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  1. Thanks guys, its certainly going to push me into really upping my game to do it justice!
  2. I've unexpectedly gained some free time over the next couple of weeks, and rather than waste it i thought i would do something useful, dig around in the stash and start another build. Top of the pile was CSM's lovely Nieuport 17. Although not my first WW1 build (WNW's Junkers D1 got there first), this will be my first build with rigging. So first the very nice box art Lifting the lid reveals another sturdy main box 4 marking options, i'm not sure yet which one i will choose The instruction booklet is very very nice I havent photographed much of the the sprues, but take my word for it the moulding is superb, there is a tiny bit of flash here and there but nothing that wont be sorted with 2 seconds of a sanding stick. First job was to start with the cockpit. Lots of detail here to be added so i'm expecting this first part of the build to take some time. Mig Ammo New Wood sprayed on And then once dry i started with the oils, i really enjoy this part, very therapeutic! Although i dont like waiting for it to dry so much.. That's pretty much where i'm at, i have done the cockpit framing too but forgot to take any pics of that. Will crack on again tomorrow! So far i'm very pleased with this kit, seems to pretty much be on a par with WNW, lets see how it builds up! Thanks for looking!
  3. Wow, i NEVER win anything, so thanks to the LSP staff for putting this together and another huge thank you to Maru for donating the kit. I'm sorry i couldn't donate anything this year, will make up for it next year i promise.
  4. Great idea, could you enter me for the raffle please. I'll have a look through my stash and see what i can donate, will get back to you on that. Nick
  5. Thanks guys. I'm going to adjust the exhaust weathering i think, by that point of the build i just wanted it finished and it didn't come out quite as i wanted. But yes it was a great kit to build, and an ideal introduction to Wingnut kits. I would recommend it to anyone!
  6. Thanks! I may build another one day in a different scheme, it was a fantastic kit to put together
  7. Thanks chaps! Kev, thats why i chose it! There is a tiny bit of rigging on the under carriage, so i have popped my rigging cherry but it was very easy. My next build will have more, either the CSM Nieuport 17 or Wingnut Camel. There is a Ninak in the stash but thats gonna stay there a bit longer Nick
  8. My first Wingnut Wings kit, its a very far from perfect build but it was great fun and i've learnt a lot, so thats what counts eh? Everything people say about these kits is bang on, they are fantastic. I've since added 2 more to the stash and i just know more will be incoming.... I used MIG Metal acrylic Matt Aluminium for fusalage, pastels for weathering and my new favourite flat coat, Windsor and Newton flat varnish.
  9. Yes one or two were consumed once i had got home! I was eyeballing the 129, and kinda wish i had got one, but it wouldn't fit in my cabinet so thought better of it. Maybe i need to find a larger cabinet..?
  10. Fantastic kit and fantastic work, kinda wish i had picked one of these up when i had the chance. Looking forward to seeing more!
  11. I too fell foul of the Zoukie Mura stand, except i visited it early Saturday morning. Everything was in stock, but i resisted, went for a walk around, then ended up back at it whilst on the way to the smoking area. A lot had gone in the space of an hour, but there was a solitary Raiden with the 'one left!' sign on top. I crumbled and bought it. Trouble is i hit the Wingnut stand on the way in and picked up a post-war Ninak too so those two made a considerable dent in my wallet!
  12. The 32 sig stand was superb, i did ogle it but didn't say hello as you all looked in deep conversation. I intended to come back but time got away from me. One of the highlights for me was seeing the Wingnut and HK Lancaster's - It wasn't until yesterday that i realised just how big they are! Would love one but would have nowhere to put it!
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