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  1. I think FFSMC will produce decal(s) for the two seaters as well as they already have several sheets for the -C/-5. We can probably count on Berna as well. Eduard just releases a bunch of PE and masks for the C so the same for the two seaters will follow.
  2. Seems the issues with delivery guys are the same all around the globe. I try as much as I can to have the package delivered into a pickup location (local post office, shop, amazon locker, etc).
  3. It is also needed for the N.
  4. Fully agree but I think most of us are frustrated because what could have been regarded as errors or lack of documentation or research possibilities some years ago can only be considered as carelessness today given the ressources available (and yes they have limitation on the internet in their country but that's not an excuse when you manage to scan the real thing in France as they did)
  5. I understand your frustration. Unfortunatly KH and "straighforward build with no pb" do not belong together... Unless you just put the pieces together without taking care about accuracy.
  6. We have no reason not to be happy, we finally got the single and twin seaters M2000 in LSP. and they both seem to be very nice kits overall. But we can certainly be a bit frustrated by the usual carelessness and complacency of KH when it come to the accuracy of their kits.
  7. I saw on a french forum that the IPs are indeed B but the rear one is wrong in shape (it should be different shape compared to the front) Still no throttle either... On the decals; the red doted line for the walkways are wrong: too thick (whereas they were not so wrong on the C kit). hoppefully FFSMC is working a on decal sheet for the twinseaters. Someone has a view of the weapons sprue ? Is it the same as the C ? (I hope not, it would mean no GBUs, no ASMP for the N...) By the way, it seems Renaissance is working on a transkit for the single seater.
  8. The D in its current version does not carry the Mica yet. It is planned for the life extension program that is under development (I suppose it will be only the IR version of the Mica if they "just" replace the Magic II). For the moment they carry only Magic II on the outer wing pylons. Under intake, right side: laser targeting pod. It's the first time I see the configuration (3 Mk82 + targeting pod) shown by Finn in his last post. But it makes sense, the N (originally developped for nuke) was turned in a conventional bomber carrying 4 mk82 so I guess a D with 4 Mk-82 is also possible (although I never seen it). At the end of its operational life the N could carry 4 GBU12/49 (2 center line and one under each air intake). The photo with the blue/grey 2000 with scalp and Mica is a demonstrator for a twin seater 2000-5 export version. Here is a view of the potential new 2000D config being tested (new targeting pod under the right air intake. Also the pod below the LR air intake is a 30mm gun:
  9. No designator pod on the N, only the D can carry it (and some export versions). So the N needed a Rafale or a D to illuminate the targets.
  10. This camo was initially applied for Red Flag Yep that's the standard conf now that the AS-30L has been retired. Or you have the latest conf for the N with 2 GBUs centerline and 1 GBU under each air intake. (but the N is now retired from service).
  11. The standard configuration with the AS-30L on the -D was assymetrical: AS-30L under right wing, PDLCT under left air intake, center tank and 2200L fuel tank under left wing. Then o, 1 or 2 magic II.
  12. Sandy one is a N painted like this for Red flag
  13. It's more than decent. Great job !
  14. Actually, after I posted this message yesterday, I took time to study the instruction sheet (didn't do it when I first got the kit few days ago) and... OMG, what a mess. I think I never saw such a poor documentationn full of inaccuracies, wrong part numbering, etc, no color ref for some part (but they mention that the tires must be in tire black, thanks mr obvious). If one wants to build an accurate model of any version, he will need a lot of documentation. And aftermarket producers will be happy cause there's plenty of room for improvement. I actually decided not to start building mine for the moment, waiting to see what's coming from AM. PE and masks from Eduard are coming in April apparently. For the -5 we will need someone to produce the specific outer wing pylons for the Mica and additional Mica as well (can go up to six even if it is not the most common configuration used in service). But hey... we finally got a M2000 in 1/32
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