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Mirage III S

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Hi gents

do you like the Mirage ??? I do !!! I think , I am even a bit addict !!.So , here is my last build : the Mirage III S ( late) ... from the Italieri kit , with some little "stuffs" from the nose cone to the tail .

new nose cone longer than the E version du to the Hughes "Taran " .new IP .extended front gear bay ( 9mm rearward ) as well the the gear door . the front gear leg fork is stretched ( 2mm)  . "canards  smaller than the one on the Kfir  .Search light on the right air intake  . chaff dispenser at the rear end . sensors at the wing tips , and at the top of the tail fin , miscellaneous antennas . the 1100 litters tank is scratch build . the parachute canister diameter  is " increased  " .the decals are from "Matterhorn circle , as well the "engine" .. that's all .. enjoy ..or not 



one last word : Merry Christmas everybody !!!! 
















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Hi mates

 thank you for you comments , it's really appreciated !!! The Mirage is also a matter of nose , as I say , thousand different nose cones , thousand different versions , so , Nick ,  we will see more Mirage from me ( if you know what I mean !!;))

@Babs: why this extended front gear bay : ( I will try to explain with my " English" ). The Swiss Mirage were often "hided" into caverns . so to slip them into these caverns , the front gear leg had to be "rise up " in order to lowered the tail fin :mental:....but to get a maximum of efficience , the front gear leg fork was stretched , in that case the bay must be stretched too to house the leg .. hope it was enough clear 





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Yes it is clear, thank you.
The worst thing is that I have pictures of this Swiss Mirage bay in a folder and I never noticed that difference.

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