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"The Star of Africa" - Hans-Joachim Marseille's Do-335 A-2/Trop - Yellow 14 - FINISHED!

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Thanks gents. Yes, now looking back on the exhaust, its not as good as Id like either so I very well may fix it and try to augment a bit. 





1 hour ago, Thunnus said:

The only thing I could possibly disagree with are the X-4 missiles. Marseille as a master shot and guided missiles ... they don't seem to go together.  


"By the end of August 1944, Marseilles Gruppe were flying steady interdiction and interception/attack missions nearly daily. The sheer volume of combat that Marseille and his pilots saw was astounding, and the kills were racking up steadily. 
At this point in the war, the Allies still had the numbers, and Marseille's previous aversion to using the newly perfected air to air rocket technology was overridden by his desire to down more bombers. 
Marseille had previously been apposed to the new technology, including the upgraded R4M/2 air to air rockets (Luftwaffe scientists had finally perfected accuracy of the rocket, and significantly reduced the smoke trail) as well as the newly perfected wire guided technology of the Ruhrstahl Ru 344 X-4 missiles, feeling it would make his pilots sloppy, and take the edge off of their air to air gunnery skills. By this time in the war, Marseille had drilled those gunnery skills into their heads. 
While the 2 20mm canon and single Motorkanone Mk 103 canon the Do-335 A-2 Trops carried did take out a significant amount of damage on the bombers, Marseille found that a single pass did not always take out a bomber, and not all his pilots were as deadly accurate as he was with gunnery targets. Now that the new wire guided technology was on line, Marseille relented on equipping his Gruppe with the new air to air technology, especially the new X-4 missiles, as one missile could easily take down 1 bomber, and with the size of the warhead the X-4 carried, two-dozen yards away from the target was well within the missiles kill radius. This way his pilots did not have to be 100% accurate, but still had a high percentage for a bomber kill. 

Marseille himself even started carrying a pair of the missiles on bomber interdiction missions as he found he could down or severely damage one, sometimes two bombers with the X-4s, and save all his canon ammunition for offensive attacks against the escorting fighters."





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On 4/8/2019 at 5:21 PM, Thunnus said:

Good one!  I prefer the scenario where he chose the Ta-152H as his last ride!:D

 Could be in a later chapter...


Out2gtcha, great explanation for Marseille and the X-4!

About the model, your spinner is fantastic! I also think the oil stains under  the fuselage are just right. They certainly represent what we actually observe on aircraft.

About the exhaust stains, may I suggest a technique I use successfully. Mix the stain color with flat clear and then you can build up the density slowly until you are satisfied with the effect. 



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14 hours ago, MikeMaben said:


                                  HEY !!!








lol - Gotta love ol R lee!      




No, this one has NOT been forgotten!!   I've actually been diligently working away at it to get it off the bench.   As much as I like the project, Ive got my eye on my next project, and its calling me like no tomorrow!  


Im actually VERY close on the big Dornier, but have not taken any pics yet since its all small detail stuff. Ive got the gear completed minus the oleos which I'm going to do out of polished to chrome kitchen foil.

Ive also completed the umbrella, gear legs, gear doors, fixed the exhaust (although its a bit heavier now than I would have liked, it looks much more realistic to my eye than before) and painted the pitot tube and FuG 25a radar dipole, and got the ends ready for the canopy restraint strap when Im ready to glue on the canopy.  


About all that is left is to cut the stainless steel tubing to complete the Rurstal X-4 missiles, hang the X-4s and attach the 4 guided wires to them to the rails, attach and set the landing gear, gear doors and canopy..................then lastly attach canopy, canopy restraint strap and details, then make the antenna.   Pics this week (hopefully) when I get closer to finishing up.  Lots of little fiddly stuff to do, then its onto bigger, faster and more pointy things!!






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Its been awhile on the updates, but I've been working away on the big Dornier.........


Ill be honest though, its because I just want to finish this one up, and Im very close on this one. I got alot of fiddly stuff done that I didnt take pics of like drilling and pinning the X-4 missiles, making the anti sway brackets for same, finishing up the pitot tube, Fug 25a radar, painting the inner gear doors, and the like.


The most frustrating part of it all has been the landing gear. Ive never had so many problems getting paint and or primer to stick. The primer did stick ok to the brass in some spots, but I must have not prepped well in others, because it flaked off when I tried to mask for the oleo struts.

I had grandiose ideas about taking some two stage polish to some foil for the oleos, then I thought better of it, and just used some blu tack to mask the gear off, and shot the oleos with some AKI enamel chrome; no primer or black what so ever, I just got lazy. I was just sick of dealing with them and wanted to get this one across the finish line. The oleos didn't come out horrible, but they are far from my best effort, but in this case, good enough for a whimsical what-if project that was never really made for the contest tables, although it may see one or two just because I think its still an attention getter. 


Ive also done some touch-ups and corrections. It was rightly pointed out that the exhaust was way too stark so I did fix that. Is it a bit too heavy? Yeah probably. But hey-ho it looks more realistic to my eye anyway, and this was just a whimsical look at really heavily used combat plane that never really existed anyway! :lol: 


I finished weathering the gear and applied some 15 min epoxy. Fraulein Pfeil is up on her feet finally :




















Its a long way from perfect or my best effort honestly, but Im just aiming to finish this one off, as I have my eyes set squarely on my next project, but need to finish this one off first. 

The weathering is slightly heavier than I would have liked but it is what it is at this point, as I am happy with the overall look. 

Next up is getting the gear doors on, finish out the main wheel wells, wheels/tires, then attach Fug 25a radar, pitot tube, radio and antenna and glue on the flaps, ailerons cowl and props and its done.





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15 minutes ago, themongoose said:

Well I’m pretty impressed with it! That gear does sound like a pain though. It’s been fun watching you put this one together for sure. Can’t wait to see the RFI with missiles.



Thanks! Its just been fun not having to worry about..............well, really anything on this build (accuracy wise).   I really ready to move on, as I've got a special project Im really looking forward to that will have a few firsts for me.



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Looks d*mn good to me ! A great build and 'what if' conversation starter. Gods know you most likely will be able to convince some self important armchair general they actually got into service !!! Stick with it, can't wait to see it completed !!



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Thanks gents.


12 hours ago, dmthamade said:

That looks just about right, wouldn't add any more weathering. Too late now, but a white cowl ring and yellow under the nose?



Thanks Don, no the weathering is all complete, and yes a bit heavier than I wanted but sometimes that happens.   As to the scheme, per my "what-if" story for Marseille:




I was actually going for a specific tribute scheme, but the general gist / overall scheme I was going for only had the white band around rear w/no white or yellow up front (minus of course Marseille's yellow 14 vs the original white numbering, and the more standard late war Luftwaffe markings prone to the Do-335) : 





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