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  1. AlanG ... I'm from Morayshire in Scotland too. Elgin actually and always been interested in Astronomy, have experimented with a couple of telescopes in the past decade and keep thinking of getting back into the hobby. We are lucky that Moray has a well established astronomy club with their own bothy well away from local light pollution and they have their own wee bothy in the wilderness ... yet not to far from anyone in the Moray area for star gazing nights, they do their own club nights at Birnie hall ... check it out here ... http://www.sigma-astro.co.uk
  2. What a great show ... love Pink Floyd. Its been a real good year for me gig wise has 2018 been, caught Roger Waters 2 nights in a row at Glasgow, then Nick Masons (nostalgia) Saucerful of Secrets show as well, towards end of year is always The Aussie Floyds time to tour in our parts ... but oh wow ... about 9th time I have seen them now, tickets were bought a year afore and indeed tickets for Aussie Floyds 2019 show went on sale on Friday just passed, this one turned out to be a big surprise for me as one of my friends tacked on meet and greet ... what a mega great surprise, mentioned that here in the Jelly thread But Damn, was so chuffed to bits and still am. Guys if there is one thing I might suggest, please dont get to focused on the plastic/resin or whatever, its a great hobby for sure, make time for your family and friends too. http://www.aussiefloyd.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K__TjiTviMQ
  3. It seems to me, with Tamiya's new hi fidelity 109 G, F-14's and now Spitfire MK1 they are born again with a revamp in their already good quality standards but in 1/48 scale focus again. Might be some time (decade or more ?) before we see a new 1/32 tool Tamiya aircraft kit, global economy is in a dip we're told, its been a fun set of releases from Tamiya in 1/32 and we have other manufacturers ready to take their mantle, lets not be to hard on them if this is the case. Tempted to try a new Tamiya 109 or Spitfire though.
  4. Thanks Maru, know you are a good guy, thanks for contributing
  5. This may or may not make others jealous, but it was a big thing for me ... a massive thing, love my Live music as most here will know and even above our Scale Modelling passion ... Pink Floyd is a big passion, it was arranged that me and 5 other friends go down to see the Australian Pink Floyd show at Glasgow on Saturday ... Few of us have seen the real Pink Floyd before, but some hadn't and this was mostly my arrangement getting things sorted for gigs ... all was sorted, all was good ... but oh wow I was told at last minute another friend had tacked on a greet and meet package for us ... and so we all talked to the band and got a good Australian Pink Floyd Goodie Bag too ... Bloody Hell ... was overwhelmed with my good friends generosity
  6. But back on topic, do enjoy the spirit of occasion and would like to add one more kit for this years Raffle ... have always donated 2. And i thought it was us Scotsmen who were supposed to be tight Adding a Trumpeter A-7E Corsair II with quickboost resin seat too.
  7. 2 items put aside for our raffle this year ... and of course count me in please. Trumpeter Swordfish 1/32 Mk.1 as one entry Also How to Build Tamiya's 132 Mosquito FB. VI by Brett Green (mint condition) magazine as second entry ... its a mint edition.
  8. My favourite and my decal sheet for it already, bought the sheet for my Trumpy P-51B but put the kit up for sale on ebay last night (minus this decal sheet) I can wait for the ZM kit in confidence it will be much better than Trumpeters
  9. To those from Airfix in the know, what happened to their glass nosed 1/24 Mosquito ... was it ever on the cards, down to sales too perhaps, looks like its still a good seller to me for 1/24? What I'd really like to see is a glass nosed Tamiya 1/32 Mosquito, really thought that would follow on as their Zero/Spitfire/Mustang/Corsairs did ... but it hasn't, same with their 1/32 F-16 possible logical additions, just no fathoming out Tamiya at all At this point I'd like to see Tamiya release their 1/32 Thunderbird F-16 one last time ... kicking myself for the chance of buying one at its release and not doing it. Tamiya have bailed it seems for foreseeable future and their 1/32 series, so fair play to Airfix for what they do these days, just (personally) wish it were 1/32 and not 1/24.
  10. Outstanding work on the model and its case.
  11. I'll be away for a concert all this weekend and offline, but count me in and will put up my contribution Monday at latest.
  12. Looking fwd to it once again, will look out something good too.
  13. Yup, really like Interstellar, its one of those movies that creeps up on you, dont own it yet but will soon, love to keep a library of great films almost as much as I like to have a stash of great kits ... Interstellar is up there in my personal Sci Fi list of greats, Contact (Carl Sagan) too ... I really hope Rendezvous with Rama can be made into a good movie some time soon too.
  14. Yes its Brett Greens addendum I've printed out, thanks Mike.
  15. Its odd aint it, seems just like yesterday they launched the Zero, but with 3 Tamiya ones already I'm happy with what I have for this classic Aircraft, heard the Hasegawa kit is a real nice kit though. Its more Tamiya for 1/32 aircraft kits I'm worried about, every projected release pattern theory thats been put forward has fallen apart ... I think they are taking a break from this series and perhaps for years, perhaps a decade or more that has happened before, they owe us nothing and they have given a lot, so fair play if true ... I really think thats how Tamiya are going just now, emphasis seems to be going back to 1/48 and no doubt about it they are knocking them out of the park recently with some amazing looking kits in that scale, the 109, the F-14's and now Spitfire ... am tempted to try one Tamiya took 1/32 kit engineering perfection to the extreme, perhaps they are realising and especially in current global financial climate this is not so profitable anymore at this time? None of us really know for sure ... myself especially, its just guesswork. I sure hope Hasegawa spring back with more 1/32, would hate to lose their less well engineered but still accurate enough masterpieces too.
  16. Seen some Sci Fi stuff featured here so hope this is appropriate Love good sci fi, must admit never got into Star Wars and still cant (as much as I've tried too) but serious known on current physics like 2001 does I really enjoy, Kubrick was brilliant, love his work, way ahead of its time and his time too on this project, Ritchie my Cat roars his approval too Watched this back to back on 4K yesterday and then straight again with the commentary track, it never gets old for me this film.
  17. As regards the original Dragon C-7 instructions ... I must have the earliest boxing with poor instructions that Artful mentioned, just opened my kit for a look again and found out a correction for the original instructions print out I'd downloaded somewhere (probably here?) completely forgot I'd done that! Was considering selling this kit before the news of the Revell re-boxing became more widespread (mostly because of a corrected instruction sheet they will probably do) but really dont need that now, by time I sell my kit and Ebay take their cut it would be saving nothing at all I guess? besides I do like the Dragon C-7 decal choice and there are 2 options in the box. Glad I re-opened the box, it looks an amazing kit and was good value for what I paid for mine and that makes it outstanding value for money for what Revell will likely price it for. I need to push this up the list in my build order, for those in need of a good quality 1/32 Bf110 I would not hesitate in waiting for Revells re-pop. Obligatory Cat in a box pic too, whenever I open a kit box he has to sit inside it ... cats are weird
  18. I was just going to suggest the real thing might have had a bulkhead there, but never considered the tail weight aspect either that could make the model sit on its nose wheel properly either, hopefully you can get a replacement correct part. This is an all resin kit ... right?
  19. Heh, seen Rush live on the R30 tour at Glasgow, awesome ... now we're really going off on a tangent, but I'd love if they did one last tour, I would be there come hell or high water. Bringing it back on topic (somewhat) I wonder what Airfix's next 1/24 all new release will be? if they go Japanese I hope its a Val or Kate ... and I've said it before really wish Airfix would switch from 1/24 to 1/32, they make some good interesting subjects and their recent kits in this scale are top quality, doubt that will happen though. Seriously considering the Hellcat as a one off diversion from my preferred 1/32 for aircraft.
  20. I think its Wednesdays Hasegawa G's are out of favour or is it Thursdays?
  21. Thanks Guys, yep its definitely a Tornado tank, it was GR4's flew in this area (near RAF Lossimouth) and it must have come from one those aircraft, RAF Tornado's did fly from RAF Leuchers air base near Dundee, they were GR1's though ... an almost different Aircraft again and that base is/was well down south from where i live ... this tank is from an RAF Lossiemouth Tornado GR4, no doubt about that ... unless it was a visiting Aircraft that got scrapped here. I'll have to have a dig in my Revell IDS box for a look (thanks Iain) I've got just about every aftermarket part for that kit to turn it into a local 617 squadron GR-4 but am waiting to hear on the promised Italeri 1/32 new tool GR-4 Tornado too .... its been a while since I heard anything on that one?
  22. This is from one of my friends recent eccentric purchases, LOL. Given our location in NE Scotland I recon this is an ex RAF Tornado GR-4 drop tank? I've spoken with RAF Tornado pilots/nav that flew in our area in my pursuit of building a good 1/32 GR4 Tonka out of the old Revell kit and I've got some fairly heavy resin tanks just like this for that project. We as modellers would refer to this tank as Hindenburg tanks ... is that right? and again the reason I ask is ... when I mentioned this to the RAF Tornado pilot, he was not sure ... but end of day his job is to fly the aircraft and not become aware of perhaps *slang* groundcrew or us modellers call under wing fuel tanks? I'm pretty sure this an ex (surplus) RAF Tornado drop tank and probably from when the RAF Tornado's were retired in my area. I and my friend once bought mint condition RAF Buccaneer Martin Baker ejection seats for just £15 each, kept mine for ages but in the end found it quite hard to give away to a good home!
  23. Did anyone pick up anything interesting? Jadlam in UK have some nice discounts going on their already cheap prices but nothing I'm really needing and with some great new kits on the horizon am holding off spending money on kits for now.
  24. Great news on the P-51B/C. I'll have one of each and will sell my *ahem* not so good Trumpy B now with AM I have accumulated for it but will keep the AM "Shangri-La" decal sheet I bought ... love that scheme.
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