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The next WNW kit..? 3 wishes...

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43 minutes ago, Dave Williams said:


No, I wasn’t aware that I had the option.  Thanks for sharing!  :rolleyes: 


Sorry if expressing my opinion bothers you.

It seems to be that when we express an opinion on what WNW will do next, you get agitated.


Just ignore it, rather than criticise it, which serves no useful purpose.

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23 minutes ago, wunwinglow said:


1 1/2 Strutter

Avro 504

Short 184


My credit card? 

Anything with big black crosses... 


In my dreams? 

Bristol Bulldog

Hawker Hurricane

EE/BAC Lightning


Hey, you asked... 

I can recommend Silver Wings Bulldog kit.


Yes, it's resin, but it's superbly well moulded, has small casting blocks & goes together very easily.


Having said that, I know a WNW version would be superior....

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Yes, fun is what it is :)


Avro 504, 1 1/2 Strutter and Be2c are important and appeal to some folks but not sure if I’d buy them. Dh5 & Harriott HD 5...maybe.


It’s an expensive hobby now with exchange rates etc. Becoming more selective I guess. Intend to get all latest kits (except Lanc. which looks superb by the way)


Def. agree a new SPAD is needed. They still have a few 2 seaters to sell through (DFWs Rumplers DH9s etc) so it may be that they do some new fighters (including re-boots of OOP kits). Things change. A new SPAD could be out before you know it!




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2 hours ago, wunwinglow said:

Yes Dean, I have one, but I'd love a few!! 

Yep, inter-war is not called "The Golden-Age" for nothing!


Even us Brits managed to make some not-ugly aeroplanes.

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I think Sir Whatshisname is looking at everyone’s wish list and checking off what they are wishing for, like our wish list we filled out in the Army. The more you wish for, like a SPAD or a Dr.1, the less chance you’ll ever see one. That’s how he is showing his power over the modelers.

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I think its great WNW have strayed from WW1, but probably and finally, we need to see at least the Dr.I done well before most of us can accept any real moving on, the Lancs look fantastic but understandable diversions given Peters Dambuster movie project .... but he is a well know Aviation enthusiast too, so my guess is we will see more WW2 titles from WNW in the not to distant future.

One thing we sometimes forget when comparing Tamiya to WNW is they are an Aircraft dedicated and focused company, so unlike Tamiya for our 1/32 new Aircraft fix, we don't need to wait such longer between 1/32 Aircraft releases with WNW.

But if WNW do decide to follow on with more WW2 Aircraft.

Hurricane MKI please.

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I would love for WNW to do a MiG-15 or something really out of left field, on a repeating basis, now and again.


As far as traditional WWI stuff goes, I'm still holding out for a Dr.I and I would love to see a Caudron G.4.  There's a nice one at Udvar Hazy just waiting for WNW's team to show up with cameras and tape measures in hand.



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