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  1. I don't think so, I'm not on Facebook. Ours is this one: https://www.renaissance-models.com/ter/index.php/avions-toutes-echelles/echelle-1-32/produits/2786-mirage-iii-c-e-r and it will be included in the set.
  2. Hi All, As said, sides are too thin: So a little more...
  3. Hi all, Long delay, but I'm not at full level... I think now it's complete. [img]https://www.renaissance-models.com/images/Avion/WIP_M2000C/casquette_6.jpg[/img] Maybe have to add some p/e for sides, it's very thin.
  4. Hi All, Here is the cover. Now, to test into body, then completing drawings for IP.
  5. Yes of course, I began to make it into IP cover.
  6. Hi All, On advice from a fair guy, I test a print at 5s exposure time. It looks better. By the way, I tried to make grills on IP cover. Hard job, hope it will make sense at printing.
  7. Hi All, RPL 522 tank is not a good sizes. A relative of mine designed a new tank, that Renaissance/Rflight will produce. I'm now completing IP for a -5, and if enough courage, will do for a C and D/N.
  8. I'm not sure to have enough courage to sand the lines, but keep in mind that picture is made with a 105mm macro lens. Every detail/"error" is captured
  9. Hi All, Gas throttle: I made several test prints of the whole cockpit, using different resin types, but never totally satisfied. It took 22/23h of print, so residual resin tends to harden by itself. So I decided to cut the rear part from the main one. Far better, especially for rear one, much precise in details:
  10. If I can do it using the work already done… Not sure about it.
  11. The tiny throttle… Tiny at 1/32! 3x5 mm
  12. Hi All, Last step before a test print: Hope it's complete!
  13. Hi all, Just got the printed cockpit from my friend. So more pics. In place, with some tape to fix fuselage Surprisingly, some adjustements needed. Not the same printer, some size differences. I'll modify to be sure.
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