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  1. I can't get over the level of detail that you're putting into this thing. The clean up on the wooden deck is over the top in itself and then all of that photo etch. Fantastic progress and time put in that's all gonna pay off with the finished project. I'm really enjoying the back story on this U boat as well.
  2. These aircraft take alot of skill to get the paint and decal work right. Looks like you did a good job to me.
  3. That's frickin' bad a$$ right there!!! Hell yeah....I'd regret giving that one up too. Been there ....done that.
  4. Glad to have you along bud. I test drove the one that I would've hoped to have been mine. It only had a 350 in it but hey....it was a Z. It just felt good to drive one. They are beautiful cars alright. Right there with you on that one. A T/A with a 455 in it......the possibilities......
  5. Thanks potna! The white trim does look daunting as does figuring out the headlight buckets. I'm doing alot of research at this point to see how both are handled. I've got my own ideas but it doesn't hurt to see how others have approached the problematic areas of these kits.
  6. Well guys…the Mustang build, as much as I hate to say it, had to come to an end. I’ve gotta say that I really enjoyed that build alot. I had been doing alot of pondering about what was next up on the bench and had it all narrowed down to three but couldn’t make my mind up on what I wanted to build out of the three. It was really a source of frustration in a small way because I just couldn’t make a decision. So…to end that I decided not to do ANY of those but to build something that I’ve been wanting to build for a very long time… A 1970 Camaro with a big block in it and a Z-28 side by side. These kits are said to be a very difficult ones to work with but we’ll see what happens. I’m up for the challenge… These cars hold great interest to me because #1…The Baldwin offering has a big block in it and #2 The 1970 Z-28 was almost my first car…till dad stopped it. Smart guy because I probably would’ve been a grease stain on the highway at an early age. Now on the bench: Baldwin Camaros are just evil …sporting a 500+ hp 454 and covering the 1/4 mile in the 11 second range. I’ve already got the MCW Forest Green paint for this car. The real thing: The Z-28 is a beautiful car as well sporting a 350 small block. Not as nasty as the Baldwin Camaro but still packs a decent wallop. I’ll be going with Cranberry Red for this one and will be turning to MCW for the color. Stay tuned gang…...I hope to do these two cars the justice they deserve.
  7. Sorry to hear about the Star Destroyer being sidelined but I get it. But THIS......THIS is gonna be cool to watch. Bring it bud.
  8. Such a beautiful build Kevin. I'd be VERY happy with that outcome. Great forced perspective shot as well. Just beautiful modeling man.
  9. I feel your pain Rockie and thanks for the good word man. I sold ol' blue to a good friend of mine and wanted it back later. He sold the car for almost triple what I sold it to him for. I should've known better.
  10. Thanks bud. I really appreciate the very kind words and condolences.
  11. Will do. I'll shoot one your way tomorrow.
  12. Try it once on a side project and see if you like it. My dollars on you liking it.
  13. Thanks Kevin! Thanks Chris. Yeah ....that one's gonna hang with me for a while. Thanks bud. Acapulco Blue is a nice blue alright and yes sir ....I did use BMF for the chrome trim. Thanks Ron for the comments. Got any pictures of yours? I'd like to see both of them.
  14. WOW!!! That is spectacular!!! All that work resulted in a VERY well built Sherman. I cannot get over the size of this thing!! Where in the world do you display something like that?
  15. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaang!!! That looks good !!
  16. You're gonna laugh or say "no way" when I tell you this....every one does....but this is what I use for my gloss coats whether it be one for decaling purposes or for a gloss finish on an auto build. Painlessly easy to use and clean and gets perfect results every time.
  17. Just got all caught up with this one. Looking very much forward to more on this one.
  18. My absolute favorite birds....the Fw190 series. This is looking GREAT so far Sasha.
  19. Man that thing is LOADED with stuff....both in the equipment and arms down to all the detailing!!! Wow!!!
  20. Gloss coats can be tricky at times depending on temperature and humidity levels. This is coming along very nicely Kevin!!
  21. Oh man....and those are in some baaaaaaaaaaaaad places too. And yes......you're right. Trumpy pulls the EXACT same stuff. lol
  22. When you get back to this one .....I'll be here.
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