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  1. Wow. Unbelievable work. Makes me want to throw my Alclad bottle in the bin
  2. Try Anyz models. (www.anyz.io). never tries them but they get great reviews
  3. Lovely build and lovely job on the faded olive drab camo . I have the same kit in my stash waiting to be done. Was also going to Lulu belle just because the plane and pilots are part of such a great history . I have read that Eduard got one thing wrong in they the letters “ Lule Belle” were yellow and not white as per the Eduard decals. Can anyone confirm it this is true?
  4. Looking good, Must be a big beast. My LHS has it for sale , reckon it’s worth a dabble?
  5. Hi Paul. I wish I had a simple answer. I tend to spray at around 12 to 15 as Earnest says. Lower pressure if heavily thinned when doing post shading etc. I also find the gloss paints tend to spray easier at lower pressure than the flat paints. The new tamiya lacquer acrylics I’m still experimenting a bit. Best advise I can give as practice, practice and practice. I sometimes find myself adjusting the pressure just on the feel of the spray without even looking at the gauge. All that said , I do enjoy them and with and generally get good results. I’d advise sacrificing a cheap kit as a paint mul
  6. Does anyone know of a commercial lighting kit for HK ‘1/32 lanc. Have seen the model masters kit that includes engine sets. But am more interested in internal lighting and landing lights etc. any ideals?
  7. Evil- bay up to its nasty tricks. For what its worth I picked one up from a LHS here in Johannesburg for R1400. (About 70 quid) a few months ago. Just waiting for a resin cockpit and then will get on with it, warts and all.
  8. https://www.kentonline.co.uk/herne-bay/news/bomb-found-on-beach-used-by-dambusters-187746/ Amazing find. Assuming it was a practice bomb?
  9. Beautiful job. Finish looks great. I have one in the stash and am thinking about doing it a desert camo version. Although I’m struggling to find decals . how was the build. Any major fit issues or pitfalls?
  10. Came across this while exploring a little museum in Swakopmund, Namibia. Spent a week there in Feb and thoroughly enjoyed the country and the town, anyway the majority of the exhibits are dedicated to archeology, geology, wildlife and culture of the area. Tucked away in one area was this. An old Ventura propeller. I’m no expert but I believe it to be the propeller from a SAAF Venture which went down during rescue attempts of the mv Dunedin Star in 1942. But if anyone knows anymore about it I would love to know more
  11. Vinyl wire used by fly fisherman. The black version looks just like black rubber in color because, well it is black rubber. Also takes thin superglue very well
  12. Tamiya’s famous 1/32 Mosquito. I don’t think I need to say anything about the kit. It’s simply brilliant. Almost ruined it with Humbrol acrylic Matt varnish. The horrible stuff left white marks all over the place. Fortunately many hours of careful sanding with micromesh removed the worst of it
  13. Next on the bench will be Academy’s big Hornet.I’ll be building it as the Canadian CF -118 version flown during operation Mobile in Libya 2011. Any advise as to a reasonable load out and has anyone got any experience with the kit? Thanks all
  14. I really enjoyed mine. I think revell are giving good value for money with this one. Enjoy!
  15. Thanks ever so much. Think that will prove helpful. Solves what seems to be the Achilles heel of many P38 1/48 kits as well
  16. Lovely job. How was the kit? I picked one up second hand and it’s on my to do list.
  17. I am blessed / cursed with some humbrol acrylic gloss. Sometimes it works beautifully and other times it develops tiny cracks as it dries
  18. Fantastic paint job. Which metallics did you use?
  19. Awesome picture. Thanks for posting. As to the original question on this thread note a distinctly hard edge to the camouflage on the fuselage
  20. Thanks for all the great responses. I found this in an edition of Wingleader magazine ( a great publication by the way), it’s a mosquito that took part in the Amiens raid which is close to the airframe I want to model. Once again the edges of the camouflage are tight but slightly feathered. If anyone has reference photos of mosquitoes showing weathering I would greatly appreciate it.
  21. They’re some really interesting posts on this forum. Frankly, when I started this thread it was with a mosquito in mind and not a Spit, and in the vain hope that there was a standard followed by the RAF during WW2 . Obviously this is not the case. Just another thing that make this hobby so fascinating
  22. That’s a great picture. I guess it confirms the old adage of check your references.
  23. Recently in several model magazines I’m seeing more builds where paper or tape masks , applied flush to the model, have even used to create hard edged demarcations on RAF camouflage subjects. My preference is always to create a softer edged appearance either by using a mask slightly lifted off the surface or by freehand spraying. Does anyone have any thoughts on what would be more historically accurate though? My reference photos seem to show a slightly soft edge although interpreting old period photos can be difficult Thanks in advance Tim
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