically generate frustration. It is a bit like a Star Wars movie, there is so much hype, expectations and passion that, when all industrial constraints and producer's choice have been taken into account, it is not what we dreamt of. Obvioulsy, they can't answer every single expectation of every single modeler in the world. This is the difference between us, passionate people that can loose common sense and the cold perspective of an industry that need to make profits (bouuuh bad word...)
  3. discus

    Kitty Hawk Dassault Mirage 2000 D/N

    Well, If their research and the result is as accurate as their box art is**, one can be quite concerned by the result.... But wait and see the real thing before shouting. And I will probably get several of them anyway. ** M2KD is not equipped with MICA AA missiles....yet. they will be after the mid life upgrade but that will not be on ventral positions. Self defense AA missiles are only fitted on external wing points. It also does not have a black nose (the second plane on the back ground) but maybe they will upgrade to show a real 2KN on a final version. One can argue that it's only a box art but box art is the first thing you see of a new kit and it is also part of the brand image to have nice and accurate boxarts, expecially when this box art reads "...precision model.." Anyway great to see a 1/32 kit of the 2K in single and dual seater.
  4. discus

    The new Tamiya 1/48 Spit Mk.I is out...

    The engineering of this kit is another Tamyia masterpiece.
  5. discus

    Opinion needed for 1/32 Tempest

    Here is what I found on some french sites: NV994 had a black spinner. Red spinner was on NV724. According to his book "The great circus", he got it painted red when he visited another squadron and wanted to show off. Tempest generally had a black spinner by default.
  6. discus

    A-1H Skyraider USN [ZM 1/32]

    Big Spad is complete: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/77774-a-1h-skyraider-us-navy-zm/
  7. Hello Here is the big Spad completed. That's a very nice kit. And the next one is another ZM skyraider: USAF A-1J this time. WIP is there: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/76444-a-1h-skyraider-usn-zm-132/
  8. discus

    A-1H Skyraider USN [ZM 1/32]

    Hello I'm almost done with the beast. I'll try to take picts of the finish models during the weekend. Latest progress: I replaced the original static dischargers. they looked to big to me. I used tooth brush hairs. Metalic pitot tube from Master is a nice replacement for the original one. Wired antenna is fish wire 0.20 mm covered with metal cote 27003. Prop blades repainted to replace the too short decals.
  9. discus

    A-1H Skyraider USN [ZM 1/32]

    Main decals are installed. I just need to finish few things before I can finish the decals on the rudder.
  10. discus

    A-1H Skyraider USN [ZM 1/32]

    Progress from the weekend: Panel lines marking and start of the decals
  11. discus

    A-1H Skyraider USN [ZM 1/32]

    Thanks Jari,. That's a strange combination. Loads are now ready: I added some nasty messages on the Mk-117 as we can see on some historical pictures. There small paintbrush, almost dry. I am happy with the result.
  12. discus

    A-1H Skyraider USN [ZM 1/32]

    wtf Mr ZM? Seems you messed up with the decal dimensions. I'll have to unpack the masking tape and paint this...
  13. discus

    A-1H Skyraider USN [ZM 1/32]

    Quick and Dirty pict.. sorry for that. I'll do better tomorrow. Paint is almost finished.
  14. discus

    A-1H Skyraider USN [ZM 1/32]

    More paint... this time the light grey for the upper fuselage and wings. I used Humbrol 166 but I now that it dried I find it a bit too dark. What do you think ? I also finished to remove the seam on the canopy: micromesh, compound, klir (or Future, depending on how you call it in your part of the world ).