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1:200 USS Missouri Build Log - Trumpeter w/ Pontos Detail Sets

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21 hours ago, LSP_Ron said:

That's an insane amount of detail, and in such a short period of time.


Hey Ron, I'm not that fast a worker!  These are photos I've been taking right along as I work on my build.  It's taken me over 2 months to do the 3 big gun turrets, but I've actually been working on the ship for 2-1/2 years so far.  The next photos I post will show the hull and the detail on the main deck.  That took me months to do!

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10 hours ago, steinerman said:


Hey Ron, I'm not that fast a worker!  These are photos I've been taking right along as I work on my build.  It's taken me over 2 months to do the 3 big gun turrets, but I've actually been working on the ship for 2-1/2 years so far.  The next photos I post will show the hull and the detail on the main deck.  That took me months to do!

Masterpieces  always take longer. :whistle:


Rock On!:punk:

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Howdy Ladies and Gents,  It's been a while since I posted pictures of my battleship. I thought I'd update you on where it stands now so I got out my tripod, cranked up the f-stop on my camera, and took some decent pictures for once. NO, I didn't do all this since my last post!  This series of pictures (26 in all) will bring you up to date to where I currently am.  From now on however, my posts will be a lot less frequent because a) it took me 2-1/2 years to get this far, and b) I AM working on my Monogram 1:48 B-17 at the same time.  I just don't have anything interesting to post yet.


So, here is my "Plastic Toy Boat" as it stands today.  Hope you find it worthy:


Here it is - 4-1/2 feet of pure enjoyment. At least for me. I love doing this.  My big thrill is building models.  Once they're finished, yeah, I take pride in them, but sitting there looking at them isn't like the work of building them, right!




There are (2) 20mm antiaircraft guns and a flagstaff that are supposed to be at the very bow of the ship. Because I keep the ship covered with plastic for dust purposes, I haven't mounted these yet for fear of knocking them off.  Note the railings along the hull are also missing. They won't be added until the ship is almost complete.










In this next photo You can see where I made a big mistake. There is supposed to be a ladder made up of individual grab-irons up the hull at the stern. With the handling and messing around, half of them have been knocked off, reglued, and knocked off again. I'll fix this, but I'm going to wait until near the end so it doesn't get damaged again.




The screws are real brass and the silver rectangles are anti-corrosion plates.  On the Iowa Class battleships, the inboard screws were 5 bladed and the outboard screws had 4 blades.  Also, the starboard screws turned clockwise while the port screws turned counterclockwise.




You always thought a battleship was gray, right? These are the actual colors of the USS Missouri in September 1944, when Japan surrendered on the deck of this ship




The chain hanging down from the bow is called a "Paravane" chain. Paravanes are towed from the ship and are used to bring floating mines to the surface where they can be detonated by gunfire.




A view of the foredeck up to gun turret #1. The deck in front of the capstans is steel and the remainder of the decking on the ship are teak boards.




OK, that's 10 pictures for this post.  More coming on post #2 of this set.


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Here's post #2 of this set:


A lot of people have asked me what I'm going to do with this ship when I finish it? Truthfully, I have no idea! I definitely am going to enclose it in a protective case to keep the dust off, but other than that, I haven't decided. I'm thinking of possibly displaying it for a while and them possibly donating it to the Veterans Home here in Grand Rapids. Who knows - that's a long ways down the road.




The light gray deck is in place just so you can see where turret #2 is located. Nothing has been done to this part - it's just as it came out of the box. Aside from all the brass parts, the entire ship was this color. Everything except the decking (which is real wood, by the way) has to be painted either Haze Grey or Deck Blue.




Here's a closer look at the foredeck and anchor chains Adding the 6 chain stops was a real pain in the you know what! The little red things with white handwheels are high pressure fire suppression water valves. As I said before, the deck railing has not been added, nor has the 20mm AA guns and flagstaff at the prow.




This is a close-up view of the foredeck just behind the anchor chains, showing the various detail on the main deck. First are the windless and brake controls, then the (2) 20mm Oerlikon anti-aircraft guns, various hatches and vents, and then the (2) quad 40mm Bofors gun positions, along with their respective gun directors. The storage boxes are ammunition lockers for the respective guns, and the torpedo shaped things behind the 40mm gun tubs are the (2) paravanes




This is a shot of turret #1. There is a structure that is located between turrets #1 and 2 on the main deck that has not been added yet. It won't be added until Deck #1 is glued in place. I glued fender washers under the deck and magnets inside the turrets to hold them into place. That way they can be rotated and removed if necessary. The gun barrels are brass, believe it or not.  Yeah, I know, why would you pay for brass gun barrels and then paint over them.  I'm sure all of you know why!!!




This shot shows the back side of the breakwater and the equipment located there. Also, note the helmets for the gun crew and the loudspeakers mounted on the rear of the 40mm gun tubs. A lot of this detail was added by me and did not come with the kit. I have a set of plans for this ship that are 9 feet long that shows all this extra detail.




Here is turret #2. It has a 40mm gun position on top of it where turret #1 does not. You can see why!! Also note the 20mm AA guns on either side of the ship. The small diagonal tubes mounted on the front of the splinter shield are spare gun barrels. Cooling tubes for hot expended gun barrels are located inside the splinter shield, as are more crew helmets. The two valves just aft of the splinter shield are refueling ports for when the ship is refueled at sea. all this is extra detail that does not come with the detail kits.




Overall view of the starboard side of the fore main gun battery




This is the part I'll be working on next. There is a ton of brass detail that gets added to the sides, along with wooden decking similar to the main deck. I also plan to grind off some of the doorways and show them open with brass doors. The (4) rectangular protrusions along the sides are where the 5" gun mounts are located. There are 10 of them on this deck and the one above.




This is just astern of Deck #1 and the location of turret#3. There's a lot of detail around here including 20mm and 40mm gun positions, winches, hatches, vents, hose reels, and fire suppression equipment. The long, grey device on the side of the ship swings out and ladders lower to dock small boats that come alongside.




OK, this is another 10 photos.  There are 6 more which I will post in the next one - #3




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OK, here are the last 6.  Are you bored yet?


There are over 80 separate parts mounted on this splinter shield including helmets, cooling tubes, spare gun barrels, phone boxes, and tool boxes. The long baskets alongside the shield (and on the backs of the big gun turrets) are floater net baskets. They contain netting with flotation around the perimeter and are used mostly in conflict to aid those fallen or knocked overboard.




Overall view of the aft deck.




View of the stern showing the catapults and recovery crane. The ship carried (2) "Spotter" float planes whose job it was to search out enemy ships and to also "spot" where the big 16" shells were landing. The big 16" guns could fire a 2300 pound projectile a distance of over 20 miles, meaning the gun crews could not see where their shells were landing. The float planes were shot off the catapult by dummy 5" shells and were retrieved by the crane at the stern.




Close up view of one of the catapults. These two were nightmares to build! The cradles for the float planes are mounted, but I have not built the aircraft yet.




Close-up of the stern. The crane was another %#$@ to build! All the framing had to be built up piece by piece. You might have noticed the rows of slotted racks around the insides of the 40mm gun tubs. These are ammo racks that hold the magazines for the 40mm guns.




Here is the stern. I really don't like that ladder up the hull. It's not professional at all.  That whole area looks tacky, plus, I need white letters, not black  I have to do something about that - but not till later!




OK, so that's what it looks like now.  Thanks for looking!






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