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MiG-23ML 1/32 Trumpeter

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MiG-23ML "4644"
1. SLP. Planá airport, České Budějovice, 1991

-first take-off of the aircraft was made on November 27, 1982
- fly to Czechoslovakia to ČB 22. 12. 1982
- total air raid 1136h and 41 minutes
- The last flight took place on 26th October 2000 by Maj. Zdeněk Ouda
Model: Trumpeter, Scale: 1/32
Author: Petr Pícha Photo: my frend Miloslav (thank you)


Aires-cockpit, nozzle, Wheels bay, avionics
Eduard- photo etched part-exterior, Quickboost-cooling of aggregates
Master-pitot tube, sparkers
Linden Hill-Decals


 partially modified air intakes, APU-23, APU-60 
-Helping keel
- exhaust and suction channel of the turbostrarter
- undercarriage legs 
-IR sensor
-Other little things

More Photo + building: https://www.leteckemuzeumliborezy.cz/mig-23/





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Beautiful MIG-23! The Soviet answer to the F-111. I sat in the MIG-23 at Nellis AFB and could only think about the history of that airplane. 

A very important piece of the "cold war" between two countries wanting to be "top dog"



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VERRRRY beautiful Flogger, electronic detail nicely done and really like your picture set up.

An inspiration for my stall one.....  Bravo..:thumbsup:




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