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  1. Very nice! Congrats!!! Excellent job with stencils btw...
  2. Very nice! Congrats. Marines and napalm - that goes together very well... ;-)
  3. Congrats Peter! Excellent build! Attention given to every detail of the build, your riveting job is superb. Scratch built slats are just great... Hope to see it soon...
  4. Hi Sasa. Thank you. I am glad you like it... I just made WIP thread here: Should you have more questions let me know. Cheers, Miro
  5. Couple of you guys asked me about the process and techniques I used to paint and weather my Arctic Flanker. So I decided to create this topic to describe how I made it... I always try to recreate real aircraft painting and weathering processes if possible. Flankers were made of aluminium plates which were treated for corrosion at factory, then the airplane was treated with yellow primer and whole Flanker was overpainted with lightest shade of blue camo color (it had some kind weather resistant additive in it). Finally other shades of camouflage were painted on top of the lightest blue color. So I started my Flanker to give it NMF at first. Surface was treated with MRP Silver Primer first. It is my favourite base for metallics, as I only need fraction of metallic paint compared to let say black base and it is very easy to get surface variations with just light and subtle layers of metallics. I used MRP metallic paints by MR Paint as they are extremely durable and do not need any layer of protective clear for subsequent paint and weathering jobs planned. Pics of Flankers in factory were used to simulate various shades of panels. After I was happy with NMF I sprayed hair spray all over the plane followed by light layers of Russian yellow primer MRP-090 I did some chipping and light sanding to afterwards to simulate weathered primer over bare metal surface When happy with yellow primer stage I started with lightest blue shade of camouflage color. Exactly like the real stuff is made... I used lot of hair spray chipping technique and wet sanding to achieve the result I want and to as close as I can to reference pictures. I wasn't happy with color of the panels behind canopy, which were kind of yellow-green hue on my reference pics. I sprayed a light coat of transparent MRP mix of yellow and green over it and that was exactly what I wanted that part of the plane to look like. Happy with result... NMF gun muzzle protective plates were painted with MRP Steel color and weathered with Tamiya Weathering Master powders. Wheels... To me the best color for tires is MRP black Primer. Check this picture. only sides of the wheel are treated with Tamiya powders. Wheel hub was painted silver primer, hair spray and then MRP-32 Russian Green for wheels. Made surface wet and then chipped with old stiff brush. Nose cone - first red-pink primer, hair spray and then Off-White color chipped.. Exhaust was again, made with MRP metallic paints as you can do anything with them just after couple of minutes drying time. I masked them with masking liquids, used Tamiya Weathering sets and acrylic markers. Thanks for watching and happy to discuss...
  6. Nice and clean job! Very nice! Congrats!
  7. Ho ho hoooo! Excellent in every aspect! GREAT JOB!
  8. I like! Very good pics and very nice build. Congrats! ;-)
  9. Super! Great job with those 3D prints. Congrats...
  10. Like it a lot Tim! Great plane, great conversion, great build and great weathering! Congrats!
  11. Nice Thomas! Congrats. There is a small typo in the text. Title says correctly Slovakia, but you mention Slovenia in the text....
  12. Very nice! Good job. Great plane and original camo. Congrats!
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