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red Dog

Spitfire MkVb to MkIX conversion 1/24 349 sqn

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Definitely following this WIP. I love to see these old Airfix kits spruced up. Great project!

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Thanks Greg


The goal for Sunday night was to close the fuselage …

but before getting there, I took some final shots of the coskpit assembly and sidewalls. Most of these will now be hidden forever :)



the sidewalls were lighly weathered and the Airscale decals put to good use.



Final shot of the IP



And the Ip positionned in place on the right fuselage.

I deliberatly cheated on the position of the rudder as I wanted details to come Under the seat rather than having a visible gap when viewed from above.

The control column is from the trumpeter kit.

Compass and fuel ON/OFF panel were completely remade

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Thank you gents.


Here's one more picture of the starboard side cockpit



The fuselage is now closed and I'm happy to report that the wing fits reasonnably well to the bottom fuselage (at least there is some good news)

The next huge challenge will be to mate the resin nose to the model. As checked before none of the resin parts really fit the airfix model (although done for it)




There is a huge gap on the bottom nose, with the underside of the wings.

This will be fun to work with...

Maybe I'll use part of the original plastic nose to try to reduce that gap and smooth the junction between the two parts….




When the air intake is positionned the gap kinda closes but there are some curves in there that will be really hard to fill.

I don't know if the original idea was to leave this like that which seems kinda weird.

I'll have to check documentation to see if filling first the gap and mating the underside of the wing to the underside of the nose will not create problems with the air intake positionning further along the build…



The top of the nose won't be much easier to work with. The part is very thick.
The guide to mate the original nose part will need to be removed and a new guide glued in place to accomodate the resin nose top. That will hopefully reduce that gap between the two resin part.


The engine will not be installed. I will rather place some plastic parts between the walls to reinforce the inner nose


Where is that new putty tube I bought lately… :)


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Thanks for the vote of confidence Brian :)


I'm back on the bench.

Actually I never was away because I had the chance to initiate a kid to aircrfat modelling during the holidays :) We built a 1/48 F4U-7 Corsair together in two weeks and I think/hope he might be hooked :)


To progress with the Mk IX conversion, I needed first to progress with the Tamiya spitfire model i'm building as well. 
I wanted to check the position of the intake under the engine. 



It seems that Heritage model positionning is quite matching the tamiya design which is good enough for me to proceed.


I decided to address the insane gap with milliput from inside the engine cowling.

After sqeezing the milliput in, I pressed the intake from outside into its position and smoothed the milliput from outside with wet fingers and paintbrushes



It's ugly but who cares? 



The aft end of the intake is cut at a right angle but the kit part will be mated and sanded to shape




More putty (squadron), more sanding .. you all know the drill




Lots of details are being lost but to be honest most of the rivets needs to be smoothed down or even completely regraved anyway.






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This is a very brave build! You have overcome the challenges presented by the rough conversion pieces, including the wheel wells. It is going to look spectacular when finished.


Your cockpit is beautiful, very convincing work in there.


Looking forward to watching the progress!



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