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  1. Wow, i NEVER win anything, so thanks to the LSP staff for putting this together and another huge thank you to Maru for donating the kit. I'm sorry i couldn't donate anything this year, will make up for it next year i promise.
  2. Great idea, could you enter me for the raffle please. I'll have a look through my stash and see what i can donate, will get back to you on that. Nick
  3. Thanks guys. I'm going to adjust the exhaust weathering i think, by that point of the build i just wanted it finished and it didn't come out quite as i wanted. But yes it was a great kit to build, and an ideal introduction to Wingnut kits. I would recommend it to anyone!
  4. Thanks! I may build another one day in a different scheme, it was a fantastic kit to put together
  5. Thanks chaps! Kev, thats why i chose it! There is a tiny bit of rigging on the under carriage, so i have popped my rigging cherry but it was very easy. My next build will have more, either the CSM Nieuport 17 or Wingnut Camel. There is a Ninak in the stash but thats gonna stay there a bit longer Nick
  6. My first Wingnut Wings kit, its a very far from perfect build but it was great fun and i've learnt a lot, so thats what counts eh? Everything people say about these kits is bang on, they are fantastic. I've since added 2 more to the stash and i just know more will be incoming.... I used MIG Metal acrylic Matt Aluminium for fusalage, pastels for weathering and my new favourite flat coat, Windsor and Newton flat varnish.
  7. Yes one or two were consumed once i had got home! I was eyeballing the 129, and kinda wish i had got one, but it wouldn't fit in my cabinet so thought better of it. Maybe i need to find a larger cabinet..?
  8. Fantastic kit and fantastic work, kinda wish i had picked one of these up when i had the chance. Looking forward to seeing more!
  9. I too fell foul of the Zoukie Mura stand, except i visited it early Saturday morning. Everything was in stock, but i resisted, went for a walk around, then ended up back at it whilst on the way to the smoking area. A lot had gone in the space of an hour, but there was a solitary Raiden with the 'one left!' sign on top. I crumbled and bought it. Trouble is i hit the Wingnut stand on the way in and picked up a post-war Ninak too so those two made a considerable dent in my wallet!
  10. The 32 sig stand was superb, i did ogle it but didn't say hello as you all looked in deep conversation. I intended to come back but time got away from me. One of the highlights for me was seeing the Wingnut and HK Lancaster's - It wasn't until yesterday that i realised just how big they are! Would love one but would have nowhere to put it!
  11. I went yesterday, had a great day and spent a serious wedge of cash.. All on 1/32 scale stuff though so its all good! I didn't catch up with anyone, i did see the 32nd sig stand but everyone on it looked in deep conversation so i didn't want to interrupt. Next year i will do better, and hopefully between now and do more modelling and contribute to the forum more. It was an excellent day though, and well worth going! Nick
  12. Me! I was going on Sunday, but changed it to tomorrow now. Will hopefully say hello to some from here, i usually just keep my head down
  13. Thank you. Having an extra 2 hours to look around (and spend money lol) has swung it for me. I usually feel rushed when ive been before and it shuts at 4.
  14. I usually go on the Sunday (and had planned to this year) but is the Saturday busier? Or is there not much in it?
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