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Well, it's the first weekend of March Break here in Canada so I thought I'd start something new. We'll see if I can get it done before the end of next weekend when the kids gonna k to school. 






I've decided to skip most of the AM on this build, hence the optimism about getting it done. Also because the ResKit rocket pods are damaged from shipping and unusable. 


I will however use the DN Models paint masks for the tiger stripes and canopies.






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I started assembly with the engines. 





As the engine bay covers will be closed, I'm leaving off many extraneous details. I also started on the cabin. 



While taking a closer look at the fuselage halves, I realized what I initially thought was a mould seam turned out to be a very large crack.




It's badly bent in at the bottom but I think that once the cabin and gear bays are installed it'll go back to the right shape. 

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I installed the cabin doors in the closed position. These fit fairly well in the closed position. 








Back to the engines, I finished their assembly by gluing together the exhaust and intake trunking. 




I also started on the MLG legs. Once those were cleaned up and assembled, I broke out the paint. 








So that's where I am after a day's work. Next up will be the cockpit. 



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Thanks gents! What had been planned as a mostly OOB build has gone a bit sideways. 


I had originally bought some Res/Kit resin rocket pods but when they arrived all the rocket tubes were broken so they were useless. I decided to try and drill out the kit ones. 




Where things really went off the rails is the cockpit. I had previously bought the Part PE set but was gong to skip using it. Then i figured if I had it might as well use it.  Needelees to say, it's a lot of tiny PE panels. 




Doesn't help when you have a cat in your lap. She does make a good trap for dropped PE bits. 

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I found it easier to just cut a new side panel from sheet styrene rather than sand off the details from the kit one. 




I then started gluing on the individual panels. Each panel is made up of a couple layers at least. Some have acetate instruments behind them. So this has really bogged things down. 





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On 4/18/2019 at 9:32 AM, Out2gtcha said:

Very nice indeed! The Hind has always been a favorite of mine. 


Thanks Brian! It's been a favourite of mine as well since the early '80s and made more so with the original Red Dawn.


On 4/18/2019 at 11:02 AM, rigor said:

Geez Carl you going for how many I can build in a year. Good show 


Thanks! This one has been in the stash for a while but once the DN masks came out for the Tiger Meet scheme, it moved up a bit in the pile. 

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Time for an overdue update. I gave up using the Part PE set. It was just too fiddly for me this time around. I found an Eduard set and started using that instead. 




The set also came with belts so I took the easy way out. I later found out the seat cushions are the wrong colour.  Oops




With everything installed into the cockpit and that into the fuselage.



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Due to the left fuselage half having been badly bent and warped during shipment, I had to use some clamps to make sure the cockpit was in correctly.




The warp also made it a challenge to close up the fuselage. I started at the rudder and worked my way forward. 






I ended up with a bit of a step on the bottom side. It took a couple applications of Mr Surfacer to level things out.



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