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  1. Man.....you really showed 'em how it's done with that build Gazz. You sir....are da master!!!
  2. Shuuuuweeeeet!!! Good Lord man. That looks great!!!! Wow!!
  3. I still can't believe there aren't any replies to this bad boy!! That looks superb Matt!!! Great painting and weathering.
  4. Oh wow!!! A Super HET!!! I'll be in on this one for damn sure!!!
  5. Man that is TOPS!!!! You really put alot into ANYTHING that hits your bench pal.
  6. Thanks Chris!! Really appreciate the great comments bro.
  7. Alllllllright!!! I'll be looking forward to this one!!!
  8. Thanks Gazz!! I appreciate you comments as well bud. You're right .....he was one of the good ones.
  9. Well it looks like the 262 is at last finished and I took a day or so break but felt the need to get back to the bench this morning. I started out on the engine in which I like how the basic engine layout is done. A one piece engine block with a separate oil pan which is a good thing because there is less of a seam line going down the middle of the bellhousing, oil pan and down the front of the engine between the intake manifold and timing cover. In the foreground you'll see the two parts that I just CANNOT use. This aint no P-51 Mustang so out goes the four bladed prop and I'm still trying to figure out just what in the hell they were thinking in regards to the carburetor. Man..........c'mon Round 2. The distributor is also a little weird looking so I may switch that out as well. The one other issue that I have with the engine is that it doesn't have an oil filter. To me this was a big deal but may not be to some folks. But................there's nowhere to put it either because the engine mount bosses cover the exact area where the filter is supposed to go. Looks like that part will be skipped on this build. All of the engine parts needed cleaning up but the exhaust manifolds were the areas that needed the most. When cleaning these up with the X-acto blade you've gotta be careful because this plastic is REALLY soft. You can take off more than you want quicker than you're ready for if you're not careful. Just a heads up to anyone out there that wants to build this kit. Additionally, on the back side of the exhaust manifolds are what looks like casting protrusions towards the front of each manifold and they may very well be BUT......in test fitting the manifolds to the cylinder head with the head fitted onto the engine block these protrusions also serve as a standoff which steadies positions them about where they are supposed to be in relation to the manifold exhaust outlets. So...................I left em in place.
  10. Ok ...................in seeing what you can do with a Star Destroyer .............I simply cannot WAIT to see what you bring to the table with this thing. Mister.....I'll be watchin' this one....... you can be damn sure of that!!!
  11. I'd be REALLY happy with that outcome. Very well done.
  12. Been missing out on this one. Gonna get caught up on this marvelous build today.
  13. For being something out of the norm for you..............it sure looks like you did a fantastic job!! Wow!! Very VERY well done!!
  14. Thanks Kevin. Yeah.....it sucked really bad. Guy was golden....not a flaw. BUT....I am moving forward, maybe at a snails pace, but I'm doing what I know he'd want me to do. I'm going to be moving forward with that '67 Mustang Fastback build next potna.
  15. Thanks Kevin!! I had a blast with this kit. Got thrown off by my friends sudden passing a couple of weeks ago but am getting back in the groove now.
  16. Thanks for the "like" D.B! Alright gang....I did manage to pop that windscreen assembly off and sand the bottom of it for a MUCH cleaner fit. I'll post updated pictures soon but I've had enough of photography and the editing of it for today. Will post some more pics soon.
  17. Took today helped me to finally finish this bad boy. I'm pretty dang happy with most all of this build but I didn't like the way the windscreen assembly fit onto the fuselage and ended up removing it, sanding the fuselage and windscreen joints to get a better fit but that was about the only problem I had out of this awesome kit. Anyhow.....after 6+ months here's the completed build.
  18. Nice!!! Sounds like a really cool kit. I built the Monogram offering of the P-39 a looooooooooooooong time ago so this outta be light years ahead of that kit. lol
  19. Wow!!!! Very nicely done Brad! Does this kit give an option for opening the engine panels up? Just curious.
  20. I'll be making my way back. This is supposed to be my stress reliever. lol
  21. Thanks Thomas ol' buddy!! Good to see you here as well brother. Thanks Gazz. All I have left is the canopy and the aerial now and she's completed. I had no idea this one was going to take 6 months to complete. Sheesh!!!
  22. Dude.....I'm trying to make a comeback to the forum scene. Work issues, complete bathroom renovation, truck mods, car repairs......man just a whole gaggle of stuff going on.
  23. Sent you that PM Ron. That does sound fast....especially in a 3100 lb car.
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