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  1. So....now that the two pieces are now together it takes on a whole new appearance. Just have the throttle linkage and a couple of other details to install here....
  2. I hear ya Kevin. Now it doesn't take near as long as it used to. I've got most of my methods down now.
  3. Thanks Rockie and Chris. Working on the throttle linkage now......this could take a few days......
  4. Hey....ANY update is forward progress. Looks great!
  5. All these details are really adding up for a fine replication of your subject. Awesome work.
  6. Been working on the fuel induction the whole week. I started out with the intake runners and plenum. Shot with the unpainted carburetors from Futureattraction: Then I shot a coat of Tamiya X-31 Titanium Gold on 'em, filled in the throttle bores with some flat black and assembled them Then came a dark brown acrylic wash, allowed to dry and followed up with a dry brushing of ground up black pastel to flatten it all out and add some "age" to them. I took a comparative pic of both carbs. One on the left is with the wash and pastel treatment an
  7. You are a brave man tackling that kit. Like you, I started an Eduard 110 upon my re-entry into the hobby around 10 years ago but just didn't have the skills back then to go any further than the cockpit (which was challenging in itself) so I shelved it and eventually got rid of the kit. I'll be watching this build closely as I really want to pick another one up and give it another go.
  8. mustang1989


    I've always been a big Aardvark fan and you've done a VERY good job at representing this beautiful aircraft. Well done!!
  9. Thank you Gazz. I just couldn't leave it as it was. Wasn't right.
  10. I just didn't like how the "magneto" on the engine looked and it wasn't "correct" for the build so I removed it and went with a regular coil. I also dirtied up the ignition wires as well. Before: After:
  11. Thanks Gaz and Chris. I'm really enjoying getting into this build again.
  12. I really like these J├Ągermeister Porches. Very well done!!
  13. Man that thing is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
  14. Thanks fellas! Yes it does Chris. This has got to be the best representation of a 427 SOHC out there. Surprising that the rest of the kit really sucks but Jo-Han really put alot of research and effort into the engine. Managed to get all the ignition wires formed and installed over the last couple of days. This is NOT what I was opting for because these wires should be red but the "spark plug wire" that I got sent was the scale size of a battery cable so I went for orange.
  15. Man.....that hurts!! Looking forward to the recovery efforts.
  16. Costume change.......nice title for what you're doing. Lookin' great so far!!!
  17. Still some tweeking left to do with the spark plug wire "boots" in the way of shortening them some but you get the idea behind the method. Over the course of the last week I've been at it again as far as engineering goes. I chucked up several of these pins that I have in the drill and ground the ends against a file to reduce the diameter of the pin heads. Then I cut all of the down to the same length (which they still need a little shortening). And here the plug wire boots test fitted into place. Just gotta shorten them some and then paint
  18. Just can't get enough of this outstanding build. It just keeps getting better and better and better and.....................................
  19. These Eduard Spits really build up well and this one's no exception. Premium build!
  20. Man that looks great!!! Awesome attention to details and paint/ weather work.
  21. The work on this beast continues to amaze me. GREAT work on this. Concerning the bold sentence in the quote above....Mister....I know ALL about real life getting in the way so just keep the updates comin' steady and build on brutha.
  22. Grew up watching this guy in the movies. He's been gone from the movie scenes for a while now but he's gonna be missed. Helluva actor!!
  23. I'm a sucker for stuff like this. Very well laid out. Can't wait to see what's in store detail wise.
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