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  1. Wonderful job, and the photography is spot on as well.
  2. Well done, looks great.
  3. Gorgeous, you really nailed this. Well done.
  4. This is really nice- great work.
  5. You wouldn't know there's any faults with the kit after seeing your finished work. This is a stunning Mustang!
  6. Wow, this is really great. All the fine detail is really impressive-I'm curious how long this build took? Thanks for sharing.
  7. Looks amazing. BTW, who's hosting your photos? I like the layout of being able to click on the photo and getting a larger pic rather then redirecting to another site.
  8. Geez you’re like a machine Miloslav. You put out these models at such a rapid pace yet at the highest ability level. This is another masterpiece, I tip my hat to you sir Thanks again for sharing.
  9. Incredible, an absolute stunner!
  10. Beautiful P40, top level modelling here.
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