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Special Hobby Tempest V

Rick K

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2 hours ago, LSP_Kevin said:


Thanks, Rick. Worth getting?



Absolutely!  Well, for me at least.  This is a great PE tool as well Brass Assist Roller Set.


Thing about these tools is they sit in my drawer for a long, long time and I sometimes question why I spent the money for these.  Then that moment comes when the tool is handy and saves the day.

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Working on the cockpit tub is a test of will.  The fit and parts are fiddly.



Parts removed and cleaned.  This is the HiTech kit with some really nice resin parts.  The throttle is fragile so be careful with trim and clean.  Gators Grip for the resin parts then Tamiya extra thin throughout.



Primer session Gunze Mr. Surfacer 1500 Black.



Paint using MRP NATO Black and RAF Interior Green.  Added a dark brown panel line wash to pick out details.



Some Belter action.  Kit supplied textile Sutton Harness, assumption it's HGW.  I love this medium.  However plenty of angst until completed.





All details have been picked out with Vallejo Model Color.  Covers and levels with exceptional results. 


Also, no bleed when used on lacquer finish.  Win, win.




While glue cures I tape fuselage together and use as a jig for the cockpit to dry while achieving proper shape.



Everything dried in proper position. Now to add some plumbing.



Yahu IP is a quasi fail for fit.  I only used the Yahu center IP panel as the port and starboard IP panels are too big.  Kit offerings with decals worked just fine.



A little MIG dusting on the floor runners.



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